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Rafaello's MistressAn outrageous propositionGlory Little's fantasies became reality when the irresistible Rafaello Grazzini chose to embark on a passionate liaison with her Rafaello's charms an. Rafaello's Mistress is the poor man's The Petrakos BrideLynne Graham told me that Rafaello was in over his head for Glory but I didn't believe her Rafaello told me the same thing but I didn't believe him eitherWe have one of LG's cute cuddly voluptuous heroines with the scarecrow syndrome if I only had a brain that has loved the hero for ages Rafaello is the 6' 9 hero with eyelashes like spiders skin like golden something and a male member in Mensa They dated for six weeks where it was lollipops and roses but now he thinks she is a cold hearted materialistic slut of the worst order and can't keep his hands off of her Match made in heavenThe angst the slut shaming the martyrdom are all the result of some low grade poor parenting Not the worst by Harley or HP standards but the parents collective indifference unethical behavior and insensitivity adds up eventually Shades of Chinatown Hint the half brother of my half brother is my what I don't know Anyhoo the heroine does a runner speaks in bizarre sentences and like every other pregnant woman just keeps getting and attractive as she gets and pregnant Yeah uh huh Yes Rafaello is sweet at the end but like I said it's only because LG said so Just re read The Spanish Groom or The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress or The Petrakos Bride where the h totally owns the HFor your viewing pleasurehttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvnauLg

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D social graces made Glory feel like a princess But his father cast a disapproving eye over the relationship and used blackmail to bring the fairy tale to an abrupt endMany y. Rafaello's Mistress is the story of Glory and RafaelloConfusing stupid second chance romance with indecisive and impulsive characters that are extremely unlikable complacent and unnecessarily headstrong Too many convoluted plots with leads that I will happily stabStrong dislike for this oneUnsafe15

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Free download Rafaello's Mistress æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [EPUB] ✰ Rafaello's Mistress ✶ Lynne Graham – An outrageous propositionGlory Little's fantasies became reality when the irresistible Rafaello Grazzini chose to embark on a passionate liaison with her RafaellEars later in desperate circumstances Glory begs Rafaello for his help As arrogant as he is handsome Rafaello agrees to help Glory on one condition that she become his mistre. Solid entry This is a second chance at love story They dated as a young couple but that wasn't explored in any real depth and so it lacked a bit of intensity that could have been there You didn't really feel the tragedy of them having been broken up by their parents After they meet again the story is fun but nothing groundbreaking There were the reuisite misunderstandings and leaping to conclusions and of course the pregnancy which is standard in LGThe hero was not much of an asshat The heroine was a bit wimpish but still an acceptable read especially if you're already a Lynne Graham fan