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EPUB Ò Grave Mercy ï Robin LaFevers Why be the sheep when you can be the wolfSeventeen year old Ismae escapes from the brutality of an arranged marriage into the sanctuary of the convent of St Mortain where the sisters still serve the gods of old Here she learns that the god of Death Himself has blessed he ‘‘So’’ she says looking back at me ‘‘You are well euipped for our service’’ ‘‘Which is’’ ‘‘We kill people’’ Everything in this fantasy book approaches perfectionMaybe I have been bewitched compelled but when I think of this novel the word ‘‘masterpiece’’ is the first one that comes to my mind Historical and fantasy make delightful mélanges when the two of them are present in a novel The story may not have been of the same rare uality as Clockwork Angel for example but there is something fascinating about those two genres combined nonethelessSometimes there are authors that make us ‘think’ and try to ‘convince’ us that their heroine is special when in fact she is nothing than another lucky chick In this case though Ismae really was one of a kind and the generalisation above does not include Robin LaFevers And when I say that she appeared different and powerful I do mean it For instance Ismae's body possessed immunition againt poison No poison on earth was to kill her Also she could talk to souls Needless to say no body risked outmatching her Which was not only exciting but also refreshing I was so tired of whiny heroine that always need their knight in shining armour to rescue themI saw countless reviewers complaining about the pacing I am not going to dare say that it was nothing but fast – since that would be a lie but to me there was no ‘slowness’ really And that because 1 I was strongly hooked 2 enjoyed the writing so much – very well adapted to the context and century by the way and 3 in every chapter there was something new a different scene which made sure that I was never tired of seeing the same characters over and over again or perhaps fear boredom But if the story does not appeal to you from the beginning I am sure you will find this long and endless She leans forward then as if eager to tempt me with what Mortain offers ‘‘If you choose to stay you will be trained in His arts You will learn ways to kill a man than you imagined possible We will train you in stealth and cunning and all manner of skills that will ensure no man is ever again to threat you’’ The characters primary and secondary ones were not always ‘uniue’ but they had personality Of course I had read about many duchesses and men plotting marriage for power and wealth but those personages being included in this plot along with everything aside – magic secrecy and an ounce of mystery – brought the banal situation of scheming to a new level And a most unsettling one may I add for I had no idea what would happen in the end and who will have to die for the situation to be resolvedOne thing I do not seem to read often about is assassins Not because they are not at the top of my fantasy professions list; it’s just that I do not choose reads in purpose for the story to contain some If there are then fantastic But if none are included then I will not interrupt my read or skip the book because of it I admit though that the last assassin book I had read did not appeal to me It was Midnight Thief and that one specifically I stopped reading when I started being annoyed of the romance taking to0 much importance and the heroine risking to go on the path I feared she would take None of that in this however Only fierce talented and conscious of their mi

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FREE EPUB é MOBI Grave Mercy ☆ 9780547628349 ´ HELPYOUANTIB ¼ ➮ [Read] ➪ Grave Mercy By Robin LaFevers ➺ – Why be the sheep when you can be the wolfSeventeen year old Ismae escapes from the brutality of an arranged marriage into the sanctuary of the con R with dangerous gifts and a violent destiny If she chooses to stay at the convent she will be trained as an assassin and serve as a handmaiden to Death To claim her new life she must destroy the lives of othersIsmae’s most important assignment takes her straight into Actual rating 25 stars Grave Mercy started out very strong for me with its historical roots I instantly loved Ismae and could empathize with her bleak outlook on life The novel had strong characters a good plot and political intrigue I mean c'mon An assassin nun A badass premise like that is just begging to be read and loved So what in heaven's name went wrong for me Why am I only giving this book 25 stars Well I'll start with what I actually liked first I did like all the characters especially Ismae It's a big deal for me to like the heroine since I usually hate them due to their inability to use their brains But not Ismae she's a smart cookie This isn't shocking since I'd wager it does reuire a certain amount of neurons to assassinate someone And while she does carry prejudices against men due to her harsh childhood there is a good amount of character growth for her So gold star for her Duval the love interest while initially not appealing to my co blogger won me over fairly easily And for all those wondering the His in His Fair Assassin is not referring to Duval It refers to Ismae's god Mortain At least I'm pretty sure Lol I also really liked the plot and the historic features I can tell LaFevers did lot of research and it truly does show Many of the characters in the novel are real people and the events occurring real events I felt it was a nice change in pace to the usual YA books I've read But the good points just weren't enough for me to love this book Unfortunately the negatives outweigh the positives sigh Another book falls short of badasseryFirst of all I probably would never have picked up this book on my own if Kennedy hadn't suggested a read a long I choose to avoid historic fiction for a myriad of reasons the most important being It's just not my cup of tea When I have to sit down and think about the setting time period a huge cast of characters I have to keep up with political talk yada yada yada it just turns me right off It's too much And I don't like having to concentrate while reading for enjoyment In this case I liked it but then I didn't like it For the first portion of the novel I was unsure of when in history this book took place Personally I cannot sit back and enjoy a novel if it feels like I'm missing a crucial part of the story And the time period was important for me European history is just not my forte so I took to Wikipedia looking for answers Unfortunately for me I now knew how the story would eventually end unless Levers decided to deviate from history But at least I knew the time period is the late 1480s Yay for me Boo that I had to work so hard to find the answer Anyway that was the first strike The second Boredom Right around 40% the high from the strong beginning began to fade and along with it my eyelids closed often then I'd like them too Ismae is a trained killer but there wasn't much killing going on In fact there was mostly too much talking about the political plans being made to ward of the French from invasion Honestly I couldn't care less about any of that I WANTED BLOOD Then it got boring Ismae spent time talking about all her cool weapons than using them She'd go on and on about her poisons and how she could kill someone with this weapon or that poison I wanted her to take a page from Nike No excuses IsmaeFRUSTRATION What good is an

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Grave MercyThe high court of Brittany where she finds herself woefully under prepared not only for the deadly games of intrigue and treason but for the impossible choices she must make For how can she deliver Death’s vengeance upon a target who against her will has stolen her hea Ugh I couldn’t finish this I tried and tried so far but eventually the inevitable happenedI may be harsh I don’t consider myself harsh I may be an asshole I don’t consider myself an asshole I may be a hater I’m totally a hater but I DNF’d the bitch And it felt so damn goodI was fair though I gave it a 100 page trial stuck to it like the good little girl I am and couldn’t even handle it And to think page 100 was like 35% or something inside the book 35% Imagine how much left until it was done I’d have to chew off my own fingers in order to bear with itWhy did I hate it I have two big assed reasons One it’s shit boring Two it’s an Assassin’s Creed rip off And a really bad and boring did I mention boring one Now let me expand my hatred a bitMy relationship with historical books is amazing Yep So amazing that I tend to spill acid on them each time I play mad scientist dress up And that’s a lot considering the pile of ruined books lying in the corner of my roomThen why choose a historical book in the first place Easy because I thought it’s Young Adult Yep I fell straight into the trap It was the fucking cover Does that look like a Historical Romance to you And I presume it’s Historical Romance since some people on Goodreads added it to the Young Adult shelf Thank you guys you rock But back to my covers Just look at it Does this resemble any of the following I thought so I look at the Grave Mercy cover and I see Young Adult I read the Grave Mercy ebook and I see bullshit The silence feels thick and awkward to me but any attempt to make small talk seems eually so Wondering if he feels it too I sneak a glance in his direction and am appalled to find him watching me We both wrench our eyes away and even though I am no longer looking at him every part of me is aware of his proximity of the faint heat coming off his body in the damp autumn air of the scent This woman is killing me How can she be so lifeless She’s skipping the best parts Does it have action Throw it to the pigs Is it boring Put it in the damn book Make it difficult for Anzu to finish the damn thing But of course Anzu is an idiot and will try her best to read it UghWhen I look a title like His Fair Assassin I think of hold on to your seats folks I’m sure you weren’t expecting this assassins A huge surprise there is it not So as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself assassins An assassin is a wicked cool person with amazing murder stealth and weapon skills who uses them in order to remove certain obstacles that get in the way of their happiness A book about assassins is supposed to be murderactionstealthbloodbrains filled At least in my opinion It was logical that I would expect this from title Why it was filled with boring details and lacked action I have no clueWhich reminds me Did you guys play the Assassin’s Creed games Read the books Am I the only one who smells the theft of many elements from the gameFirst the Reverend Mother who is a female version of Al Mualim the covenant is the creed Ismae is Altaïr In Assassin’s Creed they get their next target’s name through carrier pigeons in Grave mercy they use a blind lady who reads it in chicken bones and feathers The Tears of Mortain have done their job well for I am certain there is no spark of life burning behind t