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A DifferentSky Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [BOOKS] ✭ A DifferentSky Author Meira Chand – Helpyouantib.co.uk Singapore a trading post where different lives jostle and mix It is 1927 and three young people are starting to uestion whether this inbetween island can ever truly be their home Mei LanSingapore a trading post where different lives jostle and mix It is and three young people are starting to uestion whether this inbetween island can ever truly be their home Mei Lan comes from a famous Chinese dynasty but yearns to free herself from its stifling traditions ten year o. I love stories that tell of post colonial times I just generally love period pieces A different sky was great for me because Chand's illustration of 1940s Singapore in the tumultaneous times of Japanese Colonialization as a restless society rising out of the ashes in its new national spirit was truly ingenious Chand's portrayal of the fateful union between an affluent Chinese society girl Mei Lan and a simple Eurasian boy Howard is almost a microcosm of society at the time Singapore before the horrific Japanese Colonialization was a society divided; Affluent Chinese traders and Merchants formed the upper class living in lavish homes and possessing the finest of jades and jewelry They were also influential backers in the political scenes with extensive connections back in mainland China as well On the other hand Howard is a third generation Eurasian his mother was a Eurasian I believe she was Portuguese Ceylonese married to another Eurasian Singapore is described to be a racial melting pot Indians Tamils Chinese Malays and Caucasians all live to be as one well most of the time A Different Sky however shows the other side of the story back then; the discrimination against dark skinned Eurasians and Singaporean Japanese the good guys during the period of Japanese Occupation to how social classes were so significantly divided by race Indians were considered uncultured merchants and Eurasians were sidelined as second class citizens His sister Cynthia's love story with Wilfred a well built and intelligent British newbie Correspondent for the Straits Times I suealed when I read this part we get it delivered to our house every day and seeing it in a book was pretty amazing was also a great subplot At the time to marry a dusky skinned woman was synonymous to the end of an Englishman's career but their fight against social customs and prejudice in a time of war where Cynthia served as a nurse and Wilfred a POW was heartrending to say the least The great thing about this novel is that it is set in Singapore but Singapore is a rather new country only 50 odd years has passed since its Independance from the Japanese That means that most of the landmarks and building referred to in this novel set in the 1940s still remains today The Cathedral of Lady Lourdes to the Idyllic Belvedere House a guesthouse Howard's mother Rose runs located near the Methodist School where i live; they are all locations that I'm familiar with I don't think I've been able to place a novel in context as well as I have with A Different Sky A Different Sky tells of a brand new world; Singapore embroiled by the desire for change The rise of Feminism Guerilla attacks against the tyranny of Colonialism and new Political voices for Independance namely the current Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew are to speak of the least This is a story of Singapore in gestation I hugely recommend it

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Ld Howard seethes at the indignities heaped on his fellow Eurasians by the colonial British Raj fresh off the boat from India wants only to work hard and become a successful businessman As the years pass and the Second World War sweeps through the east with the Japanese occupying Sin. A beautifully written haunting yet hopeful romantic but tragic story of a Singapore that existed not so long ago but is so very different from the Singapore of today Modern day Singapore is a pristine organized law abiding society; the people I met while I resided on the island did not uestion did not riot accepted the status uo It was much rigid than what I was used to and I often found myself frustrated with the lack of entrepreneurial think outside the box creative thinking and decision making that I felt the country would need to move forward I often reminded myself though that it was a fairly new country and was as successful today as it was because of the straight and narrow path it was forging Ms Chand though has introduced me to the Singapore of 50 60 70 years ago and has not only confirmed my thoughts of the necessity of the straight and narrow but has amazed me even with how far this little island nation has come The Singapore of this novel is so far removed from the Singapore I know and love so as to not even be recognizable Brothels gangs opium dens violence riots rats unsanitary conditions were rampant in that Singapore The devastating effects of the war were visible on everyone's face Her writing was descriptive and evocative; the story was moving and fascinating I really enjoyed it and feel that it helped me appreciate the success of modern day Singapore even as it's given me a greater depth of understanding of its history

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A DifferentSkyGapore the three are thrown together in unexpected ways and tested to breaking pointRichly evocative A Different Sky paints a scintillating panorama of thirty tumultuous years in Singapore's history through the passions and struggles of characters the reader will find it hard to forg. i visited Singapore last year and was eager to learn about its unusual multicultural history i would give this book 3 12 stars it provides a good overview of fairly recent history mid 20th century and includes the contributions of the Chinese Malay Indian and British to the current society Clearly the author had to include a lot of politics to be true to actual history but it was the personal lives of the characters that interested me By including main characters of all the ethnic groups Chand is able to make the reader see and sympathize with the varying viewpointsThe depictions of general living conditions ineuities in daily life and the juxtaposition of the well off British ruling class with the vast multi ethnic population really claimed my attention Descriptions of Chinatown where I wandered for several hours; a reference to Holland Village and to the Cold Storage store chain which i encountered in my search for batik fabrics; and explanation of the Peranaken culture whose museum i visited were especially meaningful to me The end of the book was still very far from the modern Singapore I visited How did Singapore become a mecca for exorbitantly wealthy shoppers of many nations When did the spectacular architecture spring up I remain curious about the next stage of the country's history