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Rsecutions of the middle ages possible In addition Norman Cohn's discovery that some influential sources on European witch Inner Demons The Demonization of eBook #1. Long the standard work on the subject of the rise of witch persecution in the late medievalearly modern era it still stands strong despite some cracks in Cohn's assumptionsCohn's main concern here is to trace how the great witch hunts began and importantly how they did not He demolishes past theses most famously Margaret Murray's contention that there was a European cult of fertility magic at work and shows how other documents were fake documents that historians made use of for various argumentsCohn shows the strand of stereotype and intolerance that bridges early Christianity in Europe up to the terroristic ecclesiastical persecution of usually poor women in various pocketsThe weak points are in his contentions or maybe just passing thoughts that the idea of the witch and witchcraft grew out of persecutory actions and ideas without paying much attention to the idea that there were good witches and bad witches He brings this up and makes brief mention of Ginzburg for example but dismisses it perhaps because it plays to close to Murray

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Europe's Inner Demons The Demonization of Christians in Medieval Christendom80 trials were forgeries has revolutionized the field of witchcraft making this one of the most essential books Europe's Inner MOBI #207 ever written on the subject. This book was nothing short of brilliant Cohn seeks to make the reader understand what the witch trials were and what they were not By doggedly pursuing the origins of the many facets that made the stereotype of the “witch” in the Middle Ages Cohn is able to show that the instinct to demonize the other can be traced back as far back as the classical era Cohn emphatically shows how the same accusations of incest impiety and infanticide that were lobbed by the Romans against the early Christian communities were recycled by these same Christians against the multiple “heresies” they sought to discredit Cohn also seeks to liberate the reader of the misconceptions that have surrounded this dark episode of human history By tracking the “sources” of some of the most popular fomenters of misconceptions he is able to show how all of these arose from historical hoaxes created in the intervening centuries or from uite selective reading of the available records In short this has been a fascinating and illuminating look at what gave rise to the witch trials as well as a depressing look at humankind’s penchant of scapegoating our problems into other people

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Europe's Inner Demons The Demonization of Christians in Medieval Christendom review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ó [Epub] ➡ Europe's Inner Demons The Demonization of Christians in Medieval Christendom ➢ Norman Cohn – Europe's Inner Demons isDemons The PDF #203 Europe's Inner Demons is a fascinating history of the irrational need to imagine witches and an investigation of how those fantasies made the pe. Half and half We are as subject as ever to conspiracy theories so that a stranger messaged me on Twitter with 'do you have information that the Jews did 911' and three of my uncles believe Obama is a secret Muslim Norman Cohn has been a bit of an expert on these matters from the Protocol of the Elders to Chaucer's Jew tale which proves that conspiracy theories can last for centuries Here he examines one that did It's the back story to the witch trials and traces the set of accusations through previous centuries how and when they surface in what contexts eating babies for instance and incestuous orgies It's an old book now and the second half where he disproves those historians who have believed there was substance to the conspiracy theory whether the throwback Montague Summers who in the 20th century saw witches and the devil as a present danger or those who want to see the survival of a non Christian cult is old news But I was engrossed in his early chapters up to and including the Templars; he knows how to tell a tale