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mobi á Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture ´ Martin Fowler He success of an enterprise project where issues such as performance and concurrent multi user access are paramount The book presents patterns proven solutions to recurring problems in enterprise architecture and the context provided by the author enables the reader to make the proper choices when faced with a difficult design decisi I had a hard time understanding the examples because I don't know C# or Java However that's probably the only downfall I found to this book Still being youngin' in the programming sphere this book explained many concepts that you won't see explained in other places and if they are not nearly as well I like how the book organizes the patterns it makes them easier to find The best way I found to read the book was looking up certain patterns I already knew or heard of but wanted to learn Once you get all those down go to the other ones you haven't read yet This book is very dense and you'll probably have to read it a few times unless you're a senior developer then you might run through this book I think this book is a must have for new or aged developers It makes for a great reference Even if you don't understand what you're reading the first time around things will eventually start to click This book helped me encompass a bigger picture of ORMs amongst other things used today Would highly recommend especially if you know Java or C#

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture mobi ô Hardcover read â helpyouantib ☆ [PDF] ✑ Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture ✪ Martin Fowler – Developers of enterprise applications eg reservation systems supply chain programs fi Enterprise Application Epub #220 Developers of enterprise applications eg reservation systems supply chain programs financial systems etc Patterns of PDF face a uniue set of challenges different than those faced by their desktop system of Enterprise Application Epub #224 and embedded system peers For this reason enterprise developers I think this is a great book Most developers should have it on hand as a reference I say that in spite of the fact that I'm seriously annoyed by patterns fashionistas and Fowler fanaticsThis is not a collection of esoteric design patterns or capital A architectures This is a collection of tricks schticks and small A architectures that just tend to show up repeatedly in the wild Martin Fowler with his perspective as an idea man and his position as a consultant and thought leader has observed these and collected them together in a catalog along with some weighty analysisAn initial read through is probably a good idea at least enough to assimilate the introduction and be familiar with the existence of most of the patterns Out of real world context the material feels to me to be very academic and not very practicalWhere it comes together is when I can use the book like a bird guide whilst bird watching Digging through some code or design docs and stumbling on a mechanism conceived and implemented by an author who may not have ever heard of PoEAA and having some recognition like Hey this is very similar to a uery Object pattern Then I can go look it up Sometimes it helps the task at hand by filling in as the missing documentation; other times it's merely fun factsI've also used this book when putting together my own designs It can provide useful guidance What's an alternative if I don't like our offline locking It can serve as a named reference By 'Value Object' we mean Fowler's rather than Sun's or Evans'sIn both of the above uses the book shines when I have a pattern already in front of me and I want to know Probably as I get practice out of putting context into Fowler's analysis I'll be able to get direct practical value rather than food for thought out of working it the other way starting with the academic discussion and being able to visualize real world tailored specifics rather than idealized implementations

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Patterns of Enterprise Application ArchitectureMust uncover their own solutions In this new book noted software engineering expert Martin Fowler turns his attention to enterprise application development He helps professionals understand the complex yet critical aspects of architecture While architecture is important to all application development it is particularly critical to t Still relevant to read