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Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ñ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale By Lauren Myracle ❤ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Selina Kyle is fiercer than she knows For 15 years she's put up with her mother's string of bad boyfriends but when Dernell herAcle ttyl and artist Isaac Goodhart comes a story about learning how to survive the world when you've been forced to abandon your home and finding allies in the the Moon A Epub #181 most unexpected moments. Selina Kyle is constantly victimized by her mother's horrible live in boyfriends Her current love'' Dernell seems to be around to stay Selina has endured his temper and abuse for two years At school she has three friends read aspeople she doesn't consider jerksAngie Tristan andBruce Wayne But high school isn't her only worry People in Gotham are being violently murdered by a monster called The Gotham Growler Sharp Teeth ripping claws savage attacks The kids at school are scared Selina isn't scared She already knows the world is full of monsters She leaves home vowing to become stealthy and aloof never allowing anyone to victimize her again My husband is a huge comic book fan He knows the backstory and details of nearly every DC and Marvel character I love comics too but as a child I wasn't allowed to read them My parents didn't let me to read superhero comics To this day I'm not sure why My best guess is that the considered them violent and inappropriate reading for a girl eyeroll I've been grown up for years now and can read what I wantso slowly I'm starting to enjoy comics and appreciate the art and storylines I'm no expert like my husband Sometimes that's a disadvantage But when it comes to new visions of established characters I see it as a positive thing I can read reboots and updates with new eyes and enjoy them for the fascinating story rather than being disappointed that an old storyline is getting a reboot I love this new introduction to Selina Kyle It follows the framework of the old storyline but updates it to appeal to a new younger audience Positives firstThe art in this book is awesome The dark blues and shadowy hues work perfectly for a Catwoman story I like the plot and most of the changes in the story character I felt so sorry for Selina when she endured so much at the hands of her mother's bad boyfriendsand loved seeing her grow into a strong character My favorite character in the story is hands down Selina's new friend Ojo Definitely a Parkour enthusiast Ojo is an awesome character that really brings the updated feel home Her other new friends Briar Rose and Yang are interesting additions to the story as well They form a family of sorts for Selina who has learned to withdraw from any emotional ties It added a nice depth to the character I do understand that this story might be a bit of a drastic departure from the norm for some Catwoman fans There have been other recent Catwoman stories published that are completely different I haven't read any of themso this is secondhand information and this new book does not follow the character or story continuity very much at all This version of Selina Kyle is only 14 She is a runaway a high school dropout and makes some pretty rough decisions self harm living homeless joining a gang of street kids etc There are changes to the characterbut I liked the differences After looking at other reviews I see that some did not Not every story or comic book will appeal to every reader Now a few concerns This story is definitely aimed at a younger YA audienceso why all the cussing And at one point Selina gets angry and yells about boys being dicks followed up by a string of rather graphic penis references I'm not sure that is something a 13 14 year old would be mature enough to read I do understand that kids cussI have a middle school age boy at home so I'm well aware But I think putting the F word repeatedly into a graphic novel aimed at 13 year olds is a bit much The storyline gets a bit rough in placesa dead kitten some rather rough child abuse etc I would start the age range for this book at 15 Older teens can handle the cussing and strong plot Might be a bit too rough for younger kids It all depends on maturity level Some kids are mature than others Parental guidance suggested That being saidI remember how much I hated my parents trying to protect'' me from things I didn't need protection from Kids cuss Kids say rather graphic things to each other on a daily basis at school And they are witness to real and fake violence at pretty high levels these days Sodespite the fact I was surprised at the F word popping out in this graphic novelthat word is in just about every Youtube video television show and social media post that kids see these days I've played video games with my son on public servers before and heard kids that sounded really young spouting off torrents of cussing that were beyond even what I could string together SoI suppose even those limits are relaxed and change with the times Still not sure that the F word was entirely necessary thoughbut I also recognize that I am way way outside the target age range for this graphic novel I would change the title to Under the Moon A Catgirl Tale'' to be honest Selina takes that nicknamewhy not run with it Selina is very young in this story and just learning how to take care of herself In my mind Catwoman'' conjures up images of a woman who already knows her way around and has her street smarts at max In this story Selina finds herself homeless and has to learn to find her way Definitely of a Catgirl All in all an enjoyable graphic novel I liked the new approach to the characterI voluntarily read an advance readers copy of this book from DC Comics via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

characters Å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Lauren Myracle

Valuates her place in her home There's no way Selina and Dernell can Under the eBook #222 live under the same roof and since Dernell won't leave Selina mustFrom New York Times bestselling author Lauren Myr. 35 stars I want to go wherever I want to go and live however I want to live After all cats have nine lives I've only just begun Selina KyleAnother entry from the new DC Ink series I enjoyed Mera Tidebreaker just last month this title features teenage Selina Kyle in the days before her costumed career as Gotham's #1 'cat' burglar DC is mixing a young adult story with a superhero comic book for a true 'graphic novel' formatThis one is certainly serious than Mera Kyle uickly becomes hardened early in her life by experiencing domestic abuse and parental neglect and it's not just implied but shown full on in uncommonly realistic and harsh scenes One of the few positives in her life is a friendship with stout classmate Bruce Wayne of whom she observes Bruce has such a Superman complex But that sly reference both works and detracts from the story because while readers can correctly guess that Wayne will be one of the few honorable supporting characters in Under the Moon he DOES seem like he's written in the Clark Kent mold But that's a relatively minor uibble if really one at allKyle eventually runs away from home living a homeless suatting existence with copious amounts of petty theft natch and then aligns with a small crew planning higher risk crime Her language and general outlook on life become crude I was surprised but not offended by the inclusion some R rated profanity and she meets another girl who's life rivals hers in terms of childhood trauma At times Under the Moon uneasily mixes these current social crime issues with a plot that is actually sort of lightweight but yet the book still undeniably has a charm that made it worth reading

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Under the Moon A Catwoman TaleSelina Kyle is fiercer Moon A PDFEPUB #189 than she knows For years she's put up with her mother's string of bad boyfriends but when Dernell her mom's current beau proves crueler than the others Selina ree. 🐱 35 stars 🐱Don't worry if like me you are unfamiliar with DC's Catwoman You'll still be able to enjoy this graphic novel a lotThe art was phenomenal and made everything come to life really nicely The writing was uite good as well but sometimes it was worth paying attention to what was going on in the panels rather than to the dialogue There were many great details hidden around and having Selina narrating throughout made me feel really close to and protective of herThe plot itself doesn't take up much of the story It serves its purpose and is uickly tucked away The side plots were what actually made this graphic novel interesting and the characters so fleshed out and relatable There was a lot of grief and despair hidden beneath the surface and what I was expecting to be a light tweeny retelling of Catwoman ended up being so much and evoking so many emotions It was surprisingly deepI truly felt for the girl and her companions There's an early scene in the book that was particularly hard to stomach and unknown to me many were to come A few trigger warnings animal abuse child abuse women abuse self harm sexual harassment bullying homophobia etc It's true that Selina is one tough cookie though and she was able to take care of herself and be independent without the help of others for the bigger part of the story which is uite commendable Then again Catwoman was always known for her independence and lack of ties with anyone so it only makes senseI like this teenage Selina and this teenage Bruce Wayne I'm glad they crossed paths in this story and had this weird dynamic going on Then again a Catwoman tale without Bruce Wayne would be a bit weird I'm glad she forged a few extra friendships along the way too and ended up becoming way invested than she wanted to A human side of her that was not often explored by the authorA few predictable plot twists here and there but I found they didn't make this graphic novel any less enjoyable It became surprisingly dark and was able to get under my skin despite not being terribly explicit uite the contrary It was that vagueness and elusiveness that made everything even creepierI wish some incidents had been explored and eventually addressed properly It just felt like the author used them once as catalysts to move the story forward and then completely forgot about them Maybe if there had been pages to do so with a satisfying conclusion and tying of loose ends I would have given the final half star it deservesOverall a uick and cool readBlog 🍫 Goodreads 🍫 Twitter 🍫 Instagram 🍫 Pinterest 🍫 Tumblr 🍫 Bloglovin'