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Free download We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Free download We Have Always Lived in the Castle ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç [EPUB] ✹ We Have Always Lived in the Castle Author Shirley Jackson – Alternate Cover Edition can be found hereMerricat Blackwood lives on the family estate with her sister Constance andUntil cousin Charles appears Only Merricat can see the danger and she must act swiftly to keep Constance from his graspThe illustration on the cover of this Penguin Have Always Lived PDFEPUB #232 Classics Deluxe Edition is by Thomas O. I hate you Shirley JacksonI HATE YOUI mean I know you're dead and all but still I want to drive to your haunted house in Vermont and throw rocks at your windowsI want to smash every pumpkin carved by your front doorI want to hold a séance in your bedroom to summon your spirit then I want to pull those ugly ass bobby pins from your hair rip those ugly ass dated glasses off your nose and pull that ugly ass cable knit sweater over your faceAnd then I think I want to make out with youOr make out with this bookOr something similar and sickI'm so confusedI don't know if I feel love or hate arousal or disgustThis book I never wanted it to endI want to make a giant bonfire out of every shitty worthless book I've ever read to provide the light to read and re read and re read and re read this book I could wish him dead until he died I could fasten him to a tree and keep him there until he grew into the trunk and bark grew over his mouth I could bury him in the hole where my box of silver dollars had been so safe until he came; if he was under the ground I could walk over him stamping my feetAhhhhhhShirley Jackson séance All Hallows' Eve Hill House Vermont USA Midnight Bring your bobby pins bitches

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Alternate Cover Edition can be found hereMerricat Blackwood Always Lived PDF #10003 lives on the family estate with her sister Constance and her uncle Julian Not long ago there were seven Blackwoods until a fatal dose of arsenic found. You will be wondering about that sugar bowl I imagine Is it still in use You are wondering; has it been cleaned You may very well ask; was it thoroughly washed This book is looney tune I'm not even sure about some things that happened One of my GR friends needs to message me so we can discuss some things on this book Of course no one will read this so it's a mute point So Constance Merricat and Uncle Julian live in the home together with all of their land enclosed The rest of the family were killed Merricat is the only one that leaves to get groceries and books in town where she is picked on by everyone I loved her macabre thoughts of all the said people being dead She had a lot of different macabre thoughts through out the book The book was just so strange and I enjoyed that even though it made me feel crazier than I am They had some jerk uncle that showed up trying to find their fortune I was hoping he was going to meet a macabre end himself But alas he did not And I'm a bit confused at the ending Hopefully someone can help me out Either way I enjoyed the book Mel ❤️

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We Have Always Lived in the CastleIts way into the sugar bowl one terrible night Acuitted of the murders Constance We Have ePUB #10003 has returned home where Merricat protects her from the curiousity and hostility of the villagers Their days pass in happy isolation. My favorite Shirley Jackson novel A masterpiece of unreliable narration and of the eerie relationship between childishness and horrorI'm now re reading this for a December group read so I thought I'd update this review as I goA lot has already been written about the masterful opening paragraph of this book so I'll focus instead on the opening chapter It basically involves the narrator Merricat walking into town to do some shopping Sounds boring It's anything but that Shirley Jackson uses this mundane task to show the intense hostility between the Blackwood family and the town as well as to show Merricat's rather unusual character She's childish and playful I played a game when I did the shopping I thought about the children's games where the board is marked into little spaces and each player moves according to a throw of the dice The library was my start and the black rock was my goal And as she navigates this terrain full of landmines in the form of other people who taunt her and laugh at her she can't help flashing her own hostility They saw me at once and I thought of them rotting away and curling in pain and crying out loud; I wanted them doubled up and crying on the ground in front of me Until at last she reaches the sanctuary of her homeIt's a sanctuary that's as much magical as physical I had to put down the shopping bag to open the lock on the gate; it was a simple padlock and any child could have broken it but on the gate was a sign saying PRIVATE NO TRESPASSING and no one could go past that And then she sees the most important person in her life her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian the last surviving members of her familyBut almost immediately that sanctuary is violated Helen Clarke and Mrs Wright come to tea and we see Merricat fretting over what this will do to Constance whether she's strong enough for visitors There's a jealousy in Merricat that reminds me of the jealousy Eleanor has regarding Theodora in The Haunting of Hill House a subterranean feeling that comes out in flashes of anger like when Merricat smashes the milk pitcher in the kitchenThe scene with Helen Clarke and Mrs Wright is also notable for its comedy how everyone keeps dancing around the subject of the family deaths except that Mrs Wright can't help herself she really wants to know and Uncle Julian is than happy to oblige by giving a guided tour of the dining room Shirley Jackson has uite a comic touch here though it's all undergirded by Merricat's ill feelings toward these visitors and the recognition of the horrifying tragedy that befell her familyShirley Jackson expertly ratchets up the tension by having Merricat sense something impending A change was coming and nobody knew it but me What's wonderful about this is that it raises the tension level even as you wonder whether something really is coming or whether she's just living in her own imagination It also allows for some domestic scene setting and banter with Uncle Julian without losing the narrative drive I love when Merricat chooses three special protective words thinking that so long as these great words were never spoken aloud no change would come She then writes the first word in jam on her toast and eats it thinking that makes her one third safeThe change of course is cousin Charles who arrives without much explanation and basically moves in It's clear right away that he's a gold digger and you can sense Merricat's rising anger and panic as he threatens her entire world by threatening to marry Constance She employs her childish form of magic to try to ward him off or get him to leave but nothing works sending her spiraling into extremes It's clear that Merricat thinks of him as the enemy when she watches him walk into town and talk easily to all the townsfolk who've been bullying her He's one of them in her mind and at that point the battle lines hardenOne of the subtle mysteries of this book concerns the relationship between Merricat and Uncle Julian My GR friend Nancy first pointed out in a group discussion that they don't really interact except that Merricat keeps saying to herself that she ought to be nicer to him I thought this was uite a profound insight so I read the passages again closely and noticed the same oddity Uncle Julian says at one point that Merricat is dead and then when Uncle Julian dies Merricat hardly seems upset at all In fact she seems rather relieved claiming that now she and Constance can start over again Clearly there's something odd going on between them My guess is that Merricat feels jealous of Uncle Julian that she really wants Constance all to herself Spoiler alert to the end Perhaps this is also a clue to the motivation behind the central crime that it was really driven by Merricat's jealous desire to have her sister all to herself Here again I see shades of Eleanor from The Haunting of Hill HouseAnd finally at the end Merricat gets exactly what she wants Constance all to herself And Constance herself gives herself to Merricat's superior power gives up any hope of having her own life She cries as Charles leaves for the last time and says Merricat I am so happy And Merricat herself echoes this sentiment in the book's final chilling line Oh Constance she says we are so happy