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free read 13 Days of Midnight 106 ä ❰EPUB❯ ✼ 13 Days of Midnight Author Leo Hunt – When Luke Manchett’s estranged father dies unexpectedly he leaves his son a dark inheritance a Host of eight uniue powerful and restless spirits Unfortunately Luke has no clue how to manage them whi When Luke Manchett’s estranThe Book of Eight Luke struggles to adapt to his new role as a necromancer Meanwhile the increasingly belligerent Host mutinies possesses Luke’s mother and forces him out of his own houseHalloween the night when ghosts reach the height of 13 Days Epubtheir power is fast approaching and Luke knows his Host is. I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review35 stars Entertaining and somewhat funny at times while still conveying a sense of danger—alright maybe not terribly frightening per se for me as I don't frighten easily when reading books but I think it has the right potential nonetheless Half the Host at least was creepy in ways than one from the Shepherd with his glasses to the Prisoner with his shears and even the Innocent for the uestions he raised who would leash a baby as their pet ghost really The Host wasn't a bunch of good guys apart from a couple and even those remained on the fence and never said the whole truth only intervening at a right moment that could've been just a tad bit sooner for good measureAs I'm a sucker for necromancy in general of course I couldn't help but look for the uestions it raised And there were several The baby I mentioned for starters Why Luke's father turned to such a type of magic and why he bound such a large Host when nothing at first indicated he even needed one this is explained later in the book Whether Luke would accept this part of his inheritance and be lured towards a desire for power or try to remain who he was and have a normal life Choices to make and forgiveness This wasn't just about getting rid of a bunch of ghosts but also choosing to protect or to condemn other peopleI liked the dynamics between Luke and Elza—there's a smidge of a budding romance in there one that doesn't detract from the plot and develops slowly good Luke realised he couldn't clutch forever to his little life as one of the popular crowd in the face of something much biger and dangerous Elza was resourceful and overall a nice person trying to help people who had been treating her like an outcast just because she didn't want to fit their mould Holiday too was a bit of an ambiguous person picking her friends among the popular ones and discarding the others but not to the extent of becoming a mean girl She was barely than a crush yet at least she was a believable one As for the lawyer well Even though you don't get to see him much he was perfectly cast in his roleOh and Ham Ham the deerhound A very short part of the novel is actually from his point of view and that was uite funny It would've been annoying if it had been longer; kept to a few paragraphs it wasn't and definitely made me smileOther characters were less defined unfortunately Mark Kirk even Luke's mother who remains illasleep for most of the novel That last one was a bit of a letdown as in turn it was difficult to properly get to know her and to share Luke's worries for her for any other reason than she's his momSometimes Luke's reactions made me cringe as he seemed to switch from one to the other real uick It didn't happen that often and it could be explained by panic and worry; only it made me wonder why he'd get such reactions For instance when it's been made clear that you're haunted by ghosts and that those have put a certain person in a coma dragging that person to a hospital won't be very useful especially not considering all the people who die in a hospital A couple of times too I picked some absolutely obvious clues that totally eluded the characters re the familiar; on the other hand all things considered maybe that's a case of being too genre savvy on my part so I can't very well hold it against characters who were either totally new to the supernatural or barely fledglings Elza admitted herself she was self taughtThere was a slight lull in the middle while the characters were powerless and trying to figure out what to do—not that Luke's father had been very helpful to begin with They came up with an interesting idea in the end so I forgave themThe writing was OK nothing exceptional nothing blatantly annoying either It should flow nicely enough for the intended audience Also my Kindle copy was a bit oddly formatted; however this is an ARC so likely to changeConclusion 35 stars rounded to 4 because in spite of the points I mentioned I pretty much enjoyed it The story is also self contained yet open ended enough to leave room for a seuel someone's bound to come back and collect their dues here not to mention what may or may not happen between Luke and Elza and how their fellow pupils would react to it

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Planning something far trick than treat With the help of school outcast Elza Moss who knows a bit about ghosts herself Luke has just thirteen days to uncover the closely guarded secrets of black magic and send his unuiet spirits to their eternal restAnd if you thought it was going to be easy you’d be dead wro. 35 stars would be like it but this wasn't what I expectedThe novel begins uite slowly Luke Manchett discovers his father a television star famous for his necromancy skills has died He will inherit his father's fortune if certain conditions are met Unfortunately Luke signs his acceptance of these conditions without reading the finer details and ends up with a lot than he bargained forLuke's gradual realisation that his father has handed over control of eight ghosts determined to get revenge was humorously dealt with As Luke struggles to work out how to master this group of spirits he has to rely on the friendship of Ezra someone he's barely spoken toWhat follows has elements of horror but it never really strays into horrifying unless you think too carefully about some of the things we're told Luke experiences I felt this was because Luke doesn't have a clue what he's doing a lot of the time and when it comes down to it he resists the final temptationPart of me wanted to see him act selfishly

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13 Days of MidnightWhen Luke Manchett’s estranged father dies unexpectedly he leaves his son a dark inheritance a Host of eight uniue powerful and restless spirits Unfortunately Luke has no clue how to manage them which the ghosts figure out pretty uickly Armed with only his father’s indecipherable notes and a locked copy of. This review and others can be found on my blog Book Blog BirdThe title of this book should really be Why You Should Never Sign Things Without Reading The Fine PrintLuke Manchett lives just outside a small town in the north of England He plays on the school rugby team has a mum who believes in healing crystals and he harbours a huge crush on one of the girls at his school When he receives a letter one day to tell him that his absentee father has sadly passed away he is sad but not devastatedWhen he’s called to the offices of his dad’s solicitor and discovers he’s inherited millions of pounds all he can think of is the flashy sports car he’s going to buy to impress the girl he fancies He happily signs the documents the solicitor flashes in front of him even though one of them is made from goat skin vellum which frankly should have sounded some alarm bells Soon Luke discovers he’s inherited than money from his dad he’s also inherited a Host of eight vengeful ghosts Now he has just thirteen days to solve the riddle of his dad’s necromancy notes to keep the spirits from revoltingI thought this book was awesome and has the triumvirate of a five star book great characters great plot great writingLuke and Elza were superb MCs and sparked off each other nicely Mr Berkley is sly and slippery and exactly how you’d expect him to be Horatio is weaselly and snivelling and the Host are great well rounded spooky but you can still see their human aspects coming through The only character I didn’t connect with hugely was Holiday She was okay but really she was just the object of Luke’s crush one of the markers of his previous life as a normal kid Having said that it would have been really easy to cast her as the Pretty Mean Girl as a foil for Elza and the author avoided this so I was glad about that The writing is hugely enjoyable and the author strikes a good balance between dry wit and spookiness There are some genuinely tense prickles on the back of the neck moments and the last uarter of the book where the action really ramps up had my heart thudding I did that thing where you try to read slowly to spin the book out but you can’t help reading really uickly because you’ve just got to see what happens nextThe plot rockets along at a fair old pace and left me uite breathless at times It slowed down a bit in the middle where Luke and Elza basically spend a lot of time clutching each other going ‘What are we going to DO’ but even this part was still a lot interesting than a whole bunch of other books I’ve read this yearThirteen Days of Midnight would work just fine as a standalone but it’s also been left wide open for a series I’ll definitely be keeping an eye outI received a copy of Thirteen Days of Midnight in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to Hachette and Netgalley