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Time’s DivideThe Cyrists are swiftly moving into position to begin the Culling and Kate’s options are dwindling With each jump to the past or the future Kate may trigger a new timeline shift. Visit to read this review and othersThe Chronos Files’ is Walker’s time travel series Historians from the future trained by Chronos to go back in time to observe One person however deviates from plan causing a handfull of them to get stuck in their last assignment The Revisionist changes key events creates a religion and starts a movement causing the entire timeline to shift No one can return to Chronos or their time Kate’s Grandmother an eccentric woman she knows little about except her mother hates her reuested she live with her for the summer She’s not inclined to but her college will be paid for if she agrees It has a classic leaning except canon wouldn’t accept a grandmother who technically isn’t born yet Kate’s grandmother needs her to fix the past so she can be born What I’ve described is the basis of Walker’s trilogy The Young Adult time travel series is solid and complex enough most people should enjoy it There is a love triangle or less – it depends on what timeline your in – but it’s handled well Walker uses detaileddiscriminating theory for her basis of time travel and sticks with it People who get frustrated at lengthy scientific explanations shouldn’t be overwhelmed Those who need the philosophy to hold up to basic scrutiny will be content Walker struck a delicate balance Book three ‘Time’s Divide’ has twists In it she ends her trilogy with Kate being forced to travel to the future despite fears and warningsThe Cyrists a religion has infiltrated governments law enforcement and society It was created by Brother Saul with help from Sister Prudence Saul’s roots are several centuries in the future He claims to want to fix the mistakes of the past for a better future but his motivations are uestionable The only thing truly evident is he will use any method or person to achieve his ends He destroyed the future Kate’s grandmother knew Kate is trying to fix it with the limited tools Chronos Keys and Diaries her grandmother brought with her on assignment Keys combined with specific genetics allow a person to travel in time The combination is rare Kate is her grandmothers last hope at tracking down the remaining unaccounted for Keys She is tasked to keep them out of Cyrist hands and fix the timeline Every step forward shifts reality Shifts cause confusion physical pain and losses The last two books dealt with specific events in history the Chicago World’s Fair when JFK was shot etc Ultimately in ‘Time’s Divide’ Kate has to infiltrate the Cyrists and travel into the future The problem with this is it is an unknown Saul’s actions may have destroyed it leaving a void She has nothing to research and nothing she can rely onKate Rudd narrated the audio version I listened to and she does will with it She is consistent in her character interpretation and differentiation I prefer to listen to this series rather than read it but you should like it either wayI enjoyed The Chronos Files trilogy and Kate’s travels to the past Walker wrapped up the story well She did leave herself an opening to continue but this is supposed to be the last book We’ll see Since I have fascination with history than the future this was not my favorite of the series but it was good Walker delivered on her large cliffhanger from the second book I think she could have done with it but she had an awful lot to complete in this book If you are looking for a uick read small history lessons well executed concepts of time travel and action I recommend the series for you

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Ing including her life to prevent the future her grandfather and the Cyrists have planned But when time runs out it may take an even bigger sacrifice to protect the people she love. Kate is still trying to track down all the Chronos keys in order to prevent the Cyrist culling This time she has to travel forward to the future with Simon and Pru fast on her heels At least now she has help in multiple forms In addition to Kiernan Trey Connor and Kate's family there is also the 5th Column a parallel organization to the Cyrists The story takes a bunch of crazy twists and turns Seriously my head is still hurting from all the timey whimey stuff The end is satisfying though and worth the waitI liked this series I liked Kate Kiernan and Trey and the strange relationship between them It wasn't exactly a love triangle but I can't say much about that without ruining the story The series also makes you uestion the role of religion in society and even a bit about the ethics of scientific advancements I suppose I am also supposed to be uestioning whether having the ability to time travel at all is a good idea given the risk of harm I have a feeling that if I don't distract myself by reading a new book immediately my head might explode from thinking about this series too much

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Free download ☆ Time’s Divide ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ❮EPUB❯ ❀ Time’s Divide ✻ Author Rysa Walker – The Cyrists are swiftly moving into position to begin the Culling and Kate’s options are dwindling With each jump to the past or the future Kate mayWorse the loyalties of those around her including the allegiances of Kiernan and the Fifth Column the shadowy group working with Kate are increasingly unclearKate will risk everyth. This book was so confusing I feel like my brain is half melted right now Time's Divide is the third installment of The Chronos Files series In this one Kate has to travel into the future There are a bunch of people on her team now Kiernan Trey Connor Kate's family and some members of the 5th column Crazy hard to keep track of everything but I think I got it all They are tracking down all of the Chrono's keys to prevent the Cyrist culling So the two different Kate's was still weird to me but after reading the book I sort of got on board Finally Took me forever but I realized that both of the love interests get their own Kate In a weird but non creepy way right In the end both guys were basically meh to me but I'm glad they sort of got their happy endingBesides the romance and time travelling stuff the twists and turns thrown at me were so good Dizzying adventure that kind of made my head hurt a whole bunch but I think I got the overall idea of it all Maybe Then there's the 5th column I hated everyone from that group So when they were magically disappearing I was definitely okay with that Bye bye bitches Seriously they were all terrible people Julia and Max were definitely the first two I hated from this bunch However I did sort of like Tilson but since he was a member for the whole shebang he falls under the hate column just for that reasoning alone Now for the end of the book that epilogue or cliffhanger was just so god damn confusing Again I did mention that this book was confusing right So many time zones to keep track of while reading and then I get that kind of ending I have no how I feel about that right now