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Why America Failed Characters î 0 ´ ❰Epub❯ ➚ Why America Failed Author Morris Berman – Helpyouantib.co.uk Why America Failed shows how from its birth as a nation of hustlers to its collapse as an empire the tools of the country's expansion proved to be the instruments of its demise Why America Failed is t Why America FaiEs America he explored the external factors eg the fact that both empires were ultimately attacked from the outside and the relationship between the events of and the history of US foreign policyIn his most ambitious work to date Berman looks at the why of it all Probes America's commitment to economic liberalism and free enterprise stretching back to the late sixteenth century and shows how this ideology along with that of technological progress rendered any alternative marginal to A. This third and final book 2012 of Morris Berman’s trilogy on the failure of America through imperial decline is really or less a concentrated summary of major themes he’s mentioned in his previous books “The Twilight of American Culture” 2000 “Dark Ages America” 2006 There are only 5 chapters the first four of which point to the factors by which the “hustling life” of the US is leading us into collapseTHE PURSUIT OF AFFLUENCEBerman opens by saying “America was from the outset a business civilizationThe principal goal of North American civilization and of its inhabitants is and always has been an ever expanding economy affluence and endless technological innovation ‘progress’” His contention and that of many others even recently is that this has been our national “addiction” as evidenced Berman’s uotes from the early days Captain John Smith 1616 “I am not so simple to think that ever any other motive than wealth will erect there a Commonweal”; Benjamin Franklin 1748 “Time is Money”; Samuel Adams 1770’s refers to the “Rage for Profit and Commerce” as the American norm; George Washington 1770’s refers to the “insatiable thirst for riches” of American society and that he’d never seen such a “dearth of public spirit and want of virtue”; John Adams who claimed that the US had proven to be “ Avaricious than any other Nation that ever existed”The author notes that between 1820 1830 only some 31 years after the Constitution was adopted the number of US banks had grown from 307 to 2000 Alexis de Toueville 1830’s describes American life thus “It is a worried life in which people pursue a success that forever eludes them Their goal is an undefined material success to be provided by the largest returns in the shortest amount of time These are unuiet souls” So rampant was the idolization of the dollar by the 1800’s that Washington Irving coined the term the “almighty dollar” Woodrow Wilson in 1912 commented “The truth is that we are all caught in a great economic system which is heartless” And Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends Influence People” published in 1936 was described as a manual for “how to make money by false geniality”This general lust for “” particularly money expansion power continues unabated down to the present The only major voice in the centuries since the Revolution calling for a reassessment of the nation’s values was President Jimmy Carter in 1979 “too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumptionBut we’ve discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaningDown that road lies a mistaken idea of freedom the right to grasp for ourselves some advantage over others” He was laughed down and voted out of office in favor of Ronald Reagan who opened the floodgates tripling the national debt beyond the 3 trillion mark; never once giving a balanced budget to Congress His reckless leadership led to personal savings dropping from 8 10% to almost 0% by 1985THE REIGN OF WALL STREETVirtually every modern President Obama included has continued or initiated policies which has allowed Wall Street and the ultra wealthy to dominate America George W Bush summed it up well when he jokingly referred to his audience at an 800 a plate dinner in October 2000 as “the haves and the have sSome people call you the elite; I call you my base” Currently the Obama administration is packed with ex Goldman Sachs honchos termed by reporter Matt Taibi th

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Merican history Maintains than anything else that this one sided vision of the country's purpose finally did our nation in Why America Failed is a controversial work one that will shock anger and transform its readers The book is a stimulating and provocative explanation of how we managed to wind up in our current situation economically weak politically passe socially divided and culturally adrift It is a tour de force a powerful conclusion to Berman's study of American imperial decli. If nothing else this book will make you think Oh brother will it make you think You may catch the flavor of the book from its title notice that the past tense is used This is not a book of strategies for how to extricate ourselves from the mess in which we seem to sink further and further by the year It is simply an explanation of why we are at this low point and why it was inevitable from the start You certainly do not have to agree with all Mr Berman says to find his ideas fascinating He calls our common culture hucksterism; I might call it dog eat dog This sort of culture only works if you are young and smart and strong; those outside of those parameters are pushed aside as nonessential There is therefore an undercurrent of anxiety in living here Perhaps there is an unspoken recognition that we all must age and become less able to scramble our way to if not the top at least to an ability to look after our own needs He contrasts a community of 'gemeinschaft' that is harmony and caring for society as a whole with one of 'gesellschaft'a pragmatic rational expedient society He explains on page 88 that these terms derive from German sociologist Max Weber who noted that the spiritual sense in traditional or premodern societies differs viscerally from that of modern industrialized societies He also notes the vacuity of our culture swamped as it is in consumerism The really interesting thing to me is that this is nothing new He uotes Alexis de Tocueville on page 166 as having said I know of no country in which speaking generally there is less independence of mind and true freedom of discussion than in America One might suppose that all American minds had been fashioned after the same model so exactly do they follow along the same paths Certainly Mr Berman cannot be accused of following the mindset of the country at large His own discontent has led him to move to Mexico I see this as an important book one that should be discussed I don't have many illusions that it will be

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Why America FailedWhy America Failed shows how from its birth as a nation of hustlers to its collapse as an empire the tools of the Why America Epubcountry's expansion proved to be the instruments of its demise Why America Failed is the third and most engaging volume of Morris Berman's trilogy on the decline of the American empire In The Twilight of American Culture Berman examined the internal factors of that decline showing that they were identical to those of Rome in its late empire phase In Dark Ag. Why America Failed The Roots of Imperial Decline is Morris Berman's latest installment in a trilogy of books by one of our most prescient and important social and cultural critics As he's been doing for over a decade Dr Berman looks at America at this particular juncture and offers a diagnosis that isn't a pretty one Believers in the American myth of never ending progress and technology's capacity to save us will be sorely disappointed if not downright angry They'll dismiss Berman as a crank or perhaps worse for someone like Berman that cares about his subject ignoring him and his work altogether That would be a tragedy in my opinion not heeding what Berman has to offer In his prior two books on America's decline as an international power Berman carefully and methodically made the case that our country had descended into a place of cultural ignorance that was affecting our ability to function as a nation In “Why America Failed” Berman picks up where “Dark Ages America” left off and picks up on the continuing debate among certain kinds of historians about America's trajectory as a nation While the book begins a bit slowly in my opinion with Berman citing multiple sources once things get rolling they move uickly Berman doesn't dilly dally around but uickly makes his point drawing on the work of a multitude of respected sources and writers This allows him to make a strong case that America's been a nation of hustlers since the get go which Berman comes back to regularly throughout WAFChapter 4 titled The Rebuke of History is the book's strongest and most compelling in my opinion Berman knew he'd be misperceived and wrote about it on his blog The chapter deals with the Civil War what Shelby Foote called the defining event in American historyWhy America Failed is the book that all Americans should be reading It would help them understand the nation that they proudly hail as something that it's not and a national period of self reflection might cleanse our culture of its hubris Now I know I'm delusional for even thinking what I just wrote One can dream however rightBerman ends the book with what I think is a very honest assessment He again mentions what led him to leave the country He also discusses how most writers when completing a work like this one contradict what they've written by pulling a rabbit out of the hat at the eleventh hour Berman does no such thing and he discusses why he doesn't Berman concludes with a reflection on what he sees as the hows and whys of America's collapse This collapse according to Berman won't be immediate or dramatic but a slow but steady demise He calls this Act III a where the alternative tradition existing on the margins may gain followers and provide some solace for a fraction of Americans This would be a type of monastic option Politically it may take the form of an OWS protest movement Individually it might mean learning to grow your own food embracing the best of the appropriate technologies that were promoted by EF Schumacher in his book Small Is Beautiful which came out in 1973 and highlighted technologies that were appropriately scaled and sustainable Maybe learning and beginning to use skills that your grandparents possessed 50 60 years ago These are things that those on the fringes that recognize from what direction the wind is blowing will begin taking steps in preparation for a future that will be vastly different