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Heft By Liz MooH Arthur and Kel’s own uirky and lovable voices Heft tells the winning story of two improbable heroes whose sudden connection transforms both their lives Like Elizabeth McCracken’s The Giant’s House Heft is a novel about love and family found in the most unexpected plac. Liz Moore has written a book so heartbreakingly honest I felt I was listening to the characters talk directly to me Their voices were so real She managed to convey the inner most thoughts and emotional conflict of both a teenage boy with dreams of the major leagues and a 600 pound reclusive professor who hasn’t been outside his home in a decade How their lives relate to each other is through the boy’s mother once a student of the professor now a sick and lonely alcoholic This book was one I could not put down I found myself caring deeply about all of the people including the professor’s housekeeper who has problems of her own I recommend this book to all who love stories that don’t end tied up all nice and tidy with a big ribbon yet still manage to make you feel hopeful kind of like real life

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REVIEW Heft By Liz Moore î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [BOOKS] ⚣ Heft By Liz Moore – Former academic Arthur Opp weighs 550 pounds and hasn't left his rambling Brooklyn home in a decade Twenty miles away in Yonkers seventeen year old Kel Keller navigates life as the poor kid in a rich Former academFormer academic Arthur Opp weighs pounds and hasn't left his rambling Brooklyn home in a decade Twenty miles away in Yonkers seventeen year old Kel Keller navigates life as the poor kid in a rich school and pins his hopes on what seems like a promising baseball career if he. I am one of the world’s lonely Heft is about the pain of loneliness the traumas of addiction and the delicate ties that bind This is a beautiful and well written story about an obese man Arthur Opp and a teenage boy Kel Keller who are dealing with loss Arthur and Kel’s lives are connected through a tragic thread They slowly find each other as they delve through the depths of loneliness and surface beyond their pain to embrace life Heartbreaking complex emotional and filled with small grains of hope I loved every minute of this bookIt’s taken me forever to come up with the words to describe this book and I have come to the conclusion that I don't possess the words to do this book justice All I can say is that it’s amazing Read it

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Can untangle himself from his family drama The link between this unlikely pair is Kel’s mother Charlene a former student of Arthur’s After nearly two decades of silence it is Charlene’s unexpected phone call to Arthur a plea for help that jostles them into action Throug. This Author has a new book being released in January 2020 Long Bright River watch for it it is another 5 solid bookThis book is about two lonely people and how they have isolated themselves in different ways For one person it becomes too late for her to save herself but for the other there is hopeThere is so much raw human emotion in this book that I felt that I was reeling at times just thinking about them I got up this morning having to finish the book The narrators were incredible the voice of the overweight professor who had lived a solitary existence for 10 years was remarkable Then there is the sobering sound of the troubled but resilient young high school boy whose mother is an alcoholic who has heard stories about his missing father and about how much his mother wants so much for him but isn't able to save herselfI always write short reviews for audiobooks but that in no way changes the fact that this book is AMAZING If you want to listen to a book about how the way you live your life really can affect others read this book If you want to hear a story of the possibility of hope when things look beyond help read this book If you haven't read any really great literary works read this book or listen to it as I didYou will not be disappointed I guarantee it Have yourself a good day and think about your blessings because someone else out there is having a very hard time in this life today and is probably feeling very alone