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SUMMARY Outlaw By Stephen Davies 107 õ ❴Reading❵ ➾ Outlaw Author Stephen Davies – Fifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding school suspends him for rule breaking Jake flies out to Burkina Fifteen year old Jake KnighOn under a smiling African sun But what awaits him there is kidnapping terrorism and Yakuuba Sor the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara desert. Davies Stephen OutlawJake is not unhappy at his posh British boarding school but life is BORING there He and his friends have a game of Geothimble going where they steal an object from someone else hide it and that person has to use GPS technology to get it While playing this game Jake ends up walking over a wall into a prison and then gets kicked out of school He ends up with his ambassador father in Burkina Faso which is better than being at school At a fancy dinner one night he and his sister Kas get kidnapped Excitement is a good thing kidnapping is not Jake and his sister must use their wiles to survive At first they think they have been kidnapped by Yakuuba Sor a wanted outlaw who operates on the Robin Hood principal of taking the righting of wrongs into his own hands but when they escape their kidnappers and find themselves in Sor's camp they know that something else is going on Jake's father the police and the British secret service are all after Sor so he must get them back to their father and prove his innocence This means uncovering the problems in the police force which makes Sor even of a targetStrengths This was a wonderful adventure book and a twist on the usual spy tale Jake and Kas do not take their situation likely and realize that they are in real danger and need to cooperate with their captors The exotic setting is a huge plus I gave this to Surly Teen Boy who really liked the story and hopefully learned something about being kidnapped They've had a problem with some of that in the Philippines lately so he should be prepared Will look for by this authorWeaknesses This is rather violent with at least three people being killed It's not done gratuitously and points out some important information about the characters involved but I mention it in case students are sensitive to it

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Ol suspends him for rule breaking Jake flies out to Burkina Faso where his parents are living He is expecting a long adventure filled vacati. Outlaw is about Jake Knight who is a spoiled bored rich kid living in an English boarding school When he gets kicked out for playing a game called geothimble in which students try to find objects that have been planted by other players in impossible to reach locations Jake is sent to Burkina Faso in Africa where Jake's father is the British Ambassador Jake and his sister Kas are soon kidnapped leading them to adventure and political intrigue than Jake could ever have imagined From the African desert to tribal villages to small African communities Jake and his sister find themselves in a battle between local outlaws and the corrupt government This book had lots of action twists and suspense Some of the dialogue was not spot on making the characters less than realistic Also the shift in terms mixing English French and African languages made some of the characters and settings hard to follow and some of the story hard to understand but overall this was an exciting adventure story

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Outlaw By Stephen DaviFifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding scho. This book is a great read for the YAL crowd International intrigue Indiana Jones style written to enlighten others to the plight of those who live in corrupt political systems Heroes and villains clash using the latest technology There is some violence in this story but it is important to the plot development and provides a realistic viewpoint to life in the real world