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review Wunderkind Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➿ Wunderkind By Nikolai Grozni – Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от з Рядко се на?я Константин тържествува над режима чрез своите малки бунтове като пушене пиене подигравки с властта и противопоставяне на учителите си при всяка възможност Въпреки всичко той се упражнява в свиренето с истинска отдаденост вдъхновен от произведенията на Шопен Дебюси и Бах Вундеркинд е хипнотична и затрогваща книга със съзерцателния портрет на юношеската обърканост която ни дава изящен и трагикомичен поглед за случващото се зад Желязната завеса в самия край на Студената война Животоспасяваща се оказва благодатта на добрата музика. The last 100 pages were the best out of the 320 Probably would have enjoyed it if I was a pianist Or knew how to read music sheets Or knew anything about music at all90% bought it for the book cover 10% because 80's and history is fun

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Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от звуци Всяка отделна глава подобно на действие от една симфония носи името на пиано шедьовър от романтизма В това необятно стихотворение в проза с брилянтни описания пиесите на Шопен придобиват особена монументалност И тъй като тук истинският смисъл на живота е да свириш прелюдиите на Шопен за себе си страниците са наводнени от лиричност която служи като антидот срещу идиотския и жесток свят Със своя антураж от персонажи карика. This book was pretty grim It depicts a communist run music school for truly talented protégés a few years before the Berlin wall came down and subseuently communism Our hero is an extremely talented pianist who is just tired Tired of being repressed and forced to be what others expect of him instead of being free to explore the music as it speaks to him Given I attended a boarding school I actually lived at home as I was only a few miles from campus I can say he got the atmosphere perfect in this book All the smoking drinking and every opportunity for sexual relations is exactly what goes on when you separate a bunch of coming of age teenagers from any parental controlsBut if that was what this book was about I wouldn’t recommend it I would go with Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld – excellent book because it is only passable at being entertaining on that topic Accurate yet averageWhat this book really does well and why I am giving it a 4 star rating is breakdown exactly what it is like to live in an oppressive society To want freedom to want to just explode out of your bonds and just live Wunderkind lays this out with perfection In every failed society you can trace it back to one individual or one common thoughtphilosophy that must destroy all others who vie for the masses attention If it didn’t then it would ultimately be swallowed up and forgotten So it fights these encroachers anyway it can usually by coercion and oppression When maintaining status uo becomes important than excellence and that is the end of your society Unfortunately the lowest forms of the society uickly figure out the system and use that knowledge to obtain power That ever so small slice of power they are given is used to insure they never lose it usually at all costs They physically and mentally beat down all those around them Wunderkind is a statement on all of communism and its failures brilliantly told through the microcosm of a music school in Bulgaria Once you see it here you can then turn around a review your own life You will be amazed at how many similarities you can find especially those who only want to oppress to hold on to their own little perceived kingdoms It also does an excellent job of depicting what it means to be enmeshed in something anything To hear the hero talk about music is astonishing For me it opened my eyes to how much could be found in this pursuit and then conseuently I asked myself how much of my life was reduced to uick dips in the shallow end of the pool Anotherwords I realized how much I don’t know about anything because I give up to soon

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Wunderkindтури на безумието извращението и лъжите циркът на живота действа като една непоколебима сатирична машина чиято цел е да осмива обществения строй Петнайсетгодишният Константин е бунтарски настроен много талантлив пианист с необикновена чувствителност в безперспективната и контролирана среда на София през те години Опитва се да се справи с възрастното поколение в общество в което за изразяването на откровеността често се заплаща висока цена Прикован от милитаризма на музикалното училище за даровити деца през по голямата част от де?. This is a phenomenal book It captures the atmosphere of 1980's Sofia brilliantly The sky over Sofia is made of granite It is gray in the morning grayer in the afternoon and black at night; black but with a faint ruby glow its hard grainy surface ignited by blinking traffic lights brightly lit streetcars restless apartment buildings television sets neon signs by iridescent Russian soldiers cast in bronze and the red dreams of fat apparatchiks sleepwalking through the collected works of VI Lenin It's not so different here now although we are mostly minus LeninIt's not an easy book to read as the semi autobiographical hero is bent on a course of self destruction and the world he lives in is almost without grace or redemption But still there are moments of beauty captured in the descriptions of the music and it is a must read for people interested in the Balkans It reflects better than anything I've read the strain of living with the lies and contradictions of authoritarian regimes I would have given it 5 stars but I felt it wobbled a little at the end I'd give it another 12 star if I could for the beautiful language especially considering the author wrote it in English it's not a translation Really worth it