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FREE READ ✓ Jerusalem The Biography Ô ❮Reading❯ ➶ Jerusalem The Biography ➮ Author Simon Sebag Montefiore – Najnowsza książka autora światowych bestsellerów Stalin Dwór czerwonego cara; Stalin Młode lata despoty oraz Potiomkin i Saszeńka Pasjonująca opowieść o historii JerozolimyNajnowsza książka autora światowych bestsellerów Stalin Dwór czerwonego cara Stalin Młode lata despoty oraz Potiomkin i Saszeńka Pasjonująca opowieść o historii Jerozolimy na tle wojen powstań i losów jej królów cesarzy zdobywców oraz proroków świętych pisarzy poetów którzy tworzyli burzyli odbudowywali i spisywali dzieje ?. This is one of those non fiction books that you read as fiction And this is one of those books that I'm most proud of being its editor It took us two years to complete it I don't know any how many times I've reread it worrying about every detail with my team Beautiful book about biography of Jerusalem for those who love history And they don't have to be scholars to enjoy this bookI can call myself the Serbian editor of Montefiore family since I'm Santa's editor as well And this book published right in time for Belgrade Book Fair in October 2012 just went for second printing First edition is sold out Miracle that rarely happens in Serbia with non fiction titles


?więtego Miasta Od króla Jerusalem The PDFEPUBDawida do Ariela Szarona od Abrahama do Jezusa i Mahometa od Józefa Flawiusza do Amosa OzaWykorzystując nieznane wcześniej archiwalia najnowsze badania naukowe oraz dokumenty swojej rodziny i własne wspomnienia Simon Sebag Montefiore stworzył wspaniałą epopeję trzech tysięcy lat wiary fa. Jerusalem is a masterpiece 10 stars Read this bookIn Jerusalem Simon Sebag Montefiore presents not just a history of the city but of the region and much of the western world One finds that virtually every prophet and charlatan king ueen prince and despot priest politician conuerer and crusader in recorded history has some connection to the city and has often trod its streets Jerusalem is the center of three of the world’s religions yet until the 1900s was rarely larger than a small town 30000 inhabitants It has been fought over raised and rebuilt countless times than any other city in history It has known little peace and remains a city in conflict today All of this history from Biblical times to the present Montefiore chronicles in clear concise and importantly balanced detail—the Jewish Christian Muslim Egyptian European Turk Persian and Arab experience all presented without favoritism warts and all—with a novelist’s eye for character and narrative that makes Jerusalem a brisk and captivating read Montefoire’s balanced approach presents some very interesting contrasts For example while most identified with the Jewish people Jerusalem prior to the 1880s often saw its worse days when ruled by Jews infighting between various sects and nationalities often producing terrible unrest and blood shed Adding Christians to the mix typically made matters worseWestern literature describes the Crusades as an attempt to free the Holy City from tyranny and persecution by unbelievers The Crusades were in fact a land grab; European rulers seeking to expand their realms into North Africa and the Middle East with the Catholic church providing justification Contrary to the crusader narrative history shows that Jerusalem’s Egyptian Turk Persian and Arab rulers where often tolerant of other beliefs than its Jewish and Christian rulers Saladin and Suleiman not Richard the Lion Heart saved the city from sualor and turned it into one of the most treasured of the ageMontefoire clearly shows that from the 1500’s to today European and later US rulers are largely responsible for much of the conflict between Jews Christians and the Arab world granting there is certainly a long line of Egyptian Turk Persian and Arab rulers who have also contributed Much of this conflict results from attempts to create a Jewish homeland beginning in the 1900s which I was shocked to learn was initially intended not to protect Jews from persecution but rather to provide a base to convert them to Christianity to bring about the Rapture Ill treatment by the British and French in particular at this time caused many Arabs to side with anti Semite leaders in WW I Kaiser Wilhelm and WW II Hitler giving birth to many of the militant organizations we read about today Sadly many reasonable proposals for peaceful Jewish Arab coexistence have been made and rejected over the years often for selfish reasons In the end one finds that Jerusalem a city that commands so much of the worlds attention for its size only 1MM people and 48 suare miles less 110 the population and over 100x times smaller than most US and European capitals is unlikely to ever be the city of peace that Jews Christians and Muslims wish it to be Too many people with competing visions for its future will continue to hold it hostage The Bible and Koran teach that the final battle between good an evil will take place at Jerusalem Reading Montefoire’s Jerusalem one can argue that battle began two millennia ago and continues todayOn my buy it borrow it skip it scale Buy ten copies keep one and give the other nine to family friends acuaintances and or strangers on the street Jerusalem is that good Enjoy

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Jerusalem The BiographyNatyzmu zbrodni i współistnienia Znakomita biografia Jerozolimy Simona Sebaga Montefiorego ma wielkość i rozmach jej trzechtysiącletniej historii Dzięki tytanicznej pracy badawczej autora i jego talentowi ożywiania przeszłości ta fascynująca książka jest prawdziwą skarbnicą wiedzy zarówno dla uczonych jak i laikówHenry Kissinge. To try and tackle the history of one of the most famous cities in the world in one book is not the easiest of writing challenges but Montefiore has had a pretty good go at it He has tried to cover from the very earliest references to relatively recent events and this has made this a very substantial book indeed I won't try and surmise all 600 plus pages into a couple of paragraphs would be nigh on impossible but suffice to say Montefiore has filled these pages with immense amounts of detail and history of the lives of the people that have occupied this city It has played a significant role in many world events and is considered one of the holiest places by the three abrahamic religions He sets the context for each of the eras and highlight the movers and shakers of that timeAll good stuff or so you would think But this amount of detail makes this so difficult to read at times along with literally a cast of thousands over the millennia it did feel like I was wading through it at times Jerusalem has been the place where much blood has been shed and there is almost too much detail with regards to this My other big bugbear with it was footnotes These should be a small piece of information that adds to the main body of text but some of these were huge A foot note that long should be in the main body but if that were the case then it would have been unreadable The author does add in some personal opinions too not the done this for a history book which should be impartial and non judgementalThat said is a book I'm glad I have now read and I feel a sense of achievement having done so but I will be unlikely to pick it up again