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Ter father is capable of of how hemakes problems disappear He also knows he has become a very big problem for his father One man's fight to give these children the future they deserveIN years as a child protection worker Shane Dunphy saw children growing up in horrific situations He also saw their amazing ability to survive those unpromising beginnin. While in no way do I want to trivialise the horrific situations that arise here or cast doubt on their accuracy what really bugs me is that it becomes much less about this than about Dunphy's attempt to cast himself as a kind of vigilante superheroYes I think people who work in child protection do deserve immense recognition but not blatant self congratulation This was not perhaps his intention but what he is definitely not is an accomplished writer Stick to what you know

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The Boy in the CupboardThree heart stopping stories in the Epub #221 of children trapped by their parents' pasts Craig the little boy who can't speak English isn't allowed to use his real name and hides food around the The Boy Kindle playground afraid he'll be hungry again His parents are trying to make a fresh start but their gangland bosses are about to catch up with t. I found this a really good book at highlighting the plight of children of abuse in Ireland It is the story of in particular 2 children but the book also tells the story of the parents of one of the boys and also a social worker's own private terrible tale too The only 'fault' should I find one would be that I found the book a bit egotisticalI am well aware of the brilliant work for children that the author has done throughout his career as a care worker but I personally just felt the book was in a way letting the reader know about all the good the author was doing which I will add again I'm not denying; rather than centering on the reason the book was written ie to highlight the plight of abused children That said it was a great book to read from a case study point of view; which I need for a course I am currently doing

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Free download The Boy in the Cupboard 105 á ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ The Boy in the Cupboard ❦ Author Shane Dunphy – Three heart stopping stories of children trapped by their parents' pasts Craig the little boy who can't speak English isn't allowed to use his real name and hides food around the playground afraiHe family and Craig will pay a Boy in the Epub #226 terrible price Edgar is a twelve year old boy whom nobody wants not even the staff at the residential unit where he lives Just when it seems that there might be a way of getting through to him his mother reveals a secret that changes everything innie is a teenage boy who knows exactly what his gangs. Firstly if you are looking for a read that is a heart wrenching tear jerker then this is not the book Although it highlights briefly on the children and I really do mean briefly it doesnt give you much about them The book is mostly about the adults involved; the care workers and gangsters To be honest I actually only think the children are put into the book to try and make it sell It seems that the writter is uite self involed and its about praise to himself than the heartache agony and difficulty the children have had to endure At the end you get the most minimal description of where the children are up to now in their lives and that none of the abusers mentioned were brought to justiceThis certainly wasnt the read I was expecting and I have been left very disappointed