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Download Epub ï Airhead by Meg Cabot ò 337 pages ✓ Helpyouantib ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Airhead Author Meg Cabot – From best selling author Meg Cabot Airhead begins a series of books featuring Emerson Watts Em pleaseShe doesn't want to go but Em must chapeOward Em couldn't care less Then disaster strikes and after a bizarre accident it seems that Em just isn't herself any literally An unabridged production on CDs hours minutes It's like my worst dream and my worst nightmare rolled into one I get into an accident and my body is destroyed so they transplant my BRAIN dun dun DUN Into the body of a supermodel DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN But seriously I love Meg Cabot I've had this book on my to read shelf for years but just haven't gotten around to it and now there's a global pandemic and I need a distraction and oh look the library's online catalog has the audiobook Perfect type of book at the perfect time

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From best selling author Meg Cabot Airhead begins a series of books featuring Emerson Watts Em pleaseShe doesn't want to go but Em must chaperone her little sister to the gran I am NOT happy with this book First off it's part one of a series so the story is incomplete Second of all I didn't realize what I was getting in for when I picked it up Nowhere in the blurb on the inside front cover did it tell me that view spoiler we were talking about a brain transplant A boring teenager dies and has her living brain transplanted into the body of a brain dead teenage supermodel hide spoiler

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Airhead by Meg CabD opening of a new Stark Megastore Her sister can't wait to see the heartthrobs and supermodels that will make an appearance including hunky Gabriel Luna and beautiful Nikki H Okay so Meg Cabot is the ueen of YA literature I have this image of her in my head sat on a throne of books all of her own of course because she has written plenty A gaggle of YA authors are sat around her; some feeding her little chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing some wafting her with giant bamboo leaves Others are just sat around soaking in the glory of her presence listening to the author who has the best accent regale them with stories the ueen herself has written She also has fabulous shiny big hair and a perfect manicure JUST like Nikki I know I know I have a overactive imagination what of itSo here's the deal Em is a fantastically amazing nerd Her idea of a fahhhhabulous night in is sitting around either watching documentries with her best friend Christopher who she is so totes in love with but DAMMIT why doesn't he realise or seeing what level she can get to on Journeyuest which is like only the best video game EVER Frida her little sister is turning to the dark side what with her trying out to be a cheerleader and ACTUALLY knowing what shade of lipgloss suits her Throw in the opening of a large gonna close down all the shops in your area megastore owned by the shady Stark Enterprises which her parents make her take Frida to because it just really isnt enough that she's turning into a clone all by herself Add a pop star with a British accent a supermodel called Nikki Howard and a giant plasma TV that only falls off the wall ONTO EM when activists protesting against Stark Enterprises take over the showandBAM Em is no longer Emerson Watts well she isBUT she's only stuck in Nikki Howards body WHAT THE WHAT RIGHT Then crazy hot highjinks ensue because she has to actually pretend to be Nikki because Stark Enterprises are blackmailing her mom and dad with the millions of pounds hospital fees and suchBasically any book that can combine feminisim make up hot boys and being supermodely gorgeous is a book that I am all over like white on rice Plus it has wait for it a BRAIN TRANSPLANT I know close your mouth and stop drooling I really understood Em's confusion and anger when she woke up in Nikki Howard's body because even though it would be prettttttty cool to wake up and be super duper gorgeous I would kind of be annoyed that I had to pretend to actually BE Nikki because that would be like loosing your own identity and would pretty much blow Plus the fact that Em has to still honour all of Nikki's modelling contracts because Stark paid for the brain transplant well I don't even like having to do my own work let alone someone else's so I get why Em was like HELL NO But when she come around I liked that she still had her values and integrity and didn't morph into a mean girlAlso if you like sexytimes then oh boy OH FREAKING BOY DOES SHE BRING IT I promise if teenage me was reading this book I probably would have tried to kiss everything that is male and that moved The swoonizzle between Em and Chistopher was sweet and endearing and just FINE thank you very much And the hotness between Em in Nikki's body and well any guy who decided they wanted some was pretty damn off the hotness scale because even though Em hasn't really kissed anyone before Nikki's body is like a one woman kissing machine Like POW In conclusion this book made me want to be a supermodel HA just kidding Well only a little Like with the other Cabot books i've read this has a verrrrrra special place on my bookshelf Because Em I mean Nikki is a true literary BFF She can console me when I can't find the perfect shade of lip gloss She can cry with me when the guy I'm crushing on doesn't even realise because he is stoooopid as most guys are And most of all she can make me laugh with her sarcastic comments and general nerd like behavoiur In one word Love