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Read & download à Lagom Author Linnea Dunne Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Lagom By Linnea Dunne ❀ – Discover the Swedish ethos of balanced living with this little book of Lagom The Swedish concept of Lagom pronounUsly clean and functional design aesthetic while advice on going green and growing food gets their hands dirty With seemingly endless financial emotional and environmental benefits Lagom presents an accessible and all encompassing lifestyle that is sure to inspire mindfulness wellbeing and contentmen. Overall 35Physical aesthetics of the book 5 stars absolutely A great minimalist feel while the embossing and matte sturdy cover give it weight in hand Really love itAt the end the author admits it’s a lightweight skimming of a deep concept and offers only a wee bit of practical advice for incorporating Lagom into the hectic insatiable and omnivorous melee that is American style living And while I loved it on the whole it was all just too brief and almost terse perhaps that is the point I feel like that is the point and yet I just don’t work that way If brevity is the soul of Lagom I am already failingVery sweet book though

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Work and in life Lagom provides simple solutions to juggle everyday priorities reduce stress eat well and save money with lessons on the importance of downtime being outdoors and Sweden's coffee break culture Tips on removing clutter and creating a capsule wardrobe help readers achieve Sweden's famo. Interesting insights into Swedish society and values expounding at length the philosophy of moderation in all things and citing many ways to embrace it in our own livesLike last winter's books on the Danish concept of Hygge the basic concept is a valid antidote to our over indulgent consumerist age promoting a eco friendly and considered lifestyleA few details struck me as oddly untraditional eg the recommendation to make your main Friday night meal tacos and dips in front of the television no thank youBeautifully produced and presented in hardback it makes a nice gift bookcoffee table book I had my copy for Christmas but I preferred the less showy and in depth analysis demonstrated in books like the excellent A Year of Living DanishlyThe production values were slightly marred by the unwise decision to print some pages in black text on a dark blue ground People with less than perfect eyesight will struggle to read those sections It was also a little repetitive with multiple references to other pages throughout the book The editor should have taken this as a clue to the need for a little further pruning Not the author's fault thoughI don't know how old the author is but the book read as if she were very young and didn't have a lot of life experience herself Her enthusiasm for Swedish living was undermined by her confession that she'd emigrated to Dublin at the age of 19 and married an Irishman Perhaps it is a case of absence making the heart grow fonder for her native land and nostalgic otherwise one wonders why she left what she paints as an idyllEven so worth a read it's at a good price much reduced on post Xmas and a uick read and undemanding of time and brain power

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Lagom Author Linnea DunDiscover the Swedish ethos of balanced living with this little book of Lagom The Swedish concept of Lagom pronounced lah gom roughly translates to not too little not too much just right This charming book introduces readers to a new way of balanced living that promises happiness and sustainability in. I never knew how well I would fit in with the Swedish but I found myself saying I do this I do this I even drive a Volvo a car of practicality and uality over stylishness or trendyness Much like Swedish philosophy Worklife balance sustainability decluttering second hand shoppingfrugality love of fine coffee Minimilism living well over living large This is all the fine Swedish art of balance Lagom means just the right amount and not