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How do you know if your friends actually like you Joni Deb Eden and Trina try to catch up once a year for some days away together Now in their thirties commitments have pulled them in different directions and the closeness they once enjoyed growing up seems increasingly elusive This year d. There is an old saying With friends like these you don't need enemies which fits this book perfectly I would hate to be friends with any of the four women depicted but is sure is fun to read about them Joni Eden Deb and Trina are four thirty something women who have been besties since high school The story is told by Joni who is the one most desperate to stop their foursome breaking up as they get older and want different things from life One unfortunate holiday together causes all manner of amazing developmentsApart from the fact that Joni is the kind of person I hope never to meet and also that all four of them behaved like teenagers instead of mature women the book was totally fun to read Nicola writes in very similar style to her big sister Liane Based on this book she should have a similarly successful future

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The Fifth LetterEtermined to revive their intimacy they each share a secret in an anonymous letter to be read out during the holiday But instead of bringing them The Fifth eBook #8608 closer the revelations seem to drive them apart Then a fifth letter is discovered venting long held grudges and it seems t. A very entertaining read that I got lost in over a few hours Great women's fiction Pure escapism via a book This is a great beachbedsofaarmchairanywhere read Great to get stuck with Four best friends come together for a holiday to connect with each other after busy lives have kept them apart for a while Years of friendship are with these ladies in the one location One of the women has an idea in the hope of some of the ladies opening up a bit each woman will write an anonymous letter sharing with their friends the things that are really going on in their livesI knew it was going to go horribly wrong from there Sharing secrets Secrets that you have obviously not wanted to tell these very close friends for years But now Out they come Each letter is read out at different moments on their holiday and the fall out guessing games and trouble really begins This is a book that really explores the depths and loyalties of true friendship I liked the way it kept my brain in gear at all times I whizzed through this novel it was highly entertaining it's a great book to escape reality with I found the plot to be interesting and bit different for women's fiction and each of the ladies is very different from the others The Fifth Letter is the bit you really want to readoh yes It gets good Sparks might fly I think this book will appeal to a broad range of readers who enjoy women's fiction I know I did Recommended for it's uniue plot and sheer page turning pace Will YOU be able to match each letter to the right woman 4 stars from me I received a copy of this novel thanks to the publisher via NetGalley All opinions are entirely my own and this is a totally unbiased reviewThanks so much for reading my review To follow reviews be alerted to awesome online author events and HUGE book giveaways and come on over to follow me on Twitter enuire about joining my VIP book reviewers team enuire about my varied and affordable book publicity services

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The Fifth Letter review ↠ 3 õ ➣ [Epub] ➝ The Fifth Letter By Nicola Moriarty ➭ – How do you know if your friends actually like you Joni Deb Eden and Trina try to catch up once a year for some days away together Now in their thirties commitments have pulled them in different direct How do you know if your Hat one of the women is in serious danger But who was the author And which of them should be worriedTHE FIFTH LETTER examines the bonds of women's friendship groups and the loyalty and honesty they demand along with letting go of relationships that once seemed essential but are now outgrow. Fifth Letter is the third novel written by Australian novelist Nicola Moriarty Moriarty gets to the bottom of friendship in her latest novel exposing the raw truths deep seated secrets rivalries and loyalty that exists within a long standing friendship circle Expect plenty of drama a few laughs some moments of sadness and a touch of romance from Nicola MoriartyThe Fifth Letter revolves around a friendship circle that began way back in the first year of high school in the year 1993 Joni Deb Eden and Trina all shared surnames with the same initial in high school along with the same star sign Their friendship was born and along the way they suffered through teenage angst heartache bullying and times apart Since they left school the women mostly through the help of ringleader Joni try to catch up for an annual beach getaway Despite the differences in their lives this foursome still enjoy reconnecting In an effort to regain some of their closeness Joni suggests that each member of the friendship circle reveal a secret via an anonymous letter The results are uite awful especially when a fifth letter makes its appearance Joni is determined to get the bottom of who is responsible for writing this letter which is littered with feelings of hatred and threats of violence As Joni gets closer to the truth this friendship circle seems forever changed by the fifth letterThis is my first experience with the work of Nicola Moriarty I can see she is the author of two previous novels and after finding myself rather glued to the pages of this new novel by Moriarty I’m keen to explore her previous two novelsMoriarty’s novel rips apart and exposes the wounds of a long standing friendship circle that was forged in high school This is a novel that immediately got me thinking about my own friendships It released a litany of uestions inside my head Do we really know our friends Do they have deep secrets Do our friends truly like us Are my friends envious of my life This book seems to have ignited so many uestions Initially it made me feel a little jealous at the fact that these four friends are still in touch since high school days I know this isn’t the case for me personally The girls I was friends with in high school all live on the other side of the world to me and although I catch up with them via Facebook updates I’m not sure we would be in the space to embark on a getaway But Moriarty gives the reader plenty of friendship fodder and dynamics to consider in her new novelThe initial concept of a series of secrets revealed in the form of an anonymous letter intrigued me very much It kept the pages turning and my speed increased when Moriarty introduced the fifth letter into the fold The mystery ramps up at this point and doesn’t seem to let go until the final few pages of this novelAs I am very close in age to the four women in this novel so I found it very easy to connect with them on a personal level I am sure many readers will find some semblance between what these women are going through in terms of marriages family issues parenting careers and mental health issues It is all very relevant and relatable thanks to MoriartyMoriarty’s character list is varied and colourful Each of these women is completely contrasted yet somehow they find they still share a connection built from high school Moriarty builds on her characters very well indeed and I was struck by the way each responded in a way I would expect based on their differing personality types Joni is the lead of the story and many of the passages of the book are about her personal journey The book swings back and forth in time It moves from the current day 2016 back to the past and reveals significant moments in the four women’s lives This is a narrative device that I feel worked well structurally for this novel adding in some level of astonishment at the turn of many events in the novel For added interest there is an extra source