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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando ☆ ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando By Stefan Kanfer ✓ – Marlon Brando will never cease to fascinate us for his triumphs asTroubled childhood to his arrival in New York in the s where he studied with the legendary Stella Adler and at the age of twenty three became the toast of Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire Kanfer expertly examines each of Somebody The Kindle Brando's films from The Men in to The Score in making clear the evolution of Brando's singular genius while. I could always hold my breath longer than anyone else


Marlon Brando will never cease to fascinate Reckless Life PDFEPUB #10003 us for his triumphs as an actor On the Waterfront The Godfather Last Tango in Paris as well as his disasters for the power of the screen portrayals he gave and for his turbulent tumultuous personal life Seamlessly intertwining the man and the work Kanfer takes us through Brando's. In the early years he knew each and every one of his lines but he improvised He insisted on many takes and each one was different and they said each one brilliant Later on he didn’t bother to learn his lines at all he’d have cue cards stuck all over the place for instance on the shirt of the actor he was playing opposite and he’d explain this by saying that in real life people didn’t know what they were going to say before they said it So he would be looking around for the right cue card and that would be realistic He had wives ex wives and girlfriends all over the place He said he always had four or five plates spinning in the air meaning women so if one dumped him it didn’t matter Pretty much none of it mattered to him Wives girlfriends one night stands whatever What did you say your name was From the age of 22 he just had to tilt an eyebrow and they’d be right there So many you couldn’t countHe had a huge house on Mulholland Drive and some islands near Tahiti which were a money pit he thought he could turn them into an eco tourist paradise and it was a disaster He had a lot of kids and most of them did matter and there you get the other side of paradise which is the pure sheer hell of when your kids screw themselves up so bad and you can’t do anything I don’t care if your name is Marlon fucking Brando So famously his oldest son shot and killed the boyfriend of his oldest daughter It was a whole circus you can imagine You think that was bad enough but no – five years later the daughter hanged herself Everyone knows that this greatest screen actor of all time was mostly in total turkeys But did you know how many After Guys and Dolls in 1955 you have to wait until The Godfather in 1972 for a movie people actually liked; and only two of the SEVENTEEN movies made between 1955 and 1972 have you actually heard of 17 turkeys all in a row including Bedtime Story The Chase A Countess from Hong Kong I could go on The two you have heard of in this 16 year period were Mutiny on the Bounty and Reflections in a Golden Eye both of which were hated Time said about Mutiny on the Bounty it wanders through the hoarse platitudes of witless optimism until at last it is swamped with sentimental bilge Oh yes and I gotta tell you this one In the preliminary discussions about Mutiny Marlon said they should shoot it in Tahiti a place which at that point he didn’t actually know that much about So they went there because he suggested it and hired a group of Tahitian women on the spot to work as extras Their come hither looks turned out to be unusable because their teeth were marred by brown stains and streaks the result of chewing betel nuts To cover these flaws they were reuired to wear temporary dentures Some five thousand were flown in from the United States The women were delighted they took the teeth caps and vanished to admire themselves in their home mirrors They went missing for days The sand was eually disappointing It was black powdered lava ugly to the camera Tons of white sand had to be trucked in from a faraway beach So this incredible reputation depends on seven performances – A Streetcar Named DesireThe Wild OneOn the WaterfrontGuys and Dolls maybeThe GodfatherLast Tango in ParisApocalypse NowI must say that I just saw A Streetcar Named Desire for the first time and they’re not wrong about the

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Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon BrandoAlso shedding light on the cultural evolution of Hollywood itself And he brings into focus Brando's self destructiveness his lifelong dissembling his deeply ambivalent feelings towards his chosen vocation and the tragedies that shadowed his final years This is a never before seen portrait of one of the most extraordinary talents of the twentieth centu. It's very hard to keep my thoughts on Brando separated from my thoughts on the book I can't uite put a finger on how accurate it is since it's the first I read on him but meanwhile I'd read articles and another bio thingy Sophia Loren's autobiography which is what made me curious about Brando in the first place and in those I found additional information some contradicting those that were in this very book for instance was Monty Clift his rival his friend or wait for it his lover Did Brando hit on Loren like she claims or insult her from the start like he claims I believe Loren for the record But such info belong to gossip columns rather I would have loved to read little trivia on the Oscar pictures with Grace Kelly or the cheesecake episode with Frank Sinatra What can I say I'm a sucker for those things and I like very detailed biographies Still Kanfer does provide a lot of info on Brando's movies and his varying commitment to them as well as to social justice matters although something on him and Martin Luther King would have been nice and most sections really affected me in terms of interest for Brando's work and in personal terms too I now feel like I understand the guy which is what counts and reaching the last section I found myself thinking back of that day of July 2004 where my family and I were on our way to the Alps and read of Brando's death on a newspaper My uncle was so shocked you'd have believed he thought him immortal Not that he isn't