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Into the Woods Read & Download × 4 Ò ❴BOOKS❵ ✯ Into the Woods Author Lyn Gardner – Storm Aurora and Anything Eden live in a decaying mansion on the edge of the wilds with their erstwhile father and indolent mother When an accident leaves them orphaned and at the mercy of the siniste Storm Aurora and AR DeWilde these three courageous and eccentric sisters Into the PDFEPUBare forced to flee into the woods where they encounter kidnappers sweet filled orphanages mountains of ice diamond mines and some ra. I first read this novel ages ago and remember liking it so much it found a place on my favourites shelf Yep it meant that much to meAnd on this reread honestly It still deserves it placeThis book is just a fun fairy tale adventure focusing on sisterly love and fun But it's also dark in the way middle grade books sometimes can be There's a lot of near death experiences But then theres also hilarity and fun so it's absolutely a perfect mix for meAnd the images drawn by Mini Grey truly help set the scene and make this book as amazing as it isRecommend this for most likely older children and adults alike I think we all need a bit of fairy tale fun in our lives

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Venously hungry wolvesTaking inspiration from numerous fairytales and weaving them into a wholly original story Into the Woods is a whirlwind of a novel full of imaginative happenings and dastardly deeds. I stumbled upon this book purchasing it by impulse I can't contain myself when I come in contact with fairytales I was not disappointed This is by far the best fairytale I have read in such a long time The book had everything adventure mystery frightening parts along with sisterly bonds that were unbreakable Even though there were hints of other tales mentioned here and there entwined within the story Into the Woods is a story all in itself that I couldn't put down I was enthralled at Lyn Gardner's creativity from beginning to end and loving how she was able to keep the feel of an old time fairytale within the pages of something so new and original It will like other reviews mentionedbe loved mainly by girls as the story focuses around three main characters who are sisters However there is enough scare wolves and an evil Dr to entertain the boys as well Plus it is just one of those stories that will intruige those of all ages I am 31 and loved it and can't wait to read it to my little girls who are 8 and 11 I wish Gardner would write another

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Into the WoodsStorm Aurora and Anything Eden live in a decaying mansion on the edge of the wilds with their erstwhile father and indolent mother When an accident leaves them orphaned and at the mercy of the sinister D. Another reviewer described this book as slightly manic and I would have to agree with that assessment of the pacing Once it gets going they are facing death over and over and over with no breathing room lots of terror and tears and it is a bit exhausting The plot conflicts are aided by the main character's sharp perception or unbelievable obtuseness The difficulties and plot progressions were too easy and too hard to overcome at the same time and it just didn't work for me And then after this breakneck pace of terror and misery and woe the main character realizes that she loves that kind of life and is meant for it Again unbelievable because there is no indication that she feels anything positive during this No swelling of courage or hope of triumph or pleasure in her own strength or realization that others are helping her and she can do this It's all death and doom and despair I didn't enjoy The Series of Unfortunate Events books for many of the same reasons I will acknowledge that it was an interesting twist on some familiar fairy tales