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SUMMARY ´ Wildcat by Max Monroe Ï [Reading] ➻ Wildcat By Max Monroe – What would you do if the sexy mysterious stranger you met by chance turned out to be a celebrityCatharine Wild is about to find outuinn Bailey is one of the best uarterbacks in the country and the ins What would you do if the sexy mysterious strangEveryone wants to see the small town girl find love with the superstarGood thing uinn Bailey knows how to winGame on baby From the New York Times USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a hilarious and sexy standalone about chance encounters and finding true lo. Release Date January 31 2018 Genre Sports Romance Humor Actual Rating 3 starsWildcat by Max Monroe is a good start to the Mavericks Tackle Love series While I did enjoy the story for the most part I felt like I have read something very similar before hence the reason why I gave it 3 stars For me as a reader I crave originality in the books I read and this was missing that It's the story of an all star uarterback who meets a woman unexpectedly and has to hurdle a few hoops to find their HEA Sounds familiar Now while this book wasn't original in the plot I did like how the authors created an interracial couple This is something I don't see a lot in the romances I pick up and I appreciated that they deviated from the norm here Do I think the authors could have tackled some of the issues associated with interracial dating a bit Yes In this day in age people can and do date whoever they want no matter their race religion gender etc However we also have people who still DON'T agree with dating outside of their own race religion etc like uinn's parents So it would have been nice to see this play out a bit With all that aside though I'm not trying to pick the entire book apart it is a good read Sports romance fans and those who enjoy Max Monroe are certainly going to want to pick up Wildcat It features an amazing hero he was my favorite thing about the entire story because he was not only funny but wanted love and an eually charming heroine The cover is eye catching as well so You know if you like pretty covers it wouldn't hurt to read it either LOL No matter what little things that I didn't care for about this book I do still plan to read the second one Sean who is set to be the hero seems like a HILARIOUS character and it will be nice to read about his journey through love PS Each of these books can be read as complete standalones

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Ll star comes aboard the flight attendant’s plane her life takes a drastic turn Mile high courting and an intense pursuit to win her heart are just the beginningAttention fame even  public scrutiny find their way into the mix It should be simple right WrongBecause in the end not. Yes Yes A million times yes I LOVED THIS BOOK Gah It's made me so darn happy The writing duo of Max Monroe know how to write a romantic comedy And even better they know how to write the best damn book boyfriend ever The number one reason to read this book UINN BAILEY My god I want a uinn Where do I find one exactly like him He was all kinds of perfect from his southern manners to his wit and charm to his good looks and dirty talking ways Not to mention he was a romantic Gah He is now a platinum member of my Book Boyfriend ClubAnd then there was Cat Wild She was all kinds of adorable Gah And with uinn they were all kinds of cute Just go on and read this book for the good feels You'll be as happy as I am right now

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Wildcat by Max MonrWhat would you do if the sexy mysterious stranger you met by chance turned out to be a celebrityCatharine Wild is about to find outuinn Bailey is one of the best uarterbacks in the country and the instant he lays eyes on pretty little Cat Wild he can’t resist herWhen the sexy footba. Look We are not asking muchYou wrote a book with a black heroine Cool Awesome even Representation is awesomeBut the part that makes me cringe is when you make race the CONFLICTWhyIf it was white heroine this would not have even been in the reader's radarThis book was going to be 3star for me even a 4star but then we reached the climaxThe author made the main conflict of the story about the fact that the heroine is black and the hero's parents are racistLike whatWhat the fuckI don't want to read these type of romance booksIf I wanted to I would have picked up a historical romance with a black heroineThis is contemporary for God's sake I read a bunch of these with white heroines and race is never even mentioned and the moment I pick one up with a POC heroine her race is suddenly the main fucking plot Why did you have to ruin the story