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Summary á Chipped Black Nail Polish Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Chipped Black Nail Polish By Nicholas Tanek ➫ – A tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl In New Jersey during the summer of 1989 an awkward thirteen ?? my mother“I insist that you use my real name” – Kevin“Finally a title that doesn’t scare people off Not like the first book The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself” – Kim Gray publicistCHIPPED BLACK NAIL POLISH paperback is available now exclusively through Outskirts Press Soon it will be on and BN Eventually it will be on Kindle ‪‎CBNP‬ ‪‎TheCoolestWay‬ ‪‎NewAdult‬. From the start Nicholas pulled me right into his story as he did with his first book The Coolest Way It was so easy for the events to unfold in my mind like a film and many times I found myself laughing out loud As song references appear in the story they add another dimension to the tale Make note of the soundtrack at the end just like originalninny suggested If you are not familiar with the music and take the time to listen to the songs you will realize how perfectly they suit each scene This author has the most musical mind I know Listening as you read will put you inside his mind inside his life in a very uniue wayEven though CBNP is only 150 pages the characters are incredibly well developed colorful and diverse My experiences at that age were drastically different than the chaotic antics of his friends but I still found so many ways to relate to the characters What I enjoyed most was meeting inexperienced insecure Nicholas a very different young man than the cocky jerk we meet at the start of The Coolest Way People are complex I enjoyed the opportunity to relate to him in a different way than I did in the other storyThis tale is overall lighter than the other book but at the same time it digs deep It explores feelings of insecurity and the different ways we all deal with those feelings Young Nicholas feels like he has finally found people he can relate to even though they still make him feel like an outsider at times Even as he lets himself be influenced by their craziness he starts to learn how to think for himselfIf you haven't read TCW this novella will leave you eager to know what comes next If you have read TCW then you will definitely have an awesome time reading about the first of many crazy young women who stole Nicholas Tanek's heart

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Ed along yet held at a distance Nicholas fell in with the out crowd and loved every minute of Chipped Black Epubit He fell in love and got left behind but not before she changed him forever This is an irrational emotional love story for the teenager inside all of us The music is loud and you’re about to be pushed into the pitWhat some people are saying“I should have put you in therapy” ?. In this book I found my people This guy gets it because he lived through it haha I was a wierd theatre kid in high school and later college I dyed my hair black because we wanted to do a murder mystery dinner theatre in a film noir style and have it look like a black and white movie I mean who comes up with this stuff I love music and my vinyl collection is one of my pride and joys In this book I found people who are cut from the same cloth It's an intense book and just a slice of life a small portion of a life but definitely one of the defining moments A coming of age story with a few uirks and bumps along the road but with a killer soundtrack I had moments where I needed to stop reading and get a cup of coffee and I would just sit there and blink almost like real life was just too bright and real after being immersed in the scene And after I finished I thought this is why I hung out with the art students and creative types for Nicholas and his group that summer it was about acceptance and freedom That group accepted everyone and celebrated their uirks and loves them anyway I can tell you from experience that feeling of love and acceptance is the best feeling ever it's almost like flying You may feel like a awkward kid and that nobody could possibly understand and then you fall in with a group of people and you become a part of a whole It frees you to become the best possible version of yourself I think one of my favorite elements of this book was the music the attention and descriptive detail he puts into describing each band and each song It lends to the moment in a huge way My favorite part of the book was when after Kim's party there is a discussion about acoustic music and it was spot on I am a huge fan of acoustic music because you can feel the heart and soul of the music The pulse that throbs through it It's unapologetic and unflinchingly real which is exactly the words I would use to describe this book I will definitely have to get a print copy of this one because it deserves to be one of the few that I have to actually hold in my hands and touch the pages and words

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Chipped Black Nail PolishA tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl In New Jersey during the summer of an awkward thirteen year old who was obsessed with weird music fell head over heels in love with the coolest post punk rock girl he had ever met Nicholas was insecure He was a daydreamer wishing for romance when he was told over and over that he could not have it He was a toy pulled and pushed wanted and used dragg. Omg I loved it I was immediately drawn into this book Nicholas has a uniue writing style This story was absolutely mindblowing It is about when he was 13 years old living in New Jersey and he meets and falls in love for the first time This girl he falls for is a punk rock chick and a bit older3yrs He right away falls for her uniueness and they share the love of music and being different from others I can actually relate to some of the era he is writing about late 80's era Except I was the auanet bighair disco dancing ueen Lol He takes us through his love journey using music and movies to explain the openness of his mind I loved it Kim name of the puck chick opens up his sexual desires She is a very domineering individual and actually makes Nicholas see things for what it is He experiences many first with her sex drugs concerts etc I find that so intoxicating to read about their epic adventures I am a California girl and reading about how some New Jersey kids partied and evolved with puck rock music was very resourceful and exciting So I give this book a 5 star because of his uirkiness and individualism towards music and punk era I enjoyed reading it emmensly Great Job again Nicholas I am so looking forward to your future reads I am your newiest fangirl winks