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SUMMARY Driven by Nicholas Kinsley 107 Ò [PDF / Epub] ✎ Driven ☂ Nicholas Kinsley – Mitchell Morgan is a uiet young man with dangerous secrets One of those secrets is a psychic power over metal that makes him far than just the handsome blue eyed owner of Advanced Auto Repairs The oth Mitchell Morgan is a uiet youngMitchell Morgan is a uiet young man with dangerous secrets One of those secrets is a psychic power over metal that makes him far than just the handsome blue eyed owner of Advanced Auto Repairs The other traps him in a world of organized crime and intense violenceTrevor Lewis is a. Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews 15 out 50 starsWarning This book contains graphic and brutal violence including detailed murder scenes graphic male rape and repeated beatings It also contains references to underage male prostitutionI’m going to be honest I’m not going blow smoke and say that I liked this book There were parts of it that were OK but there were parts that were not The parts that were not OK overshadowed the rest by far I’m going to have some spoilers in this review because I want you to understand why I’m going rate the book so lowWhen this book showed up on our list for reviews I read the blurb saw “handsomeblue eyedhot auto mechanic” meets “graphic designerawkward” Throw in the psychic power and maybe some secret ties to organized crime and it sounded really good Based on the Pontiac Grand Am on the cover I assumed it would be set somewhere in the US It wasn’tWhat also wasn’t covered in the blurb was that there was a Gender ueer character that needed to be addressed as they them and themselves I didn’t have an issue with the character who ended up being a minor character anyway but it was confusing as it was my first experience with a Gender ueer character and the need for non gender pronouns I’ll admit I learned something from the character of Kay but Kay seemed to have been written in for political correctness reasons and didn’t really have anything to do with the overall storyThe second thing that wasn’t covered in the blurb was that Mitchell was from Liverpool and he and his mother’s dialog was written in the Scouse accent of Liverpool I literally had to read those sections out loud to puzzle out what was being said I thought that was a detail that could easily have been left out because to me it didn’t make those sections realisticit just made them annoying as hellThe third thing that was not covered was that Mitchell is an executioner for an organized crime boss We are told it isn’t his choice but when he stabbed someone repeatedly with a switchbladeprior to slicing the man’s throat open and then holding his body up while the blood gushed out of his wound and the victim tried to hold the blood in with his handsand then when the blood slowed he pushed the guy onto the muddy ground and watched him breathing his lastit was pretty far over the top even for meBy the time it got to Mitchell being brutally raped from both ends by the mob boss and his right hand manafter they had just beaten him severelyand then the scene ended with a third man pissing on him as he lay there on the office floor afterwards I’ll admit itI was pretty much doneI make it a point to always finish what I started and I knew no one at our blog would even slightly want to pick up this book if I walked away from it so I decided to finish itwhich I did this morningIn my opinion this book should have come with a much extensively written blurb complete with strong content warnings I’m the guy at our blog who usually reads the darker stuff we get in so the dark content in this book I was able to handle easily enough But that said it doesn’t mean I liked it very muchUnless you are into graphic violence I would recommend you give this book a pass Mr Kinsley did a good job with developing the darkness and flaws in his two MCs I think it could have been a much better book if he had kept going in that direction instead of bringing some of the things mentioned above onto the pages of his book I’m going to have to give the book a rating of 15 out of 50 stars I personally didn’t like it and it was not for me

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Complicated world Mitchell would do anything to save Trevor from the dangers of his criminal life but first Trevor has to save Mitchell from his own darkness MM See publisher's website for content labels Novella wordsGenres Romance Gay MM Paranormal Romance Thriller Contempora. The novel had a great premisebut the execution let me downInitially I thought the paranormal subplot was interesting but it didn’t add much to the novel in the end It could have been left out easily without making much of a dent in the scheme of thingsMitchell could have been just a skilled mechanic A prodigy if it were However it was the main plot that disappointed me the most It had a solid beginning but the climax was unsatisfactory and that frustrates me because I can see all the places where the novel could have been improved before publicationThe first issue I had with the execution of the plot was the graphic rape scene without prior warning I might add that occurred later in the novel I don’t open romance novels with the hope of finding rape scenes waiting for me I can understand wanting to include darker topics in a story but it could have had the same impact if the scene had faded to black before the rape and the traumatised aftermath had been explored in detail insteadThe second issue I had was the involvement of criminal investigations When the operative was introduced to the story I felt excited at first I was looking forward to seeing Kane and his cronies taken down legally to seeing his criminal organisation crumble like the tower in MordorI was looking forward to seeing them all rot in prisonBut that isn’t what happenedThe operative might as well have been left out His presence added nothing The potential his introduction had brought to the table was suandered before the climax of the plot even took placeThat saddens and frustrates me to no endFull review can be read here

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Driven by Nicholas KinslGraphic designer with a passion for drawing drumming and his incredibly hot auto mechanic He meets Mitchell over a broken tail light and despite or perhaps because of Trevor’s awkwardness Mitchell is charmed Trevor's curly hair and brilliant smile bring light into Mitchell’s. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked ReadsDNF automatic 3 stars as the writing style was not for me and not a direct reflection on the author I'm reviewing this even though the review will not be posted on the blog as a policy we don't post DNF reviews simply because I'll need to remind myself that I attempted to read it I was drawn in by the cover and blurb to the point I tried to sign up to read the book twice forgetting that I already had This isn't a review you should use to decide if you wish to purchase the book or not but I will state why I couldn't continue on Over description Everything was described in great detail down to the color of the walls the box of Kleenex and the pens in a single cup While I appreciate how this is to set the scene placing a reader in the narrator's environment it buried the plot beneath Highly detailed to what the receptionist was wearing to every facial feature and even the oil stain I wasn't even sure if this was a side character or not or a passing character never to be seen from again so I didn't commit all of this info to memory It was several pages with nothing but this in the beginning and it made it difficult for me to connect to the plot and narrator as the story was buried In conclusion I couldn't continue because I didn't have the patience I cannot comment on the characterization or the storyline The writing style was just not to my tastes