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Top Dog author Po Bronson review ¹ 103 ✓ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Top Dog By Po Bronson ➫ – New York Times Bestseller Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman's work changes the national dialogue Beyond their bestselling books you know them from commentary and features in the New York Times CNN NPR Ti New York TimesNew York Times Bestseller Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman's work changes the national dialogue Beyond their bestselling books you know them from commentary and features in the New York Times CNN NPR Time Newsweek Wired New York and E mail Facebook and Twitter accounts are filled with demands to read their reporting such as How Not to Talk to Your Kids Creativity Crisis and Losing Is. What I liked about NurtureShock New Thinking About Children was that it was filled with useful advice acknowledge every babble to increase a baby's vocabulary praise effort instead of intelligence to help children achieve etc I hoped that this book would likewise give parents and teachers clear recommendations about how to promote healthy competition but this is of a hmm I never knew that kind of book than a set of how tos Also the authors include lots of sports metaphors and anecdotes which bored me so much that I skipped right past themSome interesting things I learned My finger lengths would suggest I have an entrepreneur's spirit but that's likely negated by the lack of competitive fire caused by my not having siblings The gender differences are most interesting Women feel like they are competing at a low level all the time but men are likely to get fired up for a specific challenge Bad odds will inspire a man to compete; women don't get involved in competitions unless they think they actually might win Surrounding one's self with higher achievers for instance at an elite school will inspire females to achieve themselves whereas males do better with peers who are just slightly better

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Good for You In Top Dog Bronson and Merryman again use their astonishing blend of science and storytelling to reveal what's truly in the heart of a champion The joy of victory and the character building agony of defeat Testosterone and the neuroscience of mistakes Why rivals motivate How home field advantage gets you a raise What teamwork really reuires It's baseball the SAT sales. Ashley Merryman and Po Bronson's Top Dog is a myth busing book explaining that competition isn't about killing the other side; it's about getting into situations that drive you to be the best you can be We like to simplify competing down to winning versus losing but the truth is there are numerous nuances that go into what makes a person a winner or loser of some competition or even in their day to day work on the job These nuances and the research behind them fill this book which is clearly written and a pleasure to read This book will help you identify the kind of competitor you are why some people breeze through competition and others choke and how you can use the research on choking and competing to transform yourself to do and be the best you can

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Top Dog author Po BronsContests and Linux How before da Vinci and FedEx were innovators first they were great competitors Olympians carry Top Dog in their gym bags It's in briefcases of Wall Street traders and Madison Avenue madmen Risk takers from Silicon Valley to Vegas race to implement its ideas as educators debate it in halls of academia Now see for yourself what this game changing talk is all abou. 35 stars I really loved Bronson and Merryman's Nurture Shock and still bring it up in conversation freuently I think I probably would have enjoyed Top Dog if I didn't have such high expectations from Nurture Shock Top Dog is well written and very interesting It gave me a lot to think about especially in relation to Alfie Kohn's views on competition and Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers However one of the things that I enjoyed about Nurture Shock was that each chapter was a completely different topic that somehow related to a central theme of childrearing Top Dog didn't have that same kind of variety and at times I felt like all the chapters kind of blended together