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アップルシード #4Paradise ain't easy In the future utopian metropolis of Olympus a blazing beacon of humanity amidst a post global war wasteland ESWAT agents Deunan and Briareos have fought tooth and nail to k. Munma terrorists are building a giant landmate to use against Aegis Or are they Will Olympus fall from within And will Deunan and Briareos let itHere we area already the concluding Appleseed volume There is a lot of political maneuvering in this one on the part of Imperial Americana the Munma terrorists Aegis and even corrupt elements of ESWAT Of course Deunan and Briareos are caught in the middleThe art was great of course and the story was a lot easier to follow than in the previous two books A giant mech is being built and ESWAT has to stop it Naturally Briareos and Deunan play a big part in that Also Deunan gets injured during training and has to wear an eyepatchThis volume was mostly action and blew by pretty uickly The ending wasn't what I expected I was hoping for some closure but it was pretty open ended I'm not sure if I'll grab the Appleseed Data book or Appleseed ID though In retrospect the series probably should have ended with book 2 Everything since has largely felt like an extended epilogue of Briareos and Deunan adjusting to life after GaiaWhile I'm glad I took it on and like the saga as a whole the second half was a little underwhelming compared to the first Three stars for this volume four for the series overall

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READ & DOWNLOAD アップルシード #4 107 ✓ [Reading] ➲ アップルシード #4 ➺ Masamune Shirow – Paradise ain't easy In the future utopian metropolis of Olympus a blazing beacon of humanity amidst a post global war wasteland ESWAT agents Deunan and Briareos have fought tooth and nail to keep the ParEep the peace and prevent Olympus from sliding back into chaos When Olympus intelligence learns of a giant Landmate powersuit being built in secrecy and on the threshold of a top secret intern. It still retains the flaws of the previous books but it's an entertaining read nonetheless Aside from whatever problems this volume maintains from its predecessors the only other problem I have is that this volume doesn't really feel like an endingIt's the last volume in the main storyline as far as I know unless there's some sort of obscure fifth volume I don't know about but as far as appropriate endings go this doesn't seem to have resolved much I mean the main characters struggle to prevent a fourth world war but it doesn't feel dramatic like an ending should Maybe I'm just too used to big dramatic dynamic finales where every other line MUST be said with an exclamation mark at the end and gun battles are intense than ever and revelations are made and whatever Hollywood has gotten to my head which isn't a good thingIt's clear Masamune put a lot of effort and care into these books and everything seemed a little cohesive this time around and a lot less down your throat philosophical so that earns it an extra star It's a great read All the books are great reads but this one is probably my favourite volume of the packI wish there were of them

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Ational conference of the highest importance to be held in Olympus ESWAT is mobilized to crack the mystery and disrupt a terrorist operation that could turn the fragile peace into World War IV. I've had this book for years and as a whole is one of the best pieces by Masamune Shirow The layout is good and the whole plot from start to finish is very good I've reread it and it still enthralls me given the layout the artwork and the detail that he put into the collection Overall there are still some parts that could have been clear but overall I don't let it detract though I wish he'd put story into certain parts I'm still going to give it 5 stars Simply one of the best