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read kindle Å Bear Down Bear North × Bear North Ï melinda moustakis í ➽ Bear Down, Bear North Download ➺ Author Melinda Moustakis – In her debut collection Melinda Moustakis brings to life a rough and tumble family of Alaskan homesteaders through a serie?? takes snapshots a doctor tends to an injured fisherman a man covets another man’s green fishing lure a girl is found in the river with a bullet in her head Another story offers an easy moment with a difficult mother when she reaches out to touch a breaching whaleThis is a book about taking a fishhook in the eye about drinking cranberry lick and Jippers and smoking Big Z cigars This is a book about the one good joke or the one night lit up with stars that might get you through the wint uite staggering these stories I loved how most of them connected to one another; I loved the Alaskan setting for all its grit and independence; and most of all I loved the crazy strong women for all their flaws Perfect reading for an icy weekendRead Harder Collection of stories by a woman

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In her debut collection Melinda Moustakis brings to life a rough and tumble family of Alaskan homesteaders through a series of linked stories Born in Alaska herself to a family with a homesteading legacy Moustakis examines the near mythological accounts of the Alaskan wilderness that are her inheritance and probes the uestion of what it means to live up to larger than life expectations for toughness and survivalThe characters in Bear Down Bear North are salt tongued fishermen fisherwomen a Amazing is right Maybe fucking incredibly oh my godly one of a kindly amazing is a little exact I bought this book because I saw that it won the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction fairly recently and I figured O'Connor's name wouldn't be attached to any award that just got slapped on any old thing But I also bought it because I don't know anything about Alaska just that it's up the top of the US it's very cold and that there are grizzly bears up there Rather than read a geography book or a bunch of Wikipedia pages I usually opt for fiction to teach me about the places in the world I've never been to so I read Melinda Moustakis's Bear Down Bear NorthIt's listed as a collection of short stories but I think it works in many ways like a novel maybe an unfinished one Each of the stories is set in Alaska usually in Soldotna or nearby close to the Kenai river and each of them reveals a bit about the private life of an Alaskan family taking place in several different time periods and telling of different generations It felt a little like a very experimental novel to me because everything in here is linked whether thematically or to the narrative and reading the book feels like discovering about an incredible typically Alaskan maybe and totally bizarre to me but utterly real family Moustakis's characters are tough They work they drink they fish The talk when they feel like it And usually when they talk they tell stories It's hard to tell whether Alaska attracts folk already like this or the land itself is so intrusive on the lives of the folk who live up there they get turned this way turned into Alaskan bush Like Jack Gracie's brother“He is five years older than you married with kids One of the reasons your out here fishing is your sister in law Jean She wants you to talk to him about his drinking and calls you two three times a day at Fred Meyer where you work as a grocery clerk He’s always been extreme but she says he’s just taken out a second life insurance policy” P18All Jack wants to do is fish on the Kenai river drink and build up his reputation as a man who fishes and drinks by telling often fabricated stories about his time alone out on a boat on the river But Jack has a wife and kids and a sister named Gracie you in the story who's the only one that can pick him up when he's drunk so he doesn't freeze to death in the snow drag him home and let him sleep it off before he gets up and does it all over againBut it's not all fishing and drinking If Alaska breeds tough cookies it's because there's work to be done It's work that reads like torture to me but it's just life for the Alaskans“We made piles and piles For days all we did was shovel up rocks I remember looking up at the sky and it was going to storm There was lightening flashing in the distance I told the big man up there – you take lightening to that branch above me and send it crashing down knock me out because I’m not doing this any But he didn’t listen All he gave me was some pittering rain So I went behind the shed raised the pickax took it to my foot I sat on the porch in a bandage – no rocks” P48Moustakis's prose shifts like this from blunt to poetic to shocking to strange back to blunt usually when one of the characters opens their mouth The hard living in the cold climate is delivered in unflinching prose as though Moustakis knows that her non Alaskan audience might be baffled by the lifestyle but at the same time she refuses to hold back or to even explain sometimes what the hell she or her characters are talking about I could've done with a fishing dictionary beside me when I was reading this But part of not knowing and not having anything explained to me gave the feeling of being like a tourist in Moustakis's life I was learning what it might feel like to be somewhere so opposite to the life I lived growing upAnyway this review wouldn't be complete without a point about the animals Wild life is truly wild in Bear Down Bear North Grizzly bears come up close and personal Dogs track through the snow and drag sleds better transport than any machine could handle in the snowy terrain And the Kenai running through the stories like an artery through the body is packed with exotic fish big fish and fish that die when the water in the Kenai gets even a little sick And of course where there are fish there are fishermen and fisherwomen and where there are animals there are hunters“The bull strides a short distance through the trees and collapses on its front legs buckles to the ground face first snow flying around him He raises his head struggles for footing and falls again Ruby holds onto the sled ready if the barking dogs lunge and try to go after the wounded animal Confident in his one shot the man stands up He approaches the sled with the rifle pointed at the snow pats Orca on the head The dogs all at once stop howling” P92Goddamn Read this book Moustakis is a monster talent and I will bet she will be sticking around for a long time even if this is the only book she writes To Melinda Moustakis and to anyone who reads this review I'll say the thing her characters are so fond of sayingFish On

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Bear Down Bear NorthNd hunters scrappy storytellers who put themselves in the path of destruction sometimes a harsh snowstorm sometimes each other and live to tell the tale While backtrolling for kings on the Kenai River or filleting the catch of the Halibut Hellion with marvelous speed these char­acters recount the gamble they took that didn’t pay off or they expound on how not only does Uncle Too Soon need a girlfriend the whole state of Alaska needs a girlfriend A story like “The Manneuin at Soldotna? Estremely well crafted Oh how I admire Moustakis and her craftiness There are short shorts collage so many perspectives All kinds of perspectives One story has the perspective of like twenty people And she can juxtapose like a ninja She's an educated writer But I found after reading the book that I didn't experience anything except writing structures The characters were flat The situations were unrealistic The themes unrealized I know I am just a lonely graduate student but after seeing these flaws I was astounded that this book won the Flannery O'Connor award It made me think what is the literary community valuing these days? To me a piece of literature should say something deep and profound about the human condition It should make me the reader experience strongly and I should feel and understand something than when I started This book didn't make me do that I feel like the institutionalization of creative writing has changed how a lot of us read We are all reading for craft for techniue that we can point to that tells us that's good writing But really good writing or at least good fiction to me is good story complex characters brutal and searing honesty from someone who's spend a lot of time thinking and experiencing deeply and can convey that experience as directly as possible I am going to take a step back and stop reading like a writer for craft but read like a reader again