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The Warrior's Apprentice Read ¼ 102 ¶ ➵ [Read] ➯ The Warrior's Apprentice By Lois McMaster Bujold ✤ – El aprendiz de guerrero es una de las aventuras de Miles Vorkosigan un genio de la estrategia dotado de gran inteligencia pero encerrado en un cuerpo defectuoso Un personaje entrañable e inolvidableWarrior's PDF or la moderna space opera Sus hazañas son un agradable retorno a los temas y el tono ameno de la ciencia ficción campbelliana y componen la más famosa creación de una de las mejores escritoras de ciencia ficción de aventuras ue. Update 11818 Read #3On some rather belated reflection and tears after this latest read I have to say that I'm in love with this series As if three reads wasn't proof enough rightThe beginning and the end is completely scaled back from the wild as hell middle but that's as it should be Miles is a brilliant and very flawed character showing signs of megalomania and depression or perhaps just being a brilliant bipolar case In that respect he's a lot like SherlockIt sure as hell makes for an interesting read when you bring up all the great world building juxtapositions His parents and their homeworlds Miles's desires versus his honor His momentum versus the pressures I include both history and gravity for the sake of his poor bonesI did cry for Bothari Such a complicated character deserves a bit of silence and a lock of hair I also cried for Miles A lot of that was for joy but not all of it When he succeeds it always feels like a house of cards It's always like he's dancing on the tripwire of a Bouncing Betty And what a tongue he has Miles is just one of those characters that will remain in the annals of memory This is the foundation The rest of what comes relies even on that tongue and less from fighting but that's even impressive when you think about it Here comes trouble If he wasn't so charming he really should be shotAnd this one is still one of my favorites in the series Or at least in the top five Original ReviewIt reads as a great YA with the best elements of the best space opera How do you get back into the military of your homeworld if they don't want you Start your own army show them you've got what it takes It's mostly clever and light and then it wasn't It was much poignant for having read the books in the order of the timeline although Falling Free doesn't align yetThis novel was very fast paced and fun for the most part and memorable He's got to begin his fame somewhere

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Han aparecido en los últimos años Lois McMaster Bujold obtuvo el premio Nebula por En caída libre y también el Nebula de novela corta por Las montañas de la aflicción una nueva aventura del mismo Miles Vorkosigan ue aparece por primera vez. This unfortunately didn't do it for me Oh sure it's a heist novel sort of that is still better written than many others and it was only really slow at the beginning I guess well the first 30 40% However nobody is criticizing Bujold's craftmanshift No my beef is with with the characters mostly Even the former military personnel was stupid beyond belief To say nothing of the rest I can make allowances of course initially for Elena who simply wanted to get off planet ONCE in her life; or for Bothari who considers it his duty to stay with Miles But for every single other person to stay with Miles to eat up the bullshit like that to go along with what must be THE stupidest con there is only so much suspension of disbelief before I roll my eyes snort bang my head against the wall then get REALLY annoyed because I'm supposed to go along with this nonsenseIt's a testament to Bujold's writing that I didn't DNF the book Granted I don't like to DNF books in general and I did like the previous volumes very much so I wanted to allow a flukeNevertheless it's always a bad sign when even a space heist that turns into some war effort gets so unbelievably out of hand that I get antsy despite the action and just want it to be overI just couldn't warm to the crippled rich kid that had never learned any boundaries was occasionally pretty smart but exasperatingly stupid when it counted Initially I thought it would be the typical story of a physically disabled person making it his way regardless I could have warmed to that But this wasn't that kind of story for me Sure Miles is young but how about him accepting THAT instead of acting like God's gift to the universe and then making everything worse for everyoneNot to mention Elena Since I don't want the rest of this review to get peeped out or for someone to flag it to the GR overlords I shall refrain from going into details Suffice it to say that she's an ungrateful litte bitch not just towards her father but also when she doesn't get from Miles whatever she wants like a spoiled little brat and I still hope she will die slowly and painfully Seriously that ruined what little I liked for meOn top of the problems I had with the story and characters there was also no humour in this There have always been comical situations in the previous books not here Maybe the novel tried to do and be too many things at once novel with a disabled MC; an adventurous heist space battles; the story of female empowerment that went downhill VERY uickly; a coming of age story of not one but two people one male one female probably for emphasis; a slight tinge of politics cultural differences the people are caught betweenSo yeah there's enough rage and exasperation and I gave this 3 stars solely for the writing especially when considering the book's age But I didn't enjoy it much Nevertheless I'll continue with the series for now and hope Miles will change for the better and soon Oh and I better not have to see Elena again anytime soon

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The Warrior's ApprenticeEl aprendiz de guerrero es una de las aventuras de Miles Vorkosigan un genio de la estrategia dotado de gran inteligencia pero encerrado en un cuerpo defectuoso Un personaje entrañable e inolvidable protagonista de la serie de mayor éxito de The. so i was engaging in a favorite pastime on friday night namely verbal one upmanship slash sadistically using the power of my oh so mighty intellect to tease my poor innocent friends when the very drunk birthday boy said You know you are going to get smacked if you keep on talking like that i couldn't help myself i reached up and gave him a very light friendly tap on the cheek with the palm of my hand while dropping another dazzling bon mot sadly in the middle of my witticism birthday boy enacted a decidedly non verbal response and proceeded to smack the shit out of me later as i walked drunkenly home ear still ringing from the horrific attack it occurred to me that this would never happen to one of my recent heroes Miles Naismith Vorkosigan of the the space opera lite The Warrior's Apprenticeah Miles what a great creation he is clever and sharp tongued vaguely ambitious shorter than most the opposite of a physical threat kind and even tempered clear eyed in his self assessments a little bit self sacrificing but not in an eye rolling way ueasy at the thought of causing others harm full of both self doubt and ego always the girl's trusted best friend rather than the object of her passion the wittiest man in the room and he knows it but he is going to try to keep that to himself so that you don't get upset and take it out on him in surprise smack attacks and he talks and he talks and he talks i love Miles his character is usually the supporting character the hero's best friend the brother who dies an amusing cameo it's a great thing for me to know that there is a whole series practically devoted to this lil' guy he's endearing i suppose but i personally don't see him as endearing because i don't see him as a cute character type he feels very real to me part of that may be due to reading all about his parents in the prior books i know where Miles comes from i understand the context i get how his background informs his present part of that may be due to how much i empathize with him and his various personal travailsthe novel itself is about Miles leaving his home planet of warlike Barrayar and inadvertedly creating a mercenary army oops for me the plot is really secondary to just sitting back and enjoying Miles the writing is fine nothing special but certainly nothing problematic either Bujold veers towards the bland style is not the selling point in her skill set readers come to her for the surprisingly grounded and rich characterization and so The Warrior's Apprentice may have space battles mercenaries revolutionaries mechanized war suits etc but that's almost besides the point Miles is the pointMiles and Bothari the latter character a former brainwashed rapist and sadistic torturer who now acts as Miles' bodyguard is the other big selling point of the novel Bujold does not downplay his past or excuse it although in some ways it can be excused i would say that brainwashing excuses many things nor does she overplay his redemption she gets the character right she doesn't leave out the ugly or disturbing parts and yet she still allows the character grace and dignity within his tragic arc Bujold definitely knows how to write characters that the reader can feel i felt Bothari i felt Miles i felt Elena and Ivan and i am looking forward to feeling the rest of the characters that will be introduced to me in this saga