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La Septième Fonction du langage characters ☆ 107 ´ [Read] ➭ La Septième Fonction du langage By Laurent Binet – Paris 1980 The literary critic Roland Barthes dies—struck by a laundry van—after lunch with the presidential candidate François Mitterand The world of letters mourns a tragic accideFonction du ePUB #8608 Paris The literary critic Roland Barthes dies struck by a laundry va. What would you do if you ruled the world” The gigolo replied that he would abolish all laws Barthes said “Even grammarThis is a League of Extraordinary Gentleman for the French Theory set Each page tumbles with allusions and citations a whodunit which explores the esoteric and the political I was smitten from the opening page and matters progressed from there Despite some meta crabwalking I was fervently on board routinely laughing and marveling enjoying the goat rodeo of the mind my own achy wanderlust being stimulated perhaps not enough to tack Writing and Difference but certainly ready to watch a Cixous lecture on YouTube while I fathom the subterranean and the elliptical So much of the so called French Theory's appeal was a sexy subversion a resistance almost militant to the prevailing structures which oppressed and demanded conformity There's a taste of insurrection in the air Allah knows that 1980 saw Reagan and Thatcher grab the reins and somehow this was a response to the hegemony Or maybe it wasn't I've always respected Barthes but the affinity stopped there Derrida and Eco rein in my theory verse and Foucault along with Slavoj Žižek and Alain Badiou constitutes a necessary antagonism All three feature here and pleasantly for me Deleuze watches futbol on TV Others don't fare so well Bernard Levy Sollers and Kristeva The novel has the heft and feel of an Eco novel one which smirks at its own pretensions Perhaps Borges did this better in The Aleph

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Ns a tragic accident But what if it wasn’t an accident at all What if Barthes was murdere. What it is It is a mixture of a thriller with the tour de force of linguistics and literary theories Binet picked up the year 1980 took real famous people and real events and has built a fictional plot around them He also created two main fictional characters for the connection between his plot and the rest The book effortlessly mixes real ideas in linguistics with the fictional actions by the characters both the invented and and the real ones The premise is intriguing what if Roland Barthes has been murdered and robbed of an important text he possessed In reality he died after the road accident The text would help the owner to exercise an enormous power of rhetorics through the 7th function of language A French detective and his chosen side kick young lecturer of semiology are there to investigate The intellectuals Barthes friends and colleagues are the main suspects; the high level politicians are after this text as well obviously How Binet’s language is concise The book reads as a reportage as if Binet is commenting on a football match But it strangely suitable He does a lot of weird and cruel things with his characters; but he never distorts or interpret their real theories I appreciated this a lot as it was my main point of interest in the book A part of the plot was inspired by Fight Club The difference is that the fighting is rhetoric debates But the conseuences are really dire as well Some episodes in the novel seemed too “laddish” for my liking with usual suspects of sexual prowess drugs and mutilations of different sorts But it was not too excessive just enough for me to continue enjoying other things in the book Overall I did not care too much for the plot It reminded me The Savage Detectives where Bolano did the trick better imho But I loved the linguistics parts and finding out about the French intellectuals and American scholars of that time I did not know for example that there was such a war between the continental and analytical schools of philosophy I am glad I found out about it in such a playful form otherwise it would be too depressing It is not a pre reuisite but i think some prior knowledge andor some interest in linguistics and semiotics would amplify the reading experience A few words about the intellectual tradition The French intellectuals used to be celebrities They appeared in newspapers and TV programs People knew their faces and listen to their opinions I do not know about all the countries but certainly in Russia and Turkey for example it was similar only through unofficial channels due to the censorship A Russian poet Yevtushenko famously said “A poet in Russia is much than a poet” I know also that in Spain many prominent writers maintain the column in the national newspapers I do not know how it compares with the Kardashians or ex factor Unfortunately this phenomena is almost absent in the English speaking word I do not know the reasons for this but it is a pity Binet laughs at the French Intellectuals He teases them but he is proud of them some english speaking readers have only noticed the former but not the latter; he admires their thought and defends them He takes their ideas seriously He definitely do not consider them “clowns” the term used in some videos I’ve seen and reviewers I’ve read about these thinkers “The world changes because intellectuals and those in powers at war with each other The powerful win almost every battle and the intellectuals pay with their lives or their freedom for having stood up to the powerful and they bite the dust But not always And when an intellectual triumphs over the powerful even posthumously then the world changes A man earns the name of intellectual when he gives voice to the voiceless”It is a pity that currently the intellectual tradition seems to be moving to the right politically But it is a subject of a separate conversationReal people in the bookBarthes Kristeva Solliers Foucault Derrida Eco Searl Jacobson Chomsky; Francois Mitterrand; Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and the others;Main real eventsThe accident leading to Barthes death;The terrorist attack in Bologna ItalyThe election in France leading to Mitterrand’s presidencyThe killing of Bulgarian decedent Markov with a poisoned umbrella

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La Septième Fonction du langageN after lunch with the presidential candidate François Mitterand The world of letters mour. French intelligentsia hate this book It is a good sign Roland Barthes is dead Murder Perhaps Who killed barthes who had discovered the 7th language function able to give the power It is an improbable thriller Tintin at the structuralists We meet Foucault in the gay backrooms Sollers Kristeva Chomsky Searle Eco Jacobsonfrom Bologna to Cornell But especially it is funny hilarious incredibly funny for a french book Generally during rentrée littéraire books are sinister autofiction me and my navel my navel and me Angot and incest Carrère and God For the first time a book intelligent and savagely funny Brilliant