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Arrow Through the Axes review Ò 103 É [Reading] ➶ Arrow Through the Axes By Patrick Bowman – Fiction Young Adult ARROW THROUGH THE AXES concludes the Odyssey of a Slave trilogy that began with the Red Maple nominated TORN FROM TROY retelling Homer's Odyssey The slave Alexi now free of his Gre Fiction Young Adult AFiction Young Adult ARROW THROUGH THE AXES concludes the Odyssey of a Slave Arrow Through PDFEPUB or trilogy that began with the Red Maple nominated TORN FROM TROY retelling Homer's Odyssey The slave Alexi now free of his Greek captors infiltrates the Greek strongholds of the Bronze Age in search of his sister In so doing he participates in the stories of Orestes son of Agamemnon as he seeks revenge for his father's murder and of Te. My original Arrow Through the Axes audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerArrow Through the Axes is the third installment of the Odyssey series told from the viewpoint of a captured slave Alexi  Through a series of events Alexi finds himself a free man and able to search for his sister  To do so is dangerous as he must go to Greece where the Greek soldiers and others may recognize him as a Trojan and enslave him againAlways insightful Alexi learns that the people of Troy are not the only ones who suffered through the war but rather there were dire conseuences for both sides – the victors and the defeated  The young men are gone dead in the war or failed to have return thus leaving the old and frail on their own and the children unsupervised and of a pack like mindAlexi reconnects with old friends and makes new ones  The newest is Telemachus the son of his former Master Lopex  Again Alexi must decide where his allegiances lie as he comes face to face with a situation that could exact some revenge but also put in peril an innocent life  Who will receive Alexi’s allegiance  Who is the stranger who seeks to wed the mother of Telemachus and wife of his former MasterPatrick Bowman does a magnificent job of bringing mythology to life and makes it even exciting  Using the view of a young man opens the story up to others for listeners to connect with other characters than just the hero  He casts the tales in a new light allowing for a greater understanding of issues and life around that time  He gives authority to the young man Alexi through his actions and uick witGerard Doyle narrator once again fit the voice to the character while still maintaining the previous voices  I loved how he made Alexi sound – young vibrant unsure and innocent  His voices are calming yet invigorating when the story needs it  I hope to hear of Doyle’s reading; he is refreshing and highly talentedI am honored and delighted that I was given this series to hear  Books like this were what made me fall in love with words; and narrators such as Doyle made me love audio booksThere were no issues with the audio production of this audio bookAudiobook was provided for review by the publisher

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A way that traditional retellings cannot We see what life would have been like for Bronze Age warriors as Bowman interweaves adventure ritual and historical detail into a realistic and compelling narrative Readers who have experienced pop mythology and now want to dive deeper will find ARROW THROUGH THE AXES especially satisfying but all readers will enjoy this powerful excursion into the classic mythology that shaped western cultur. Once again a great read I was sorry the series had to end I look forward to reading of his books

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Arrow Through the AxesLemachus son of Odysseus who lands on Ithaca the home island of Odysseus just in time to witness the arrival of a mysterious stranger As Alexi comes to understand the damage that the Trojan War has visited upon its victors both he and the reader are forced to confront an unpleasant truth while Alexi must decide where his allegiance really lies Re casting the Odyssey as a YA adventure this trilogy brings ancient mythology to life in. I ADORED this series The second book was by far my favorite but in this one I really loved the beginningI had really hoped that Orestes and Alexias would venture off together and like get together because the moments they had were so cute but sadly it didn't happen like that Disappointingly this book had a lot of rushed endings It felt like the departures from one adventure to the other were lacking and a lot of it was you are awesome Alexi and I a very rich and powerful person will always welcome you in my home Now I must leave but before I do let me give you lots of food and water And the ending really was just so forced After all this time apart I had really hoped for a better reunion with his sister But it was just a she tried to kill me I proved I was her brother She should marry Tel the son of my former master Overall I loved these books but there was a definite decline in this book after parting with Orestes