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Download I Claudius ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ I Claudius Author Robert Graves – Into the 'autobiography' of Clau Clau Claudius the pitiful stammerer who was destined to become Emperor in spite of himself Graves packs the everlasting intrigues the depravity the bloody purgesClaudius and its seuel Claudius the God are among the most celebrated as well the most gripping historical novels ever writtenCover illustration Brian Pik. I was going to write that Graves having translated The Twelve Caesars recycled the Suetonius with a dash of Tacitus and some added murders to create I Claudius ostensibly the memoirs of the Emperor Claudius This however seems to be entirely false as Graves wrote I Claudius than twenty years before he made that translation He was though living on Majorca which is not uite Capri and if isolated and obsessing over his muse not uite in Tiberian styleIn my imagination then I have to place I Claudius back in the 1930s a few years after this memoir of the First World War Goodbye to all that and put this portrait of an imagined secret life of an Imperial family with its incest non normative elective sexual activities some of which remain illegal in various countries and family murders to gain or maintain power mentally in the context of the official rigid Victorianism of the Britain of George VIs I Claudius just a fictional interpretation of the really already uite turbulent Julio Claudian dynasty or is it worth thinking about it as the continuation of Goodbye to all that Is this Graves drawing back the Imperial curtain and showing us the archetypal family life of all Emperors Don't be fooled by the noble faces on the coins he says they may not smell view spoileras Vespasian said to Titus about the money raised by a urine tax hide spoiler

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Trigues the depravity the bloody purges and mounting cruelty of the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius soon to culminate in the deified insanity of Caligula I. Robert Graves' classic I Claudius is a masterpiece of historical fiction about the stuttering lame unlikely emperor Claudius ending just as he mounts the imperial throne one must read Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina for the rest high on my TBR now It is a mesmerizing text detailing the reigns of Augustus Tiberius and Caligula with all the accompanying betrayals violence and sexual exploits that you would expect from a particularly gruesome early episode in the Game of Thrones Well the sexual exploits are mostly hinted at without gory details but the rest is well rather violent to say the least There are moments of humor too The debate between Livy and Pollio about their various approaches to history with Claudius in the middle was memorable With his typically cutting wit Claudius sums up the two approaches It's not disillusion sir I see now though I hadn't considered it before that there are two different ways of writing history one is to persuade men to virtue and the other is to compel men to truth The first is Livy's way and the other is yours and perhaps they are not irreconciliable p 122 In this book Graves follows Claudius' leaning towards Pollio's view because the morals of all the protagonists are certainly not something that would compel any sane person to truthThis same Pollio before passing away gave Claudius the best advice he ever received Then exagerrate your limp stammer deliberately sham sickness freuently let your wits wander jerk your head and twich with your hands on all public or semi public occasions If you could see as much as I see you would know that this was your only hope of safety and eventual glory p 125 Fortunately for him Claudius does take this advice to heartGraves seems to speak though his protagonist as he reacts to various pronouncements that occur in the book but doubtless also during his lifetime in early 20th C Britain To recommend a monarchy on account of the prosperity it gives to the provinces seems to me like something that a man should have liberty to treat his children as slaves if at the same time he treats his slaves with reasonable consideration p 163 In another example of dark humor when Drusillus is murdered he is found with a pear shoved down his throat in a lame attempt to excuse the assassination as an accident It is clear that Livia not having been consulted about the marriage of one of her great grandchildren had arranged for the child to be strangled and the pear crammed down his throat afterwards As was the custom for in such cases the pear tree was charged with murder and sentenced to be uprooted and burned p 294 This may sound particularly awful but there are worse fates awaiting children under Caligula's reignAs for historical fiction this one rates for me nearly as high as Youcenar's Mémoires d'Hadrien which for me is the most beautiful evocation of a Roman emperor's inner life In this book it takes about 75 pages to build a head of steam and then it runs us right over the cliff over and over again with the evil characters of Livia and Caligula in particular the manipulation of Augustus and Tiberius and the foreshortened fates of literally dozens of family members and thousands of Roman citizens A must read And if I may the insanity of Caligula and his particular communication and governing style bears comparison to that of the orange menace at 1600 Penn Ave at the moment

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I ClaudiusInto the 'autobiography' of Clau Clau Claudius the pitiful stammerer who was destined to become Emperor in spite of himself Graves packs the everlasting in. Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus Claudius to his embarrassed family born in Lyon in what is now France a sickly lame twitching stutterer a nonentity thought an idiot by his relatives the most prominent in ancient Rome Julius Caesar began their than century long reign as the rulers of the vast expanding Roman Empire But he Claudius survives the treacherous deadly byzantine atmosphere where killing an enemy is common all for power influence and money nothing else matters destroy your opponent before they eliminate you he was too insignificant to be murdered Claudius father was a famous Roman general Drusus gaining glory in Germany winning battle after battle until dying in a mysterious way his mother Antonia a very influential woman daughter of Mark Amthony Livia his grandmother the wife of the Emperor Augustus Caesar Julius's great nephew He preaches family values as his daughter Julia breaks them all but his relatives suffer greatly constant early strange deaths to its members unexplained there is a curse a menacing unseen force that is always ready to strike them down everyone is uite vulnerableTo pass the time Claudius becomes a historian talking to Titus Livy and other famous authors writing many books that his scornful family doesn't read sadly they have not survived his best about the mysterious Etruscans the first history of these prosperous people Poor Claudius forced by others powerful to marry women he loathes for political reasons to reluctant wives who detest the unattractive man but still from the most important family in Rome divorce soon follows and freuently insolvency he prefers undemanding kind prostitutes Tiberius becomes Emperor his grandmother's Livia's son and his father's brother a paranoid ruler who kills anyone that remotely threatens him or so alleges Sejanus his most trusted ruthless and ambitious servant the captain of the potent Praetorian Guards who protects the sovereign of Rome of course they're innocent But how would Tiberius know he lives in luxury on the beautiful island of Capri off the coast of Italy near Naples away from danger and prying eyes and his evil dominating mother Livia yet rumors of perverse sexual habits filter back to the disgusted capital When his uncle at last dies the even worse his nephew Caligula becomes the mad Emperor of the world committing incest with his three sisters telling the astonished Senate that he is a god throwing poor Claudius into a river he abides and floats back up everyone must worship butchering at will the citizens from the highest to the lowest seeking revenge against the Germans because of his father's untimely death but while Julius Caesar wrote I came I saw I conuered Caligula saw and ran A brilliant novel gossip than history maybe but an enormously entertaining read