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In Eidyn Corpus PDFEPUB #188 a religious cult led by a madman named Somna who collects gruesome trophies and worships the dead body of a former celebrity Added to this the enigmatic Bracha a supreme survivalist and sadistic former Royal with his own agenda stalks the teenagers A self contained story dEaDINBURGH is a character driven Young Adulthorror novel exploring the human capacity for good evil and for survival Inspired by George A Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead' the works of Robert Kirkman and Jonahan Maberry's 'Rot and Ruin' seri. DISCLOSURE Mark Wilson sent me dEaDINBURGH as an ebook for my honest reviewI have picked up other zombie novels started to read them and put them down because they were boring or failed to capture my interestNot the case with dEaDINBURGH At first glance I was worried this would be a pale imitation of Rot and Ruin Boy was I wrong The action sucks you in right away and you move along with and get to know the characters fairly uickly Also Wilson has put some of his own interesting twists on the zombie plague that give this one a uniue flavor and ambiance about it His real strength though is in creating charactersEach of the characters was compelling and believable Their motivations made sense and one could easily imagine them as real people The two main characters are very well done which is important I cared about Joey and Alys and rooted hard for them from the beginning But the real coup for Wilson here is his antagonist Bracha is an awesome villain with layers and a story of his own that's just as compelling a read as any in the bookWilson also kept the cast small giving us only a few characters to focus on and thus giving himself plenty of room to explore each of the characters in detailThe plot doesn't plod though which is sometimes the case with character driven work The characters and plot work together revealing layers about both the people and their inter woven stories that is compelling reading and a uick readAs with all GOOD zombie stories social commentary is inter woven Wilson handles this deftly and smoothly making sly observations about our society and tendencies toward zombie ness along the way These are never heavy handed nor in my opinion inaccurate Also I'm a pretty avid reader and have seen enough fiction that I often see surprises coming before they come Wilson managed to sneak one twist in there that blindsided me and I did not see coming at all It was awesome a definite pleasant surprise for meThe book is well edited with no misspellings typos or grammatical train wrecks that distract from the story Often with 99 cent Kindle stories this is a worry and one wonders will this be a book I delete before chapter 5 or will it be a pleasant surprise that makes me seek out work by this author dEaDINBURGH falls nicely into that latter categoryMy only uibbles with the book were with some of the pacing early on the training of our two youthful heroes goes by rather uickly at times and I felt it was just a tiny bit rushed I hated seeing the exit of one character during this time but unless we're settling in for a 10 book series or 500 page book there's hardly time to spend pages and pages training and growing those characters Still given the obvious talent Wilson possesses as a writer I think he could have stretched the training out a little All in all a very good read I will be recommending my 7th graders that liked Rot and Ruin put it on their to read list and I look forward to the seuel

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dEaDINBURGH Din Eidyn Corpus #1Edinburgh The Eidyn Corpus PDFEPUB #182 bubonic plague rages In a desperate attempt to uarantine the infected the city leaders seal the residents of Mary King's Close in their underground homes Mary King's Close is reopened unleashing a mutated plague upon the city residents The UK government seals the entire city Declaring it a dead zone they seal the survivors inside alongside the infected dEaDINBURGH is declared a no man's land its residents left for dead and to the dead Joseph MacLeod born onto the cobbles of the Royal Mile and. 375 “Being eaten by Zoms It's differentLOL” starsI would like to take a minute to appreciate the genius in the title dEaD and EDINBURGH get itJoey was raised by the brotherhood where they honour the dead The Children of Elisha He is given a choice become one of the brothers or be fed to the Children of Elisha he runsAlys was raised by her mother and a community of women She has been taught that men are weak and treat women like slaves expecting them to come to their beck and call Then she sees Joey escaping the brotherhood and realises that they were wrongAfter Joey and Jock part ways he meets with Alys again Now 18 they have suffered the full extent of hardships of living a life with zombies having to watch their every step every breath There are rumours of a cure they only have to pass through the majority of the city right next to the Exulted They have to be careful or Somna will make them a trophy a bird ingrained in his skin But what they find will change their lives foreverEdinburgh is cornered off a fence surrounding it nobody in nobody out Or so they think When the plague first hit Jock believed that they would be rescued when a cure was found after all we wouldn't be human if we didn't For the first decade of isolation I always believed that sooner or later they’d find a cure that they would release us I should have remembered my historyMark has given a uniue take on zombies where there was a plague in 1645 and so some people took up residence underground and they then had children But they weren't really children they were zombies and have a distinctive mark on their cheek just like those in the plagueBecause Alys and Joey have been brought up in a world without electricity and a constant battle for survival they don't know much about the world before It's really interesting to see what it would be like in a world without electricity TV's and even radios My guess is a jammer must of been used for them The ending was really uniue and only to other booksmovies have been like that are view spoilerThe Hunger Games and The Truman Show hide spoiler

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REVIEW é dEaDINBURGH Din Eidyn Corpus #1 ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ dEaDINBURGH Din Eidyn Corpus #1 By Mark Wilson ➩ – Edinburgh 1645 The bubonic plague rages In a desperate attempt to uarantine the infected the city leaders seal the residents of Mary King's Close in their underground homes 2015 Mary King'DEaDINBURGH Din MOBI #207 stolen from the clutches of the infected is determined to escape the uarantined city Under the guidance of former –marine Padre Jock he leaves the confines of the city centre and hones his archery and free running skills Alys Shephard born into an all women farming community believes a cure lies in the south of the uarantined zone The finest combatant in the dead city Alys burns with anger The anger of an abandoned child Something much worse than the infected waits for them in the south in the form of D. This book was better than I expected it to be Meaning no offence to the author by saying that it's just that I can be pretty critical of DystopianZombie novels because they are one of my favourite genres However this action packed read didn't disappointThe pacing was good and the plot was intense One thing I really enjoyed about this novel were all of the twists They were really well done in that they were shocking but believable Overall this book is a great zombie adventure with fun twists and interesting characters Can't wait for the seuelNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review