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reader ¹ Glimmer AUTHOR Phoebe Kitanidis Hardcover Read Þ Phoebe Kitanidis Ô [Download] ➾ Glimmer ➹ Phoebe Kitanidis – When Marshall King and Elyse Alton suddenly wake up tangled in each other's arms with zero memory of how they got there or even who theyOgether clues about their lives they discover that they'e in the idyllic mountain resort town of Summer Falls Everyone seems happy there but as Marshall and Elyse uickly learn darkness lurks beneath the town's perfect facade Not only is the town haunted by sinister ghosts but none of its living inhabitants retain bad memories of anything not the death of Marshall's mom Upon finishing Glimmer I was bereft of any sort of satisfaction In fact I feel cheated Let me explain why Glimmer you hooked me had me invested the mystery you wove spurred me on to hungrily flip each of your pages all the while anticipating the big reveal Why are people falling down into catatonic states called heatnaps Memories being erased A Pleasantville atmosphere populated by Stepford Wives And lo and behold when the big reveal finally came to pass it was very remisncent of the demon Gachnar in BTVS On one Halloween Gachnar created mayhem and devilish deeds in its itty bitty wittle pint size wake Then when the Dark Lord of Nightmares the Bringer of Terror was released from the appropriately named Mark of Gachnar after much laughter by the Scooby Gang Buffy suashed his few inches in height frame with the heels of her Little Red Riding Hood shoes For he was much ado about nothing Point being the ending is what did me in The ending What the what was that A Velveeta y cheesefest and then some is what it was Lots of build up for a Gachnar sized denouementAlso The Gachnar the big bad in Glimmer I guessed this person fairly uickly Some things just didn't add up But hey the kids were still amnesiacs So natch I cut them some much needed slack But towards the end of the story and the brain trust comprised of Elyse and Marshall still hadn't ferreted out the identity of said person wow Just wow So all in all aside from the letdown ending the book definitely intrigued me And for the most part the entertainment value was there It's always fun to puzzle out what's going on along with the MCs Also to be fair and honest I'm a sucker for explosive endings like right out of a summer blockbuster movie Which explains my lack of gratification with this novel's ending Also another reason for the 3 stars I failed to connect with Elyse She annoyed me for the majority of the time but then I felt a pang of guilt when her back story came to light Still even with that truth revealed I failed to feel her Can't say the same for Marshall I wish every chapter was told from his POV not alternating with Elyse So would I recommend this novel Yeah it's different mysterious And a standalone for those sick of series

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When Marshall King and Elyse Alton suddenly wake up tangled in each other's arms with zero memory of how they got there or even who they are it's the start of a long journey through their separate pasts and shared futureTerrified by their amnesia Marshall and Elyse make a pact to work together to find the answers that could restore their missing memories As they piece t 35starsI had one constant thought throughout this entire book WhatConfusing strange bizarre and weird are only a few other thoughts I had to describe Glimmer but I have to admit incredibly intriguing and oddly addicting goes right along with itPhoebe Kitanidis writing is very well done She achieves uite the dizzying effect with a strong theme of 'what the hell is going on' in waves page after page This wasn't a bad thing though in fact it was both a trip and a hoot to figure out what the deal was with the town of Summer Falls right along with Elyse and Marshall who can't remember suat about themselves to begin with I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect this book had to offer It gave us a touch of everything but it wasn't over powering The towns people were all a bit creepy definitely odd and very random but it was fun to see what would happen next I really liked our two mysterious protags They kept it interesting and despite the strangeness this book had going they made me want to follow them till the very last pageAll in all this was a great book Very different from all the rest out there It was an enjoyable crazy fun experience and it was nice to still be surprised and consumed by this genre Recommended if your looking for a not your typical twist read Well done

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Glimmer AUTHOR Phoebe KitanidNot the hidden violence in Elyse's family not even the day to day anguish of being a high schoolerLonely in this world of happy zombies Marshall and Elyse fall into an intense relationship founded on their mutual uest for truth But the secrets they're trying to uncover could be the death of this budding love affair and of everyone and everything they love in Summer Fall 25 stars Looks around Did I miss anything Oh well look at this I have finally finished a novel Finally It has taken me 2 weeks to finish Glimmer TWO WEEKS Damn my school district for making us start school on the 14th of August instead of the 9th of September I missed this reading writing reviewsAnyway I picked Glimmer up from my library shelf without hesitation After reading the blurb I mean two people Marshall and Elyse wake up naked together in bed with absolutely no memory as to how it happened; not to mention ghosts roaming around Summer Falls wiping people's memories I had to get my hands on this I know I said I wasn't going to get my hopes up but I did and they were HIGH Unfortunately I'm sitting here writing this review to say I was disappointed This is horrible Don't get me wrong this wasn't a terrible story it's just I was expecting it to be mind blowing I couldn't get into the characters because they didn't even know who they were so they're just these awkward potatoes walking around trying to get their memories back I didn't have any type of feelings for them The romance was lame too and at times a bit over the topcreepy I don't think Marshall was in love with Elyse; I think he was obsessed And let me get started on these ghosts Hm Whenever I think 'ghost' I think Paranormal Activity; these ghosts only popped up from time to time to make a person who is under a lot of pressure forget their bad memories The people of Summer Falls calls this a 'heat nap' I don't know I have mixed feelings about this I thought they were going to be talking and be a big part of Marshall and Elyse's memory lossThe ending was extremely predictable and slow paced I had to skim the last 50 pages Oh and I completely forgot about the magic Yes magic Kitanidis failed to impress me with this I think this was just thrown in there to make the story all exciting It was a nice shot though Glimmer had a good premise but I'm sorry to say it wasn't all that it's cracked up to be