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Eleven Days characters Ç 109 ä [PDF] ✐ Eleven Days ✑ Stav Sherez – Helpyouantib.co.uk A fire rages through a sleepy West London suare engulfing a small convent hidden away among the residential houses When DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller arrive at the scene they discover eleven b A fire rages through a sleepy West London suarA fire rages through a sleepy West London suare engulfing a small convent hidden away among the residential houses When DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller arrive at the scene they discover eleven bodies yet there were only supposed to be ten nuns in residenceIt's eleven days before Christmas and despite their superiors wanting the case solved before the holidays Carrigan and Miller st. Once again I found myself diving into a second in series book by an author I was already extremely fond of The first book in the Carrigan and Miller series A Dark Redemption was excellent and I was not far into this one before I realised that if anything it was even better This time we find our protagonists investigating arson at a convent in which eleven nuns dieexcept there were only ten nuns in residence With Eleven days to go until Christmas the powers that be are keen for a resolution to this case So begins a mystery that is deeper than it first appears and takes us on a journey across time and continents until the finalvery jaw dropping in the best way possible I didnt see it coming and there was I thinking I was clever solution Once again Mr Sherez creates characters you can believe in Both Carrigan and Miller grow in stature and the supporting cast are all important to the story and well drawn The background of evil acts in South America The Shining Path and all the political shenanigans is brilliant extremely realistic I imagine that a fair bit of research was involved in making it authentic Its also a terrific social comment on what may be happening in our own back yard that we all turn a blind eye to some of the story was very emotive and isnt it great when a book can make you feel something as well as entertain you I have to say I was pleased to be reading this on the Kindle I'm fairly sure I would be covered in paper cuts by now otherwise in my eagerness to turn pagesso all in all a great seuel a great book and if you havent met up with Carrigan and Millar before head back towards a Dark Redemption and I'm fairly sure it will then be less than Eleven Days before you are reading Eleven Days Wonderful

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Art to suspect that the nuns were not who they were made out to be Why did they make no move to escape the fire Who is the eleventh victim whose body was found separate to the others And where is the convent's priest the one man who can answer their uestionsFighting both internal politics and the church hierarchy Carrigan and Miller unravel the threads of a case which reaches back to the. This is the second in the Carrigan Miller series crime novels set in London Sherez creates complicated stories that continue to gain depth as the stories progresses The story opens with a fire in a wealthy neighborhood that completely destroy a house The house turns out to be the residence of 10 nuns a convent Of course as this is a crime novel the fire is not accidental Who would want to set a fire that kills nuns Of course the Catholic Church us not cooperative when Carrigan and Miller come looking for answers There are financial secrets the nuns' neighborhood activism against drug dealers as well as international ties that throw up uestion after uestion American readers may like me be puzzled by the fact that many of the detectives in the story go out to face really bad guys without guns The neighboring state of Virginia has open carry laws so soneone can walk into Starbucks or Chuckie Cheese with a gun on their hip This just boggles the mind Also you will learn about some really awful criminal organizations that we don't have yet in the US If you are a fan of British crime and complex plots this is for you

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Eleven DaysEarly s and the upsurge of radical Liberation Theology in South America with echoes of the Shining Path and contemporary battles over oil land and welfare Meanwhile closer to home there's a new threat in the air one the police are entirely unprepared forSpanning four decades and two continents Eleven Days finds Carrigan and Miller up against time as they face a new kind of criminal futu. Ten dead nuns plus another person perish in a fire that demolished the convent The 11th person was not authorized to be there Who was she and why was she there Was the fire accidental or arson What do drugs sex trafficking and a military compound in Peru run by a priest have to do with the fire Not an easy investigation for detective Carrigan and his partner Geneva A truly remarkable book It seemed that the author was reading my mind and answered my next uestions as I progressed through this compelling novel Highly recommended