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Zap Nikola Tesla Takes Charge Read & Download ↠ 109 Å ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Zap Nikola Tesla Takes Charge Author Monica Kulling – Growing up in Smiljan Croatia Nikola Tesla dreamed about harnessing the power of Niagara Falls In 1884 he walked down the gangplank into the New York Harbor with fourGrowing up in Smiljan Tesla Takes eBook #10003 Croatia Nikola Tesla dreamed about harnessing the power of Niagara Falls In he walked down the gangplank into the New York Harbor with four cents in his pocket a book of poems a drawing of a flying machine and Zap Nikola PDFEPUB or a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison the electrical wizard of America Upon. A fine work of fact beautifully illustrated and lightly chronicling the life and work of Nikola TeslaThis is a brief overview of his life starting with a dash about his life in Croatia and his arrival in New York It covers his work with Thomas Edison including but not focusing on his ill treatment by Edison and then working with George Westinghouse His patents and accomplishments are also mentionedThe book ends rather abruptly as if the final few pages had to be cut for space which is really a shame because it would be a better book for having a little information at the end and then a less ambiguous ending The illustrations perfectly suit the time period and the tone of the book Masterfully done In fact I enjoyed the art so much that I searched for other books illustrated by Bill Slavin We own about a dozen titles This is a factual and well illustrated introduction to Nikola Tesla for children and should encourage them to learn about him and his achievements I find him very fascinating and feel rather that he is at times maligned and portrayed as a horrible person in the USA This book was refreshing as it focused factually on his work Will definitely reuest for our library's collectioneARC Netgalley

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Current system efficient but when the work was done Edison refused to pay Tesla uit and when things were looking bleak he met George Westinghouse who also thought that alternating current was the way to light up America He gave Tesla a job and in Tesla and Westinghouse built a generator at Niagara Falls that was able to send power as far as Buffalo New York. Yay Tesla Boo Edison

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Zap Nikola Tesla Takes ChargeMeeting Edison sent Tesla to fix the SS Oregon as a test and was so astounded that he offered Tesla a job at his factoryTesla and Edison had different views about electricity Nikola Tesla Takes ePUB #180 Tesla wanted to develop an alternate current while Edison wanted to stick to the direct current system Edison offered Tesla a large sum to make his direct. This is a very interesting and good early biography for children about a virtually unknown figure in history Nikola Tesla played a major role in the electrification of America His inventions are now being credited to him and he is being recognized for his contributionWe know about Thomas Edison We've heard about Westinghouse But I'd never heard about Tesla and how he helped shape the way electricity was utilizedThis story takes the reader from Tesler's beginnings in Croatia to his immigration to America His employment by Edison and later his going on to work with Westinghouse and shape the use of electricity from DC current to AC current Thomas Edison is recounted as being unpleasant to work withThe illustrations are simply wonderful Entertaining in design and they capture the essence of the period in which the story of Nikola Tesla took placeI highly recommend this book for biographic collections for elementary grade students It is written in a manner that will make reading biographies funDisclosure I won this book in a little contest