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eBook Û Ninjak, Volume 1: Weaponeer Paperback Ö Matt Kindt Ö ➦ [Ebook] ➡ Ninjak, Volume 1: Weaponeer By Matt Kindt ➱ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Every master spyhas to start somewhereThen Meet inexperienced MI 6 recruit Colin King on his first mission in the field as he learns the basics of Every master spyhas to start somewhereThen Meet inexperienced MI 6 recruit Colin King on his first mission in the field as he learns the basics of spycraft and counterintelligence and develops a volatile relationship with his first handlerNow Colin King is Ninja Do you remember Ninjak? No? He was part of the Valiant line back in '94 with Bloodshot and X O Manowar While looking up this one on GR I found the trade for the original series that I haven't read since they were released In one of the reviews for that the person makes the negative comment that Ninjak as a character is fairly dull; James Bond with Ninja skills basicallySo to counter that let me tell you about Ninjak He's James Bond with ninja skills basically What else could you want? Other people compare him to Batman except that he kills people if that helps Personally I think the spy slant is much stronger than the gadgets that point towards Batman but that's just me This is a spy book With ninjas And magic James Bond with ninja skills Basically

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K the world’s foremost intelligence operative weapons expert and master assassin And he’s hunting the Shadow Seven a secret cabal of shinobi masters with mysterious ties to his training and tragic pastStart reading here as Ninjak’s past and future collid This wasa ton of fucking fun I know I know we've seen this before A white dude masters the arts of the ninja way and becomes a badass warrior with super technology to take down the bad guys Oh is that Batman calling? Well yeah But the thing is there's only so many ideas but it's how you do them Ninjak is smart in it's way Giving us flashbacks between his childhood while also his first missions as a killer and then of course the current storyline Some supernatural flare with spy like James bond shit basically in a over the top but very fun storyline Good The art is really solid Everyone has a distinct look and the action flows smooth The past storyline is very interesting and kind of flips the script on a Bruce like upbringing which I really enjoyed Also the missing files were interesting add on to make Ninjak past interesting for me Bad Some of the dialog especially internal dialog can be a bit stretched and too much Also the main villain here is kind of meh Overall this was really fun exciting over the trip trippy adventure This is one Valiant series I will be buying volumes for sure

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Ninjak Volume 1 WeaponeerE in the pages of an all new ongoing series from New York Times best selling writer Matt Kindt The Valiant Divinity and superstar artists Clay Mann X Men Legacy Gambit Butch Guice Captain America Action Comics and Juan José Ryp Black SummerCollecting Ninjak 1? 45 stars if I couldI have always loved NinjasI meanwhat little boy growing up in the 80's didn't?I was especially fond of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from GI Joe I used to run around the house with a black t shirt over my face and my socks tucked between my toes like ninja boots pretending I was Snake Eyes out hunting Cobra CommanderShrugsIt was my jam Don't judge6 year old me would have loved the absolute shit out of this comic Hell 40 year old me loves the shit out of this comic I especially like how the start of each issue has a blueprint describing the various aspects of Ninjak's gear6 year old me use to love the ever living fuck out of spy blueprintsI guess that hasn't changedAnyways I was first introduced to the Ninjak character through X O Manowar When I saw that Matt Kindt was doing the Ninjak solo comic it was a no brainer This first arc was everything I love about Ninjas It's got infiltration stealth sweet gear crazy bad guys and some really fucking off the wall fight scenesAdd to that a healthy dose of mystic back story and training bullshit temples and uests of servitude are essential in every ninja story and I have to admit that if I hadn't already blown my load then I was most certainly on my wayNinjak is bad ass Valiant is really knocking it outta the park right now with stories I just can't say enough good things about Manowar Bloodshot and now Ninjak Fuck yeahOh yeah let's not forget the pictures This first volume has some bangin' artwork and I often turned the page only to cackle in glee as my eyes were assaulted with panels of Ninja ass kicking I have been very impressed with Clay Mann's work and will definitely be keeping my eyes open for other projects his name gets attached toI don't know where this comic is going I do know however that if I were a dog and this story was a legwellI'd hump the shit out of it