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Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1FALLING COLOURS – The Misadventures of The Vision PDFEPUB #193 a Vision PainterKiran is a vision painterThe only v. I loved both the concept and the execution of this riveting paranormal story Kiran is a vision painter just like her father She can paint what her clients reuest and their dreams come true But she can't get paid for it so she works at the local restaurant and struggles to pay her mounting bills Delilah the owner of the restaurant asks Kiran to chat to Ron and lend a sympathetic ear Ron is an elderly patron who has recently lost his wife in an apparent suicide In an attempt to assist him she makes an error of judgementThis is a superb story which unravels into a complex mystery This is my first novel by Samuel and I'm thrilled to have found another author whose work I enjoy

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Aitress in a struggling restaurant in ConnemaraEverything changes when she meets a womanAnd makes a tiny wee mistake. Kiran is a vision painter the only one in the whole of Ireland She works part time as a waitress in a restaurant in Connemara to supplement her income When Kiran is asked by a client to do an unusual vision painting she is very apprehensive It goes against everything she believes to be ethical Unfortunately Kiran makes a serious error of judgment which results in chaos and Kiran’s life being changed forever Added in to the mystery and intrigue is a woman A woman Kiran finds irresistible a woman Kiran feels she will never be able to have But the path of true love rarely runs smoothly or according to the best laid plans is there a chance Kiran is wrong in her assumptions This is R J Samuel’s second book It is very well written and the dialogue flows The story is most unusual and unlike any I’ve ever read before This is than just a run of the mill mystery intrigue romance book It has a touch of supernatural elements and is humorous in parts too It’s fast paced and a page turner from the first page through to the last The story kept me on a knife edge throughout it is full of twists and turns ups and downs and had the effect on me of being on a rollercoaster Totally delightful mesmerizing and impressive The main characters are well developed and have a strong supporting cast of minor characters who all interact well together even the not so nice to know characters to progress the story forward The scenic descriptions are wonderful and it’s easy to visualize the different places RJ has the gift for making the reader feel as though they are an actual part of the story it is easy to get totally immersed in this book The thrill and suspense with a romantic feel to the story ensured that I had to stay up most of the night to find out how the story ended In fact I have read this book twice now Once was not enough I had to re read it without the pressure of not knowing how the book ended The second time was to savor the richness of the story and the wonderful way with words RJ has RJ Samuel is an up and coming exciting new voice in lesbian fiction An author to watch out for and to add to my list of favorite authors I am greatly looking forward to reading from RJ soon

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CHARACTERS Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò ❮Read❯ ➮ Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1 Author R.J. Samuel – FALLING COLOURS – The Misadventures of a Vision PainterKiran is a vision painterThe only vision painter workiIsion painter working in IrelandHer practice isn’t doing too well and she works Falling Colours ePUB #10003 as a w. The Vision Painter Series – RJ SamuelThe Vision Painter series so far consists of 2 novels; Falling Colours and Casting Shadows Unusual stories they combine romance with paranormal and mystery whodunits Ms Samuel is a gifted storyteller and these novels pull you in and keep you riveted Falling Colours tells the story of an IndianIrish woman Kiran who lives in semi exile from her family in Connemara Ireland Unbeknown to her father’s Indian community she has inherited his gift as a Vision Painter somebody who can literally paint a vision and have the vision come true Her exile is primarily because girls cannot be Vision Painters but her lesbianism doesn’t exactly help her relationship with her father When a client asks her to help him understand his wife’s suicide it launches them onto a roller coaster ride involving stolen money fake priests and murderous property developers Mixed in with it all is the dream of a romance that seems doomed from the startMs Samuel’s books flow and swirl with the creative gift of a bard her words roll off the page in a way that make me think of oral storytellers sitting around the fire and weaving tales on dark winter nights The characters are multi dimensional and stand out from the page the main players well supported by a wide ranging cast in Ireland and India good and bad are real people with back histories and deep emotional journeysIn addition RJ Samuel brings the countryside to life the cold fresh rain swept green of Ireland and the hot dry dust of India play a strong part in the novels grounding us in the where but adding to the history and sense of cultural pressureAll in all excellent tales of real people on individual journeys with complex subplots that add to the overall completeness of the story Well written well executed and highly engrossing let’s hope there is a third book on the way