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The Prosperity Bible Free read º 106 Ö ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Prosperity Bible Author Napoleon Hill – In a beautiful durable volume suited to a lifetime of use here is the all in one bible on how to harness the creative powers of your mind to achieve a life of prosperity packaged in a handsome display In aDition The Prosperity PDFEPUB or This is a book to treasure and return to again and again for guidance ideas know how and inspiration Here is the only single volume where you can read success advice from Napoleon Hill P T Barnum Benjamin Franklin Charles Fill Wallace D Wattles Florence Scovel Shinn and Ernest Holmes along with a bevy of million copy selling writers who have one key element in common a commitment to understanding and promulgat. It had ideas that I had read of before Good as a refresher

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Ing the laws of winning These are the beloved teachers and writers who created the idea of a mental formula for success Their principles comprehensively collected in nineteen selected writings have been proved in the experience of millions of men and women who have cherished their works from the late nineteenth century to the present day Now they are enshrined in this all in one treasury complete in a handsome display box with a ribbon bookma. To review each of the 19 individual books found in ‘The Prosperity Bible’ would make this review as unwieldy as the book itself; therefore I will just share some general thoughts about the content as a whole Firstly I think it is important to state that the word ‘Prosperity’ is used in a broad sense It is used by the authors to not only mean physical wealth but it also incorporates abundance in other areas of one’s life as well This is not a compilation of books on ways to get rich uick rather it is a compilation of books that explore how we can enrich our lives through personal developmentI originally purchased ‘The Prosperity Bible’ because it was precisely the book I had been wishing for a compendium of material written by some of the early Personal TransformationNew ageSelf help authors in one book; however as the adage warns “Be careful what you wish for you might just get it” and that is exactly how I feel about this book now Having a book comprised of so many individual works is convenient and it takes up less room on the bookshelf than 19 individual books yet it also makes for an unwieldy 1272 page three pound behemoth Carrying the book in your backpack or trying to hold the book aloft while reading it might save a few reps at the gym it just didn’t make for an enjoyable read In addition in order to save weight and to reduce the actual thickness of the book the pages are very thin and can be easily torn If you like highlighting be prepared for it to bleed through to the other side of the page As far as content goes with so many books included in one volume it is reasonable to assume that the group will include exceptional books and some lack luster titles as well and indeed that is what I found here Of the 19 books there were several that I did not enjoy at all but I felt the majority were well worth the time it took to read them Even with the occasional book that I didn’t like at a cost of 1595 the price at the time of writing this review this collection is an exceptional bargain – considering how much the individual books would cost if purchased separately For those wanting a list of these individual books and their respective authors I will include it here because I did not see it listed in the book summary provided on 1 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill original 1937 edition2 Acres of Diamonds by Russell H Conwell3 A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard 4 As a Man Thinketh by James Allen5 The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn6 The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles7 Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes8 Prosperity by Charles Fill9 In Tune With the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine10 The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel11 The Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson12 The Act of Money Getting by PT Barnum13 The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin14 The Secret of The Ages by Robert Collier original 1926 edition15 The Conuest of Poverty by Helen Wilmans16 How to Attract Success by FW Sears17 The Power of Concentration by Theron Dumont18 How to Grow Success by Elizabeth Towne19 The Mental Euivalent by Emmet FoxWhen it’s all said and done I am grateful that this book exists because it gave me exposure to many great books that I might not have purchased separately Anyone unfamiliar with the authors who contributed to ‘The Prosperity Bible’ or for those who want to read the books in an inexpensive format getting the ‘The Prosperity Bible’ will meet your needs Personally once I realized how transformative some of these books were and how much I disliked reading them in this hulking book I went out and bought the individual titles that I wanted to re readThe rating for this book is actually 3 ½ stars of course I can’t give half stars with these ratings so I will bump it up to a 4 star rating overall and it would be derived as followsPhysical uality 2 stars thin paper and the massive size weren’t to my likinguality of Content 4 stars most of the individual books would merit 4 or 5 stars with a few warranting 2 or 3 starsOverall ValuePrice 5 stars buying all of the individual books would likely cost 10x as much

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The Prosperity BibleIn a beautiful durable volume suited to a lifetime of use here is the all in one bible on how to harness the creative powers of your mind to achieve a life of prosperity packaged in a handsome display box with a ribbon bookmark The Prosperity Bible is a one of a kind resource that collects the greatest moneymaking secrets of authors from every field religion finance philosophy and self help and makes them available in an attractive keepsake e. Im in a self improvement get out of your rut change your stinking thinking reading program and slowly but surely I am buying books by these guys I am a bit surprised that people aren't trying to flock to these books but thats just me