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G met een spionerende Amerikaanse onderzeeër Wat was het lot van de bemanning Hoe zat het met de vrijkomende radio activiteitIn De Koersk geeft Robert Moore een meeslepende reconstructie van deze uitzonderlijke ramp Hij onthult A Time PDF de nog altijd voortdurende Koude Oorlog tussen Rusland en Amerika en ontrafelt de politieke en militaire manoeuvres op de achtergrond M. Yep another submarine disaster book with another unimaginative title What a weird kick This one started slow and then about halfway through became a page turner Moore did his homework He was able to get interviews with many of those involved in the rescue operation You may remember that the Kursk was a Russian nuclear submarine that sank in August 2000 with over 100 men on board in the Barrents Sea It was interesting to contrast this one with my recent reading of The Terrible Hours about the rescue in 1939 of the sailors from the US submarine Sualus

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A Time to Die The Untold Story of the Kursk TragedyAar bovenal verhaalt Moore van de vergeefse Russische Engelse en Noorse pogingen Time to Die The Untold PDF or om de bemanning uit de catacomben van het schip te bevrijden en van de tergende onzekerheid voor vrouwen en kinderen aan de wal Pas toen het Nederlandse bedrijf Mammoet met een miraculeuze techniek de Koersk omhoog had gehesen was de onzekerheid definitief voorbij. A good account and well written It describes intensely the reactions and inactions of a multitude of persons from the sailors lost at sea to the hesitancy of some of the Russian naval hierachy and the eagerness and frustrations of the civilian and naval would be rescuers The writing is descriptive without embellishment and it appears that every effort has been made to present this as an account rather than a story Who were the heroes those who stood up to the Russian politics in spite of their personal conseuences those who made ready internationally at a moments notice to obey the unwritten law of the sea to save all regardless of political creed and finally those who went to sea in substandard machines and conditions and were let down by their mastersAll in all an enjoyable and accurate read

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A Time to Die The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy Free download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð ➵ [Read] ➱ A Time to Die The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy By Robert Moore ➿ – Helpyouantib.co.uk In de ochtend van 12 augustus 2000 brachten twee krachtige exploIn de ochtend to Die PDFEPUB #192 van augustus brachten twee krachtige explosies het oppervlak van de Barentszzee in een ongebruikelijk heftige golfbeweging Het machtige gevaarte van de Koersk de grootste kernonderzeeër in de wereld en de trots van de Russische Noordelijke Vloot tuimelde plotseling naar de duistere zeebodemDe wereld hield zijn adem in Was het een aanvarin. “Why did I raise my son For what You probably don’t have children of your own so you don’t understand You don’t understand anything You eat so well and now you’re just sitting here and our boys have nothing This is no way to live I cannot say anything else I’m so fed up with all this chaos I’ve had enough My husband served for twenty five years For what What was it all for Tell me for what Just for me to bury my son I’ll never forgive you for this Tear off your medals and shoulder boards” These were the words shouted out by the mother of one of the victims to IIya Klebanov the deputy prime minister as he evaded issue after issue before a stranger crept up behind her and plunged a syringe into her thigh She eventually collapsed as she was carried away from the meeting This is how Russian authorities choose to deal with the victims of national disasters in the 21st centuryThe Kursk was the largest attack submarine ever built She was the height of a four storey building and longer than two football pitches Submerged she displaced 23’000 tons Moore explains the ultimate cause of the disaster was down to an HTP 65 76 torpedo manufactured in Kazakhstan suffering from corrosion and inadeuate servicing it exploded in tube number four and unleashed hell “The torpedo exploded in a massive fireball at exactly 112827 with a force euivalent to 100 kg of TNT The blast registered 15 on the Richter scalewith the torpedo doors still shut the energy burst backwards into the compartment travelling at than a thousand metres a second engulfing all seven men in a rush of flames” It had taken a decade to design three years to build and just 135 seconds to destroyWe learn about various previous incidents involving intrusive US submarines in Russian waters like the USS Baton Rouge colliding with a Russian submarine in 1992 and badly damaging it forcing the Pentagon to issue a public apology Then only one year later in 1993 the USS Grayling caused a similar farce It begs the uestion could you imagine the level of uproar and outrage if the circumstances were reversed Other submarine disasters are spoken of in particular the case of the Soviet S 80 which disappeared in 1961 and wasn’t discovered until 1968 Though the details surrounding it where suppressed by the Soviets for decades Apparently the disaster was caused by accidental floodingMoore paints a grim picture of Vidyayevo where many of the sailors were based and where the Kursk set sail from He also gives us the details surrounding the history and founding of the Kola Peninsula as a port and its role in the Barents Sea and the Arctic We get some gritty background on the history decline and state of the Northern Fleet “The Russian Navy seeks to hide the statistics but in 1999 on Northern Fleet bases alone at least twelve sailors committed suicide In the year 2000 eighteen men took their own lives most shooting themselves in the head with their service pistols” The facts and stats Moore has managed to compile in relation to so many factors surrounding the disaster are exceptional Deep below the waves we enter a hidden world of wonderful new terminology one that speaks of ‘thermal scarring’ ‘face sueeze’ and ‘acoustic tiles’ We even get a fascinating glimpse into the curious and little known world of deep sea divers He explains that “So many survival issue flow from an underwater accident that it’s been compared to being caught in an avalanche trapped in a blaze adrift in outer space and lost at sea all at the same time” “Most of the submarines operating today have a crush depth of around 1000 metres If a submarine sinks in deeper water the boat will collapse as if sueezed by a giant fist and the crew has no chance of survival”The full horror and the dilemma facing the crew members of the Kursk who had survived the initial blast is captured and related with forensic detail Captain Lieutenant Kolesnikov’s recovered hand written accounts are spine chilling in their simplicity and understatement Elsewhere he tells us that “The human body can tolerate a far greater depletion of oxygen than it can an increase in carbon dioxide A build up of CO2 will kill long before a shortage of oxygen As the CO2 reaches a level above 3% of the atmosphere the human body begins to experience what doctors call ‘respiratory distress’ ‘Distress’ is a medical euphemism however and considerably understates what the body undergoes The body craves fresh air And breathing becomes deeper and faster As the levels of CO2 continues to build The body loses the ability to get rid of the carbon dioxide it is producing The mind cannot understand why inhaling air is not providing relief and breathing becomes and desperate With every breath comes a intense craving for oxygen Finally the realisation hits that it is impossible to achieve the intake of air The torture is psychological as well as physical there is a constant cycle of the expectation of relief followed by the hope being dashed”This is a truly riveting and gripping account of a largely avoidable disaster burdened with primitive rescue resources nowhere near fit for purpose Their so called rescue services inadeuacies were cruelly exposed to the world The Rudnitsky the main rescue vessel was fighting a losing battle from the start In spite of the many brave and enduring attempts to rescue the sailors the operation was doomed hindered by ineptitude of poor chain of command and ultimately strangled by increasing budget cuts Military bureaucracy would do what it always does in any part of the world lie deceive and evade and do anything in its power to maintain self preservation Through a combination of pride and paranoia the Russians had left it at least 48 hours too late to accept foreign help When the Norwegians and the Brits eventually did arrive it didn’t help when the Russians continued to stall delay and obstruct in any way they could Losing vital and precious hours on top of the days they’d already wasted Putin had only been in power a matter of months when the disaster happened This was an opportunity to act and show his mettle and capabilities For five days he chose to remain on holiday and say nothing to the press It took Vladimir Putin ten days before he decided to visit the families and victims at the port where the Kursk had left from He also showed up to meet them four hours late Little did the people know that this cold and ruthless behaviour would be a chilling and ominous sign of what was to come during his lengthy and punishing presidencySo overall this is a truly exceptional piece of work I was hooked from the opening pages and found myself rationing it to savour the unfolding story longer Moore teases out the tension and builds the drama giving it the feel of a fast paced paperback thriller The sheer scale of research involved is something special and overall this is a truly remarkable achievement