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When Mandy Burkhardt a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago blacks out and lives chapters right out of ancient Greek mythology books she chalks it up to vivid dreamsBut soon her denial is shattered forcing her to face the reality of her strange and perilous journeys to a barbaric time of witches and gods gorgons and oracle. The Medusa Deception By Linda TemplePages295 ParanormalThrillerReviewed By tkCopy Courtesy of Librarything Member GiveawayMandy Burkhardt works at “The Occult Bookstore“ Unfortunately Mandy hasn’t been feeling very well She has becomes nauseous and dizzy then faints She doesn’t have a clue why this is happening until a new friend Ryan witnesses the event According to Ryan she disappears Poofthen goneMandy thinks she’s dreaming A land of gorgons Gods and Goddesses and strange happeningsWhere is she and why is she here Mandy soon discovers she has a huge part in these events taking past in the past In present time there are people trying to stop her from finding out who she really is Seth is one of themSeth the owner of the bookstore has a secret office downstairs He is acting very different than he was when Mandy first started working for him five years ago A trip to Athens takes Seth away for a week leaving Mandy in charge of the shop While he is absent Mandy and Ryan just have to know what’s downstairs that is so secretiveA really great read Just loved the characters and the idea of being a child of the gods The flow is excellent and the use of myth and magic kept the pages turning The story is very entertaining and fast moving adventure You wont be able to put it down 45

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The Medusa Deception The Medusa Legacy #1Ndy must come to terms with her past and fight for her future in a bloody battle to the finish with even at stake than she knowsBringing legend back to life in this present day fantasy thriller the Medusa Deception gives readers a glimpse of ancient Greece and the gods their thirst for power and revenge their treachery and lie. An exciting new odyssey as Greek mythology intersects with the 21st century With nuances of Terry Goodkind and Janet Evanovich it’s a fast moving hard to put down book

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Download The Medusa Deception (The Medusa Legacy, #1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Medusa Deception (The Medusa Legacy, #1) By Linda Temple – When Mandy Burkhardt a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago blacks out and lives chapters righS where escalating violence threatens to crush herAs the episodes continue Mandy pairs up with new friend and college student The Medusa MOBI #207 Ryan Taylor to find out what's happening to her and why In the process they become the object of a cult's attention intrigued by her special giftCaged trussed shackled and hunted Ma. As someone with a keen interest in Greek mythology and admittedly a lack of knowledge about Medusa and her mythology I figured I'd give this a go as it sounded intriguing from the blurb For me though its only highlights were the aspects of Greek mythology it explored and how they were bent to work with the plotI found the protagonist Mandy unsympathetic and unlikable at most times The relationships she develops over the course of the novel are unrealistic as are the motives of those people she develops the relationships withSome of the ideas incorporated in the novel felt very forced in a way; very unnatural and not at all flowing with the course of the novelI feel that if the story were a little fleshed out with time spent describing events and setting I could probably like the book Unfortunately it just didn't deliver for me2 stars for an interesting plot and the utilisation and perspective of Greek mythology