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read reader ¿ The List Hardcover Þ siobhan vivian ´ ➜ The List free download ➡ Author Siobhan Vivian – An intense look at the rules of high school attraction and the price that's paid for themIt happens every year A list is posted and one girl from each grade is chosen as the prettOry of eight girls freshman to senior pretty and ugly And it's also the story of how we see ourselves and how other people see us and the tangled connection of the tw “That's how inside jokes usually are Funny to those inside annoying as shit to the rest of the world” ― Siobhan Vivian The ListThis is going to be a tough book to review I say that because for most of the book I thought it was going to be five stars I loved ituntil the end And if you have read this I am sure you will guess my complaint because I have read several reviews that all mention what I am going to mentionSo this book is from the POV of eight different High School girls Every year at this school a list comes out The list contains eight names The prettiest and the ugliest girl from each grade That's itThe book is about the impact of the list for each of those eight girlsthe four voted prettiest and the four voted least prettyI adore realistic YA Fiction and for most of it I enjoyed this book The characters were real and fleshed out and I was amazed at how well the author got into the heads of these young girlsYou know connecting to characters is pivotal in any book And I admire the writer for taking us down the path of EIGHT different girls each so distinctive that their voices were heard clearly and the reader could feel their angst and painAnd unlike some I had no issue with having so many POVS I really didn't One of my all time favorite YA books Lois Duncan's Daughters of Eve has I believe TENor possibly POV'S So what's eight Works for meWhat did not work for me was the ending And I am not one to take TWO points off for an ending But it was such a let down to such an awesome book and the last book I read this year to complete my reading challenge I was hoping for a fiveENDING SPOILERSOKI could have understood if one or two of the girls were not touched upon But the book does not tell us about how things turn out for ANY of the girls Now that is not my thing I invested hours of my day reading this And the end is so sudden I had to go back to make sure I had not missed somethingWe do not know ANYTHING It is like the book HAD no ending You are just reading and it stops Meanwhile all the characters you are invested inI mean you find out NOTHING You do not even find out what happens at this dance the whole book was leading up to The book ends with about two percent of the book devoted to the danceI do not think these type of endings are hip or cool or thought provoking at all Not when the books seems UNFINISHED Unless this is a start of a new series and I don't know that in which case I will happily apologize and bump my rating up to a five then I don't get itI almost feel likewhat was the pointAnd I do feel cheated and now the whole book feels a bit manipulative All that fightingeveryone is mad at someone And such deep issues are explored Can we the reader not know anything about how one thing in the book turns out It maybe one of the oddest endings I've ever read I am not kiddingI also felt for Jennifer and could not stand Margo even though I felt at the end the writer was attempting to give her some soul It did not work as she may have been my least favorite character And she gets crowned Homecoming ueen That's it None of the other seven girls all in the midst of deep emotional issues are even mentioned again What givesWhat Jennifer did was pretty horrible but she was one hurting puppy and I got that Margo on the other handI could not feel anything for her but contemptI LOVED Laura I want Laura as a friend In fact she reminds me of one of my closest friends What a beautifully woven characterSo a three rating it is I adored the book for ninety percent and that count for something If you don't mind having literally no ending you will most likely enjoy the book if you like YA

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An intense look at the rules of high school attraction and the price that's paid for themIt happens every year A list is posted and one girl from each grade is chosen Thank you Flannery from The Readventurer for allowing me to read this ARC D With trembling hands she uickly finishes pinning the dress and puts it onthen she twists her hair up adds a bit of lipstick She gets ready without looking in the mirror She doesn’t need to see herself She already knows She will never be prettySo here’s what happens every year at Mount Washington High School A week before Homecoming students walk the halls in search of The List posted and scattered around the school pinned on bulletin boards taped to bathroom stalls shoved in lockers hidden in desks This infamous List elects eight girls two from each class with the honor of either being The Prettiest or The Ugliest for her grade level Sealed and embossed with MWHS’s emblem it’s what the students of this school expect and the girls fear the most Nonono it’s not a prank it’s a tradition This book is both brutal and profound in several ways I was awed at how Siobhan Vivian was able to weave this intricate story that involves some pretty harsh realities with a right amount of levity to keep me captivated but never unhinged There were eight different girls this story follows With Vivian’s masterful storytelling she’s able to capture distinct voices for each so skillfully that I was never in doubt or confused at who was commanding the stage at the momentLeave it to Vivian to purposefully mold her own characters according to her social interpretations and not use the commonly used stereotypes that other authors lazily fall back on I applaud her for making the pretty cheerleader sensitive and smart for depicting the girl athlete as vulnerable and insecure the smart nerd as callous and clueless and the social outcast as deserving of her post She made each of these girls feel real but importantly she makes them her own With Vivian you’re either going to love or despise her cast but you have to give her credit where it’s due she’s going to craft her characters how she interprets the world and you can’t fault her but rather commend her for her bold characterizationThere were several reasons I rated this five stars First being I couldn’t stop thinking about these girls It was daunting to see the ramifications of The List continue to compound as the story unfolds At first consideration you’d think that only the girls labeled as The Ugliest will suffer right So wrong It was sad to see how even the girls honored with the title Prettiest had resounding effects to their sense of self Vivian shows the reader that there are emotional conseuences regardless of which side of the coin you fall So the moral of the story was that either column you ended up on you’re prize is either pressure or pain These young girls are being objectified and labeled according to someone’s f%ckwit idea of what beautiful means and my heart just brokeSecondly Vivian takes a very real and current issue and brings it to the forefront – insecurity I mean look at the magazines at the checkout stand where you see models and superstars Any normal girl will see those images and compare themselves in some small way are my teeth white enough is my skin flawless how about the circumference of my arms are they toned enough is my hair the right style Am I beautiful Do I fit the mold The uestions can go on and on but one thing can’t be ignored there are many girls that fight a daily battle with their reflection in the mirror It’s no secret it’s a harsh fact Lastly throughout the story I was constantly trying to solve the puzzle of who was responsible for this masochistic preuel to Homecoming I had my suspects but I was so damn surprised at who the creator of The List turned out to be Wow Just wow I want to hug Siohbhan for her evil genius It’s the kind of twist that has you wanting to start all over from scratch but if you just wait a moment and ponder you’re left with a feeling of Oh that makes total sense Crafty little author she isOverall this story deserves some serious attention It proves that Siohbhan Vivian is worthy of the title “Acclaimed Author” and like her other novels I hope she receives well earned recognition Great job Vivian

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The ListAs the prettiest and another is chosen as the ugliest Nobody knows who makes the list It almost doesn't matter The damage is done the minute it goes upThis is the st Adults sometimes shouldn't review teen fiction Or at least we should get some teenagers to review it tooThe List by Siobhan Vivian is about eight high school girls two from each grade who are put on The List during homecoming week at Mount Washington High The List is a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in each grade two for each The book follows all of the girls through the week narrating their reactions the school's reactions and the events that follow because of this list The List is as followedU Danielle Demarco Freshman who is nicknamed Dan the Man because of her athletic ability and worries how her upperclassmen boyfriend will reactP Abby Warner Freshmen who must deal with her unattractive older sister who thinks The List is not an accomplishment at all and the fact that she's failing classU Candace Kincaid Sopho who despite being popular almost immediately finds herself aloneP Lauren Finn Sopho the new previously home schooled girl suddenly finds herself with so many friends she can't remember their namesU Sarah Singer Junior who rebels against everything those silly preps do takes it to the next level by being the ugliest she can be for the whole week Even if it means smelling awfulP Bridget Honeycutt Junior who used to be pudgy but thanks to a summer dose of anorexia looks better than ever if you can see her from the sidesU Jennifer Briggis Senior who been named Ugliest Girl for the fourth year in a row and now is thinking about being Homecoming ueenP Margo Gable Senior who was assumed to be the Homecoming ueen but now has to face the competition and her guilt from her ex BFFA List of interesting characters no That's what I said too when I first read the flap These girls sound interesting if not relatable Or so I thought until I got halfway through the book By Wednesday it's clear who the main attraction is in this high school circus Jennifer and Margo are center stage with their thoughts about their previous life as inseparable friends until the end of middle school and their unintentional battle for homecoming ueen After all who wouldn't give a pity vote for the girl with the unheard of title of Ugly for Four Years Abby and Danielle share their ring pretty evenly all without coming in contact with one another Abby deals with her freshman drama of finally becoming noticed enough to be invited to a Sopho boy's party Trouble is she's failing science and so is in danger of not going to the dance Meanwhile Danielle struggles with her insecurity that her Sopho boyfriend's friends are making her boyfriend forget she's really a girl Not to mention she's attracted the varsity swim coach's attention pointing a big red arrow to the already freak flag she thinks she's flying These girls have nothing to do with each other except that Abby's been invited to Danielle's boyfriend's party and Danielle hasn'tOn the other side of our three ring circus is Bridget and Lauren also two cast members who entertain the audience separately Lauren the Sopho who's been lonely and shy her whole life finds herself surrounded by people now that want to be her friends Sure the reasons aren't pure but she's just glad these girls want to talk to her Nevermind that her lonely mother and somewhat sadly her best friend sees right through their act Bridget falls off the wagon after just starting to eat healthy again after the summer but The List made sure she wasn't touching a crumb until the dance This ring isn't ualified by how much these two interact but by how much time the author spends on them Which is sadly a lotAnd lastly but in my opinion the most interesting is the side show attraction of Sarah and Candace Candace used to be popular and had to be picky with who got to hang out with her on what day but thanks to The List those days are gone Sarah in her ever consisting battle to show the school she won't succumb to their social standards decides to forego personal hygiene from showering to changing even her underwear for the entire week until the dance These two characters for me held the greatest potential Candace with her struggle of maybe being a bitch isn't such a good idea Maybe she knew that all along but it was the only way she knew how to get attention Her range of emotion that's actually explored is slim pickings but aggravatingly she shows promise of being a deep thinker only for the reader to be whisked away to our three rings of plot Sarah with her struggle to prove something to the school borders on psychotic and almost masochistic as she refuses to take care of her body or open up her mind to her kinda sorta maybe not really boyfriend Their relationship is complex in the teen fiction way he practically loves her yet she keeps him at bay because of her insecurities and she pushes away all contact with people with not only her smell but her snide sarcastic prickly attitude that would make a cactus proud These two get the least amount of plot time which I found disappointing Truth be told I found this whole book to be lacking The relationships the characters have are formulaic not to mention the characters themselves are stereotypical for the YA novels of today Once I'd like to read a book about an anorexic girl who isn't trying to fit into a prom dress or look like the cheerleaders Once I'd like to read a book about a punk girl who wasn't trying to say Screw you World and lifting her middle finger to the sky Once I'd like to read a book about two ex friends who didn't break up because one went to join the popular crowd and couldn't bring along the other Once I'd like to completely follow a girl entering high school after nine years of home schooling and to not have crazy parents This book started with promise Promise that maybe these eight girls were something than just what the list thought them to be Promise that they'd find a bond of being Listed Promise that this would be the book to show people that people are people not stereotypes But unfortunately no dice It's later discovered these girls weren't picked to make their lives different Just because the person wanted to pick them Initially I picked up this book because of all the great reviews on the back flap The front flap summery while interesting did not entirely convince me What assured me of a great read were all the raving reviews about the book in the back Sometimes though adults shouldn't be allowed to review teen fiction because they say things that they think we think but don't It's not heartbreaking It's not witty It's not a coming of age sorta story that makes you think about your life Hell the characters aren't even that engaging You read because you want to know what this girl did on this day And it's 'cause there's eight of them that you can make a book like this Now could there be a book about a list of girls and only follow one of them Sure But it'd have to be a whole lot longer than a week and a plot that would somehow relate to everything Because at the end of this book it isn't about the list It's about eight people that have nothing or a little to do with each other My theory The author couldn't decide which one to follow for a whole 330 some pages