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See You Soon Free download É 104 ð ❰Reading❯ ➶ See You Soon Author N.C. Marshall – What is true friendship really worth A psychological thriller that will draw you in and keep you guessing When Emily receives an e mail from her estranged childhood friend Ali she instantly looks forw What is true friendFled from over fifteen years ago when she had sworn she would never return Once back there Emily is uickly thrown into a game of cat and mouse where she must follow the clues to help her old friend But time is against her and she is constantly looking over her shoulder It appears Emily isn’t alone and must hurry before her past finally tracks her down. In this world can you really be sure who your real friends are You may think someone is your friend but is that friendship worth it which leads to only hatred and agony leaving you blind in the dark We can't trust anyone now a days be careful who you call your friend it might not be worth it This is a Griping page turner Psychological novel will leave you guessing Just 6 words What a great friend Emily isHighly recommendedSee you soon

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What is true friendship really worth A psychological thriller that will draw you in and keep you guessing When Emily receives an e mail from her estranged See You Epubchildhood friend Ali she instantly looks forward to reading what it has to say She hasn’t seen or heard from Ali in a very long time and hopes that they can begin to rekindle the perfect. Need a uick thriller read Something to read by the pool or beachSee You Soon by NC Marshall follows Emily when returns to her small town after she gets a mysterious email from her friend Ali who she hasn't talked to in 15 years right before she is reported missing During her stay she tries to unravel the mysterywhere is Ali Why did she disappearWhat I didn't likeThe ending and the story in general seemed very rushed I wish the author took time to build up the plot line and the relationships between characters It felt like a novella as opposed to a novel and could have done a lot with the premiseWhat I did likeThe story had a premise and the occasional change in POV to the mysterious antagonist was successful and helped to build some suspense The story also had a protagonist I liked and rooted for to the endIf you're looking for a thriller that will knock your socks off I wouldn't pick this up but I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a uick read or lighter suspense novel I guess I would classify this as a beach read thriller While I don't think it had a lot of depth I did find it entertaining with suspenseful moments for the very short read that it was

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See You SoonFriendship they once had But when Emily opens the e mail she finds it isn’t the friendly message she had hoped for Instead it is a desperate plea for help from Ali to tell Emily she could be in danger Growing increasingly concerned for Ali’s safety Emily is forced to return to the seaside town where she and Ali had grown up The same town that she had. I first came across this author after reading her debut novel Sleep Peacefully which I loved so was very excited to see she had a new novel out which I bumped right to the top of my to be read pileAt 186 pages See You Soon did not take me long at all to read and I literally devoured it within a few hours Crimepsychological thrillers have got to be some of my all time favourite reads I just love the buzz and tension that builds inside of you as you are reading them and See You Soon ticked all the boxesEven though Emily returns to her hometown in search of her childhood best friend it is obvious that Emily also has some things in her past that she would rather keep to herselfI was really intrigued with Ali's disappearance and was just as confused about it all as Emily was Even though Emily hasn't seen Ali for many years you can tell how much she cares about her and regrets letting their friendship fizzle outI loved the setting of the story in a small town where everyone knows each other and it isn't long before Emily is bumping into uite a few old faces from her pastSee You Soon had me gripped from beginning to end For some reason I thought I had the whole thing worked out and was feeling pretty smug with myself Even though I thought I had it all solved I still really enjoyed reading the story and was happily waiting for everything to be revealed and for me to be proven rightWell I have to say the author totally floored me when I realised I was well and truly wrong with my calculations Totally jaw dropping stuff which had me uttering no way than a couple of timesNC Marshall really is an up and coming author who is one to watch out for If you haven't read any of her books yet you really should give them a tryMany thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review