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Free read Ö eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ô Steve Schafer One moment changed their lives foreverA band plays glasses clink and four teens sneak into the Mexican desert the hum of celebration receding behind them Crack Crack CrackNot fireworks gunshots The music stops. I was asked by the author Steve Schafer to give an honest review of the book this was provided through netgalley and here are my thoughts below I shall firstly start off by saying I've never read anything like this before it's in relation to a group of teenagers having to cross the border of Mexico and you see how this develops throughout as to why they need to do this problems they face throughout etcI'm finding this really difficult to give a full review because some aspects of the book were so good I was on edge reading and I was just constantly wondering how they'd get themselves out of certain situationsA character breakdown Marcos wasn't a likeable character whatsoever in the whole of the book I felt sorry for him once The rest of the time he was a know it all he was the leader therefore could do as he pleased if anyone else tried to do this then all hell would break loose I mean he's such a hypocriteWe saw things from Patos point of view He was a nice enough character at times I just wanted from him However I do like that he doesn't give in to certain aspects of pressureArbo is the jokey character and I really enjoyed his friendship with Pato I think because the book had a sense of darkness you needed someonesomething to lighten the mood and with that we got ArboFinally we have Gladys the youngest of the group and the sister of Marcos I have a few issues with her as a character but I'm going to put that below Once again a nice enough character but we only get snippets into herSo what I liked The first few chapters were so intense I noticed things and was like well what's going to happen here Sr Ortiz WHAT A GUY He's pretty lovely I liked that and I know this is going to sound really odd the main character wasn't a super butch character and goes out to fight in honour We see real tension horror and a person who is scared I think because of this we got to see a sense of realism That car chase THE VULTURES I was literally like D that's the best way I can explain it The back story behind Sr Ortiz and his children I found it really odd that he'd let in these four pretty much strangers but you find out why and it's uite touching really PARENTSWhat are the things I didn't like In certain parts near the first few chaptersbeginning the continuity of the story seems a bit all over the place For example one minute they were playing football the next delivering a calf It really confused me I really didn't like the fact that Gladys was flashing her boobs she's 15 she showed her boob to a 12 year old to get a book and then again just because she'd shown it to the other one It's like ey The love story comes very abruptly you knew it was coming but it happened really oddly you got no back story to itOverall I did enjoy this book like I previously mentioned it's unlike anything I'd ever read before I'm a bit sad that it took m so long to read my Kindle keeps having a breakdown but I'm super happy to of read thisThanks again for my copy

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The Border Read Ø 7 ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Border Author Steve Schafer – One moment changed their lives foreverA band plays glasses clink and four teens sneak into the Mexican desert the hum of celebration receding behind them Crack Crack CrackNot fireworks gunshots The mu One moment changed their lives foreverA band And Pato Arbo Marcos and Gladys are powerless as the lives they once knew are taken from themThen they are seen by the gunmen They run Except they have nowhere to go The narcos responsible for their families'. Border is the debut novel of author Steve SchaferFour Mexican teenagers witness the cold blooded murder of their families by a band of Narcos whilst attending a 16th Birthday celebration They flee into the darkened night with the sounds of death threats ringing in their earsSchafer has lived worked volunteered and travelled throughout most of latin America including northern Mexico and it is clear he has extensively researched his topicThe story is narrated in the first person by 16 year old Pato But we also get a good sense of the other three main characters Arbo Marco and GladysWhen they realise their only means of escape is across the Sonoran Desert into the USA the teens are naive and unprepared Desperate situations call for desperate measuresIt’s easy to feel empathy for these four teens Good kids who have been placed in a life or death situation Throughout the story they bicker they get along they dream and occasionally the leadership role shifts but most of all they are scared; just like normal teensThis is a timely and relevant story with the immigration debate currently storming in AmericaThe Border is a highly emotional and thought provoking read with palpable suspense and page turning actionHighly recommended I received a copy from the publisher via netgalley

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The BorderMurders have put out a reward for the teens' capture Staying in Mexico is certain death but attempting to cross the border through an unforgiving desert may be as deadly as the secrets they are trying to esca. I was provided with an egallery by Sourcebooks Fire and Steve Schafer in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I first started reading The Border I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy it or not I’ve never read a book that explores real world issues from a fictional point of view However with the current political discourse surrounding legal and illegal immigration I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to read a book that focused on the individuals at the heart of the matter The Border is a poignant exploration of what humans can achieve under traumatic and life threatening circumstance It gives a face to people who would otherwise be dismissed as nothing than illegal immigrants This book can inspire empathy and compassion for those who are fleeing violence and circumstances beyond their control in a younger generation of readers and voters The message behind this novel is what makes it worth reading The story follows four young people who are forced from their home country by violence and intimidation and are thrown into a perilous deadly journey across an unforgiving and desolate terrain all the while trying to hold onto their humanity and optimism in the face of constant adversity By starting the book with a massacre at a uinceañera Schafer ensures the reader will be engrossed from the start Pato Arbo Gladys and Marcos are engaging well rounded characters and it’s easy to fall into their story and empathise with their struggles This story is ideal for readers who like fast paced action and adventure The book held my attention throughout and I was rooting for these teenagers who were thrust into dangerous circumstances “Even if we die out there we’ll live longer than if we stay here” It should be noted that I don’t know much about drug related violence in Mexico The Border inspired me to go out and find information on the subject Topical books like these are important in raising awareness about issues we might otherwise ignore Finding out that 800 bodies have been found along the US Mexico border was harrowing Nobody deserves to die in pursuit of a better life Empathy I think is very important I wouldn’t wish a journey across the border on anybody Nobody in this situation is doing it because it’s fun; they’re doing it because they have no other choice I hope everyone who reads this book manages to connect with the characters and have a deeper understanding of what people who cross the border into America go throughWhat I liked was that this was not a story idolising the US These characters love their home and they’d stay if they had a choice Part of the emotional impact of this story is them being torn away from a life they love – a life full of happiness culture and love A first person point of view isn’t something that works with a lot of stories but for The Border it adds an emotional resonance you wouldn’t have with a detached third person point of view The reader and Pato are connected and go through this journey together It’s much easier to stay involved with the story this way You’re emotionally involved as you’re in the character’s headspace It was a good choice by Schafer and it’s a point of view he writes well I felt Pato’s fear anxiety and guilt easily throughout There are some terrifying moments in this book and each chapter is drenched in apprehension and uncertainty I was never sure what would happen next There is death around every corner and my nerves were constantly on edge These kids never get a break As they’re moving through the desert it feels like a post apocalyptic or dystopian novel The threat of retribution is ever present hanging over the group like a storm cloud More antagonists a