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Blood List characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ç [EPUB] ✶ Blood List By Patrick Freivald – Paul Renner has toyed with the FBI since his first kill When an anonymous contract threatens his father’s life his search for answers hits a dead end Desperate to save his dad he cuts a deal with Sp Paul Eement begins to unravel As they fall into a world of inhuman violence and macabre medicine each side knows that betrayal is only a matter of tim. Best book that I have read recently Easy reading Every time you think you know where the story is going it changes

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Ead end Desperate to save his dad he cuts a deal with Special Agent Gene Palomini With each new development the FBI needs Paul less and their agr. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book The plot was good and kept me reading way past bedtime as I had to see what happened next The pace was steady and unrelenting and I was sometimes split between rooting for the good or bad guys The ending was a surprise and leaves the book open for a seuel which I do hope for

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Blood ListPaul Renner has toyed with the FBI since his first kill When an anonymous contract threatens his father’s life his search for answers hits a d. There is nothing satisfying than picking up a book and reading it through all the way until the end enjoying the ups and downs that take you on an adventure into another world With Blood List Patrick and Philip Freivald have created a thriller that grabs you right from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the very end It's filled with action suspense and plot twists normal for these books but Blood List seems fresh and exciting I received and advanced reader's copy through LibraryThing and I am very glad that I got a chance to read this book The book's plot is very fluid changing with brand new revelations and information But for the most part it revolves around an FBI team lead by Agent Gene Palomini and the chase of a notorious killer Paul Renner Gene and his fellow agents follow Paul across the United States in an attempt to apprehend Paul However disturbing events come to light and Paul is forced to begin working with FBIThe back and forth struggle for information only gets muddled as the book goes on creating one of the most intriguing plots I have read and in my opinion is the best aspect of Blood List It is a great balance between information and misinformation leading the reader down different paths and very slowly revealing the underlying details at a slow burn At the end of every chapter I found myself always wanting to continue on to find out what happensThe characters themselves were also fairly well constructed and their different characteristics and relations worked well when taken together as a group Each person on the team has their own identity and skill set that sets them apart from each other and creates a great set up for interactions and dialogue between the characters Many of the characters in the book including Gene and Paul have their background fleshed out throughout the book either through short flashbacks or through different scenes It really felt like the characters were actually a person and less of a fictional character used to advance a plot lineThe problem I had with the book was the last few chapters and the ending Leading up to the last few chapters it was fairly easy to understand the time frame and the links between the events that happen Things seemed well connected and even if they weren't explained at one point it would be explained shortly after However as the story came to a close it felt like the authors rushed to finish the book There are gaps in the information that lead to confusion over what actually happened and how things played out Part of it is for suspense but sometimes it just left me confused than on the edge of my seat