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Bad Rep Southern Ink #1 review ï 104 ✓ ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ Bad Rep Southern Ink #1 Author S.N. Garza – Bad boy Deke Morgan spent most of his life getting it wrong When he rescues Penelope from bullies an unlikely friendship blossoms When Penny meets the bad boy in town she doesn't know how to handle hi BadReturns home he's given the chance to finally make amends for his cruelty towards the one woman that he can't forget and won't get over Now that she's all grown up he wants a second chance He's going to have to prove to her that Rep Southern Ink eBook #10003 he's the man of her dreams Because this time he's not letting her go He's irresistible She's unforgettable Sometimes the best men have the worst reputation. WowI'm a complete mess of ugly crying happy tears My new favorite book Beautiful I fell completely in love with Penelope and Deke Absolutely beautiful

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Bad boy Deke Morgan spent most of his Southern Ink Epub #223 life getting it wrong When he rescues Penelope from bullies an unlikely friendship blossoms When Penny meets the bad boy in town she doesn't know how to handle him or the feelings that begin to arise All she knows is that she wants to get to know the boy who saved her Just when their relationship becomes intimate Deke breaks it off not wanting anythin. ★1 Star★Warning This is a ranty review with offensive language and spoilersI read the authors blurb at the end of the story so I feel a bit bad about what I’m about to say Clearly she’s proud But I HATED this fucking book I don’t think I’ve had such disdain for a story in a long while and the only reason I DNF it was because I wanted to be fair and absolutely sure I hated it which I did Thumbs UP The author mentioned she forked out a bit of money for the cover photography Yes I think it was worth it too After all that’s what initially sucked me into reading it I was initially into the story I liked the friendship that bloomed between the MC’s He was very protective while she was oblivious fairly naïve but very sweet They were a mismatched pair that somehow just worked When the shit hit the fan the first time I felt so goddamn emotional I felt her pain and I hated him so much that my level of frustration made me want to cry angry tears Kudos to the author for the writing in those moments too bad it wasn't tears of joy Thumbs DOWN SPOILERSI fucking hated Deke the dick Everything he could do to hurt her he did view spoilerHe took her virginity then disappeared the next day only to spew every awful hurtful thing he could think of when he saw her again He degraded her told her she was nothing but a 'fuck' and he never wanted to be her friend etc He was a fuckin prick Then on another occasion after he’d fucked her over she being the weak spined chick she was phoned him only to hear her BEST FUCKIN FRIEND moaning for him to come back to bed after he had clearly just fucked her He was unapologetic for shagging her best friend and hurting her – and it wasn’t even a one off he screwed her multiple times Mind you it was only because she 'begged' and pleaded for a good pounding and he got sick of hearing it what a fuckin Saint PUH LEASE Oh and I forgot to mention in the weeks following their first hook up he went to the cinema where the heroine happened to be sat behind her and let some whore he was with give him a handjob while moaning the heroines name He fucked her and left her THREE times He treated her like shit He said awful things I did not forgive him and I can’t believe she could He had a shitty way of looking out for her – the worst I HATED HIM hide spoiler

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Bad Rep Southern Ink #1G to do with her Heartbroken and angry Penny goes away to Arizona State Anything to get as far away from Deke Bad Rep PDF as possible But that doesn't stop fate from getting in her way Chance encounters and one night stands with Deke leave Penny devastated Until years later when she's forced to go back homeTattooed and working at the only tattoo parlor in town Southern Ink Deke knows that when Penelope finally. 15 Why did I keep reading this when neither the writing nor the characters grabbed my attention is any way I'm not really sure except maybe its my fascination with trainwrecks I wanted to see how many 'rejections' the h is willing to take from the H before demonstrating some backbone To do that I just skimmed this reading only the pertinent bits from 30% into the book