Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America Institutional Structures of Feeling review ☆ 9

review Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America Institutional Structures of Feeling

Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America Institutional Structures of Feeling review ☆ 9 ¼ [PDF / Epub] ★ Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America Institutional Structures of Feeling ✪ Stephen M. Fjellman – Walt Disney World is a pilgrimage site fillOf Walt Disney World and discusses the history Vinyl Leaves PDF political economy technical infrastructure and urban planning of the area as well as its relationship with Metropolitan Orlando and the state of Florida Vinyl Leaves argues that Disney in pursuit of its own economic interests acts as the muse for the allied transnational corporations that sponsor it as well as for the world of late capitalism where the commodity form has colonized much of human life With brilliant technological legerdemain Disney puts visitors into cinematically structured stories in which pieces of A. As a long time Disney fan I was excited to find this book used recently knowing that it is pretty much considered the definitive critical analysis of Walt Disney World in print I had read pieces of it in College for a paper on EPCOT Center vs World's Fairs but had not had the opportunity to read it straight through until nowIf I were able I'd actually give this book three and a half stars Fjellman is extremely thorough in his descriptions of rides shows and architecture at WDW and I very much enjoyed his analysis of what Disney presents to the public as entertainment through the eyes of an anthropologist His critiue of the presentation of history and colonialism in the parks is both accurate and troubling and gives the reader a new filter through which to view the happiest place on earth He also writes with great sympathy and compassion for those who are transfixed by what Disney offers up he is also a self professed Disney freak Yet I felt that he spent too much of the book trying to catalog everything in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT parks rather than spending time on his analysis of what he observed Because the parks are constantly shifting and changing to keep up with the times much of what he printed in 1992 is now obsolete In light of how the world has changed in the past 17 years I also found it hard to read his conclusions Disney decontextualizes history and is often a mouthpiececheerleader for massive corporations without any further investigation of the harm these messages can do to the American public at largeOverall a worthwhile if dated read

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Merican and world culture become ideological tokens in arguments in favor of commodification and techno corporate Leaves Walt Disney Epub #219 control Culture is construed as spirit colonialism and entrepreneurial violence as exotic zaniness and the Other as childExhaustion and cognitive overload lead visitors into the bliss of Commodity Zen the characteristic state of postmodern life While we were watching for Orwell Huxley rode into town bringing soma cable and charge cards and wearing mouse Leaves Walt Disney World and PDF or ears This book is the story of our commodity fairylan. I had to read this book before going to Disney World but for the 10th time Lots of stuff I already knew but there is always some background information they don't share at the parks I was most interested in the parts about Celebration the ideal city which we were planning on visiting and had not been to before

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Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America Institutional Structures of FeelingWalt Disney World is a pilgrimage site Walt Disney Epub #224 filled with utopian elements craft and whimsy It's a pedestrian's world where the streets are clean the employees are friendly and the trains run on time All of its elements are themed presented in a consistent architectural decorative horticultural musical even olfactory tone with rides shows restaurants scenery and costumed characters coordinated to tell a consistent set of stories It is beguiling and exasperating a place of ambivalence and ambiguity In Vinyl Leaves Professor Fjellman analyzes each ride and theater show. Fascinating behind the scenes looks at the psychology of Disney's architecture and infrastructure