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READ ☆ Four Feet Tall and Rising Î ✅ Four Feet Tall and Rising PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Shorty Rossi – Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi the tough talking fedora wearing star of Animal Planet’s hit show Pit Boss may stand only four feet tall but that hasn’t stopped him from living large becoming a success Luigi FranciIme No one expected Shorty to live let alone succeed and yet he has overcoming every Four Feet ePUB #10003 challenge from an abusive home to the violent streets and gangs of South Central LA to the notorious cell blocks of Folsom Prison where he was imprisoned for attempted murder After years months and days behind bars Shorty gained his freedom and the chance to put his entrepreneurial and negotiation skills to the test He cut the ribbon on his own business Shortywood with three goals to. I'm a fan of the his reality show and this book exceeded my expectationsI thoroughly enjoyed it It reads exactly like I have heard him speak and it was very interesting the full scoop on his life I find him pretty inspiring


Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi the tough talking fedora Tall and PDF #180 wearing star of Animal Planet’s hit show Pit Boss may stand only four feet tall but that hasn’t stopped him from living large becoming a successful businessman and an outspoken advocate for pit bulls the most misunderstood breed of dog in the world A third generation dwarf ex gang member and ex con Shorty knows what it’s like to be misunderstood and in this candid memoir he shares his personal story for the first t. Fans of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss will recognize Rossi as talent manager and owner of Shortywood Entertainment and founder of Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue Here he tells his life story—and what a story it is A third generation Little Person Rossi wasn’t expected to survive infancy but in his first defiance of authority he was born without the limitations doctors predicted After an abusive childhood Rossi fled the suburbs for the projects of South Central Los Angeles where he became the only white member of The Bloods A gangland shoot out led to an attempted murder charge and a ten year prison stint which Rossi credits with saving his life Through education anger management classes and business acumen picked up from being a housing clerk in Folsom State Prison Rossi launched an entertainment career At the same time his love for pit bulls turned him from animal hoarder to activist Verdict Rossi’s riveting account includes prison encounters with Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez and Rick James his stint as Alvin at Universal Studios and dealing with international fame as a reality television star Funny and foul mouthed Rossi and his book have tremendous appealXpress Reviews—First Look at New Books January 13 2012

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Four Feet Tall and RisingTurn his life around act as a talent agent for little people and establish and fund charities that advocate for rescue and place abandoned or abused pit bulls into Feet Tall and PDF #8608 safe homes In the process he became a reality TV star Now with Hercules his rescued pit bull and newly trained service dog by his side Shorty continues to save pits from the basements and backyards of breeders and abusers while taking on new and even bigger challenges And nothing is gonna stand in his way. My original intention coming here was to write a long winded review on Shorty’s book but after coming here and reading other’s reviews I figure most everyone has said what I had wanted to say and probably better It’s all everyone is saying here Shorty is authentic brutally honest thank you Shorty and is an intelligent guy with a big heart who has taken every single negative in his life and turned it into a positive tenfold That being said I would like to add one other thing I used to be an avid reader when I was much younger but like so many others in recent years I have so much responsibility to handle that I don’t have two minutes to myself to read a book About a year and a half ago my mother was placed in a nursing home after being in the hospital and the stupid hospital put her in a facility that is 30 miles away For a while I just ran back and forth and then I thought maybe I could get some audio books from the library and be entertained by them on my trip Well my mother came home about four months ago and I still check out audio books from my library and delightedly found Shorty’s bio on the “new” shelf I would like to say to everyone listen to the audio book version It is narrated by Shorty so is obviously in his own voice so much emotion tone and inflection is conveyed in his voice maybe so than in just reading the book There is a warmth and connection you feel because you feel like he is talking specifically to you Anyway check it out