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Armor Hunters kindle â 576 pages ☆ Robert Venditti ☆ ❮Read❯ ➮ Armor Hunters ➲ Author Robert Venditti – Re presenting Valiant's sold out crossover event in complete chronological order From New York Times best selling creators Robert Venditti X O Manowar The FlaE found their final target The Armor Hunters are coming They will hunt They will trap They will kill And they will rid the universe of the X O Manowar armor's incalculable destructive powereven if it means taking the Earth with itCollecting Armor Hunters 1 4 Armor Hunters Aftermath 1 Armor Hunters Bloodshot 1 3 Armor Hunters Harbinger 1 3 Unity 8 11 X O Manowar 23 2 My inner fanboy tends to come out for big epic crossovers It began with those old JLAJSA annual events I remember the first appearance of the Crime Syndicate proof that I am old and Crisis on Infinite Earths continued that for me That is why Armor Hunters was attractive to me as a point to dive into the new Valiant Universe I use the term new loosely as this is the third reboot of many of these characters under the Valiant banner third time's the charm?These type of stories do not lend themselves to much characterization but the little bit of character that does come through is nicely done These incarnations of Ninjak X O Faith and Torue hint at mild improvements over their first incarnations Ninjak and X 0's second go round bear zero resemblance to the 1st and third versions Aric X O might be a time displaced Visigoth but he's not dumb and he has a sense of duty to his people while what little of Ninjak's past that is revealed makes him a believable bad ass assassinsecret agentThe villains are a bit one note but come across as believers in their mission This especially holds true for Reebo and I wouldn't have minded reading adventures of the Hunters before they came to Earth Because the Hunters aren't necessarily evil They believe in their mission that the Vine armor infects its wearer and then the planet essentially taking it over The Hunters believe that they are saving people and planets when they canAnd when they can't they sterilize the planetTheir belief does not absolve the atrocities and mass destruction the Hunters cause I credit the creative team with trying to do a good job of showing the effect these events affect the people who live in Los Angeles and Mexico City As an aside I'm in that minority who thought the Man of Steel movie was right for showing the final battle devastating MetropolisAnyway in summation a good dose of big action movie type fun

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20 pages of never before seen bonus materials When Aric of Dacia returned to Earth with the stolen X O Manowar armor of an alien race he thought he'd finally found a weapon to guard the peace and kingdom he'd struggled so long to secure But now a relentless and surgical strike team from the farthest reaches of space sworn to exterminate the armor and all like it hav Valiant events are fantasticWorld The art is solid some issues are better than others but the event has really elevated the series I think the colors are still a bit washed and flat but the art is fine The world building here is fantastic and has so much conseuence Unlike the big two with their events that usually end with a bit of conseuence and status uo about 6 months after Valiant events change the entire landscape of the world All the pieces from all the tie in books are brought into focus here and they matter It's really goodStory The story is paced wonderfully and is consistent in it's form and tone it's just so well thought out and planned Unlike the big two each tie in makes sense and fits into the greater narrative it's not tacked on it's not a cash grab it matters in the grand scheme of the story and it's a part of the big even that the company is trying to tell There is also conseuence in the story events happen and shit goes down and it changes the world it reminds me of the Mignolaverse and I like that about this event So how's the story? It's pretty fantastic It's basic in premise but the execution is great it reminds me of Relic from Green Lanterns same writer that takes the past and builds on the world and really give conseuence to the event and a weight that many events lack The cast of characters all have things to do and even if they are in separate parts of the world they matter and their actions matter Add to that this event is global not just the United States which is the case in a lot of North American comic books I don't want to ruin the story for you but it's a hella ride it feels like a movie and is incredibly cinematic The only issue I had with the book is the Harbinger parts as Generation Zero is nowhere near as interesting as the main cast we had in Harbinger the standaloneCharacters A lot of characters and a lot of action so you would think there's not a lot of character development but that's where you will be wrong Aric has a lot and so does Livewire the best thing about Valiant Other than that yes it's light on development and heavy on action The villains on the other hand get a lot of development and I like that it makes their story matter and their uest matter this is not just a mwaa haa haa villainI like this event it was fun it had weight and it shows you what happens when a small company really puts all their titles together to do something of conseuence Too bad DC can't do this and has not done this since Flashpoint Onward to the next book

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Armor Hunters Re presenting Valiant's sold out crossover event in complete chronological order From New York Times best selling creators Robert Venditti X O Manowar The Flash Matt Kindt Rai MIND MGMT Unity Joshua Dysart Harbinger Unknown Soldier Doug Braithwaite Unity Justice and top talents the acclaimed Armor Hunters saga gets the deluxe oversized hardcover treatment with than Man Valiant really knows how to do a crossover This is arguably the biggest event of the rebooted Valiant Universe featuring every major Valiant character in a fight for Earth's survival after a group of intergalactic bounty hunters that specialize in destroying the Shanhara armor set their sites on killing Aric the X O Manowar and cleansing the very planet that he's contaminatedSeeing the different heroes team up to save the day was cool and all but what really makes this story stand out is the development of it's villains which was totally unexpected The creators take the time here to fully flesh out the Armor Hunters themselves; their motivations their histories their successes and their failures I refer to them as villains in uotations because they're hardly bad guys in the traditional sense and I related to them and fully understood their motivations We've been seeing the Manowar armor from a one sided POV as a heroic tool for so long but now we see the armor from their point of view as a dangerous world destroying virus The story feels so rich because of our understanding of this strike team Another one of the most interesting developments is that this does make us uestion the nature of the X O Manowar armor itself We realize that what we thought we knew about the armor might be wrong and that the Vine might've been totally wrong about what the suit was in the first place And so far we see the armor as being almost unstoppable up until now so when we see what the hunters are capable of I truly felt a sense of dread for Aric His armor actually does have weaknesses and can be destroyed I love how patient Valiant is with telling their stories and how they seem to respect the reader's intelligence This is great stuff The reason I'm not giving it five stars is because some of the side issues of this crossover like the Harbinger and Bloodshot stuff feels a bit shoehorned in and they're pretty forgettable But the main story including the X O Manowar issues is top notch stuff If you would prefer to just read the Armor HuntersX O Manowar stuff without the side stories then reading X O Manowar Deluxe Edition Book 3 will probably be a tighter readThis compiles the following trade paperbacks in complete correct reading order