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review Paddle Your Own Canoe Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì [Reading] ➿ Paddle Your Own Canoe By Nick Offerman – Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness meat and much in his first book Growing a perfect moustache grilling red meat wooing a woman—who Tter to deliver this tutelage than the always charming always manly Nick Offerman best known as?. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this other than some good laughs which it only occasionally delivered but it turned out to be a bit of a baffling book Part memoir and part manifesto Offerman pulls his personal philosophy of life from his own biography while seeking to remind us that he is NOT Ron Swanson but yeah he and Ron do have a lot in common like their mid western sensibilities and shared love of woodworking meats and brunette women But it's a pretty profane book and Offerman seems to lean too much on using profanity as a prop for being funny so the book turns out to not be all that funny either The parts where he talks about his father and his relationship with his wife and how he landed the role of his lifetime on Parks and Rec are all pretty good But I must admit I'd probably have enjoying reading this if he hadn't launched into a rant against Christianity one of several in the book before hitting page 30 The decision to include that so early in a book is one I'm still scratching my head over Offerman's anti religious rants are neither original nor profound but simply muddled regurgitations of arguments you've read in superior form elsewhere But their worst flaw considering the type of book they're appearing in is that they aren't funny and so they end up sounding self serious and preachy and this critiue coming from an actual preacher which is not necessarily a tone the reader wants to find in a book whose cover seems to promise fun times and laughter

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T and much in his first book Growing a perfect moustache grilling red meat wooing a woman who be. Find all of my reviews at anyone out there who wants to claim people who don’t enjoy Nick Offerman’s writings only fall on that side of the fence because they want a “Ron Swanson” book rather than a Nick Offerman book I have this to say Seriously though Nick Offerman IS Ron Swanson At least as far as his character traits go He grows a great mustache he enjoys eating animal carcasses washed down by fine brown liuors he builds shit and he’s married to Tammy The difference between Nick and Ron is Ron had Greg Daniels to make him funny and Nick isn’t a particularly humorous guy This book would be great if you’re one of Offerman’s family members a former classmate acuaintance etc because there’s a very good chance your name has been dropped somewhere If you’re a regular Joe like me whose only “in depth” knowledge of the man behind the legend is you’re kind of from the same neck of the woods and definitely know what it means to walk beans you might find this a little meh when all is said and done I appreciated his take on hot button topics such as politics and religion – and especially liked that he made his point without beating a dead horse about it – but at the end of the day it felt like I had been listening to him talk about pretty much nothing for around 11000 years by the time the audio was wrapped up On the bright side he has a marvelous speaking voice I highly recommend listening to him as part of the ensemble reading cast of Lincoln in the Bardo if given the opportunity

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Paddle Your Own CanoeParks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman shares his humorous fulminations on life manliness mea. One thing that this book makes abundantly clear is that Nick Offerman is NOT Ron Swanson While they may have similar woodworking skills and musings My life is always delicious when I have whiskers on my face but that might just be because those whiskers tend to accumulate bacon crumbs and scotch rendering them literally delicious all day long This book covers Offerman's early life working on the family farm to his startup as a play actor to his breakout roll of Ron Swanson the book heavily emphasized the first two and only briefly touched on the latter We also get his strong opinion on religion sex being religious while having sex pot swearing and did I mention religion Really all religious teachings can be boiled down to “Just be cool Don’t be an asshole At times it got a bit much too preachy for me but overall I enjoyed reading his take on life There was also a heavy emphasis on gender euality anti homophobia and ignoring societal norms And with that I will leave you with a poem The Bratwurst A Haiku Tight skin flute of pork Juices fly explode in mouth A little mustard Audiobook Comments Book was read by the author and his voice was simply excellent It did make for a slight difficulty in distinguishing his Swanson character from his real life Offerman persona The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A novel based on a real personYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading