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Read î House of Chains ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ [PDF / Epub] ✈ House of Chains ☀ Steven Erikson – An alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later Tavore Adjunct to the Empress enters the last Malazan stroT the Whirlwind of her sister Sha in the Holy Desert The power struggle of the seer's warlords threatens the soul of the rebellion. A buddy read with the lovely ladies Sade and Orient Thank you for putting up with me on this adventure D ‘Is that all we mortals are The victims of tortured irony to amuse an insane murder of gods’ House of Chains is another fantastic addition to The Malazan book of the Fallen This book started off a little different than the previous installments The first 20% of the book was focused on one main character and his journey from his homeland in northern Genabackis to the desert continent of Seven Cities Probably one of the most fearsome and intimidating characters I have read in fantasy None other than Karsa Orlong I will admit to not liking him much at first for his overwhelming bloodlust and barbaric nature but he did grow on me after a while I won’t elaborate any further as to spoil anything but I believe most Malazan fans would agree with that assessment The continent of Seven Cities is the destination for the main part of this story The new Adjunct Tavore Paran has taken over the city of Aren and plans to march a company of recruits into the holy desert of Raraku against Sha’ik and her Whirlwind rebellion It’s time for payback for what was done to Coltaine and the Chain of Dogs but they are severely outnumbered and under experienced Also Raraku is a desert with its own secrets and deadly history The outcome of this clash is anything but certain ‘Raraku is a hostile land resentful of whatever life dared exploit it Not holy at all but cursed Devourer of dreams destroyer of ambitions And why not It’s a damned desert’ As in all Malazan books we have a huge cast of characters Some familiar and some new but all with their own interesting story arcs that intersect in a final convergence that was both epic and brutally sad After four books you would think I would be used to the horrors that Erikson can manifest in each story but he always seems to one up himself And the results leave me heartbroken every time ‘The glory of battle Koryk dwells only in the bard’s voice in the tellers woven words Glory belongs to ghosts and poets What you hear and dream isn’t the same as what you live – blur the distinction at your own peril lad’ Fiddler House of Chains is another great adventure sure to delight all epic fantasy and grim dark fantasy lovers alike The immensity of this world characters magic system and everything in between is well worth the time put into reading them I’ve had a blast reading every one of these books and can’t wait to get started on the next Coming up Midnight Tides5 stars

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Avore Adjunct to the Empress enters the last Malazan stronghold New to command she must hone recruits to House of PDFEPUB or resis. 19082018 Re read thoughtsA much better and far less confusing experience Re reading Malazan really pays off big timeOriginal reviewEvery time I finish a book from the Malazan series it usually takes me at least a month before starting the next one because of several reasons; they are dense reads and they are soul crushing because of what Erikson does to his characters Compared to him George RR Martin looks like a boy who stomps on other boys’ castles in the sandbox just to annoy themEven though Memories of Ice left me heart broken something urged me to continue right away and I got a nudge from my dear GR friends I was excited to read about the convergence of storylines from the last two books and I wanted revenge for some deaths especially the ones from the Deadhouse GatesI started this thinking I was going to be thrown in the middle of the battle but Erikson had other plans He did something he had never done before; he dedicated the first uarter of the book to a single POV a character by the name of Karsa Orlong I must admit I was a bit shocked with this start and with this character and I was wondering why the hell am I reading about this dude when there is a war going on damn it Karsa is an acuired taste so it took me a while to get used to him and as as I read about him I started liking him even though he is a brutal savage but I started digging his no nonsense approach If you want a accurate description of him just imagine the Hulk wielding a huge sword but without the “Karsa smash” catchphrase There is a uote from later on in the book that perfectly embodies his character A House is just another prison And I have had enough of prisons Raise walls around me and I will knock them down Doubt my words Crippled God to your regret The ending of the first uarter of the book and the first chapter of Karsa’s storyline was great and a huge surprise It made me realize why Eriskon chose to start the book this way Those of you who have read the book know what I’m referring to and those of you who haven’t well you’re in for a treatAnd then came the struggling I was treated with the ultimate Erikson special; a bunch of new characters to follow The man can write some seriously good characters but at this point I really wanted to read about the ones I already know and love Sometimes I wish this series was about the Bridgeburners but who cares what I want I struggled the most with the Tiste storylines because I didn’t understand the half of what was going on with them because they all seem to be haunted by the ghosts of the past I managed to get the hold of things eventually but it dragged the story for me and took away some of my enjoymentI wanted to read about the clash of the armies in the Raraku desert but I got just a glimpse of it in a couple of skirmishes and when the clash finally came it was over in a blink of an eye and it was so uncharacteristically underwhelming and I was left with mixed feelings A mix of disappointment with a WTF expression on my faceAnd since I’m in the rant mode there was one thing that bugged me; the excessive use of the word “nonetheless” I think this is Erikson’s most favorite word with “thus” being close second I know I’m nitpicking but nonetheless Oh the ironyThere were of course a lot of things I liked Karsa was a great addition to the story Crokus and Apsalar had an interesting journey the brief encounter with Icarium and Mappo was fun I loved the scenes involving Fiddler and the ones involving Kalam but the absolute scene stealer and star of this book for me was Cotillion He isn’t just the Patron God of Assassins he is the Patron God of Badassery Every action scene was superbly written and I wish there were of them because who doesn’t want to read about epic clashes between gods and humans and ancient beings and races This was the weakest book in the series story wise so far and I hope that it doesn’t go downhill from here but I can’t argue with the sheer epicness of this world and the amazing world building that separates this series from the rest because those two things alone make the struggles worthwhileWitness

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House of ChainsAn alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later T. A huge downgrade after the masterpiece in Memories of IceErikson started House of Chains the fourth book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series in an unprecedented step Unlike the previous three books House of Chains started as a totally character driven book that focuses solely on a completely new character Karsa Orlong This made for an awkward start because at first the story didn’t feel like reading the same series and Karsa took a while to warm up to due to his primitive and savage culture However Karsa ended up being one of my favorite parts of the book because of his spectacular character development and how pivotal he became to the overall storyPicture Karsa Orlong by Sam BurleyOther than Karsa the great thing about this book to me was every time the book relates the story to what happened in Memories of Ice These correlation didn’t happen a lot of times but every time it did the scenes were always golden uality The other great stuff that happened in this book was the development that was put to the world building and the returning characters that appeared in the first bookJust like how the plot line in Memories of Ice serves as a direct seuel to Gardens of the Moon House of Chains serves as a direct seuel to Deadhouse Gates This means that a lot of familiar faces do make a return as the story continues in the Seven Cities after the end of Deadhouse Gates; at the same time connecting the story to what happened in Memories of Ice and beyond However this isn’t a masterpiece like Memories of Ice In fact this was a struggle for me to finish I don’t have a lot of things to say here My main issues with this book lie with the story being uninteresting and mostly boring to read The majority of the characters were uninteresting and Erikson’s prose here wasn’t as engaging as the previous three books Let’s take Tavore After all the mention of her name in Deadhouse Gates turns out she’s one of the weakest characters out of Erikson’s gazillion characters Not only that the new POV Onrack is hands down one of the most boring POV I’ve ever had in my experience of reading a book I fell asleep not once not twice but several times on his POV I just can’t seem to connect myself with the majority of the sub plot in this book; they didn’t spark any emotions in me other than boredom For example the silly and mock scorpions battle ended up becoming one of my favorite part of the book; even better than most of the real battle and serious plotline I honestly don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing All hail Joyful Union The last 10% of the book was also great but it was too late to redeem the majority of the struggle I had with the book “One day perhaps you will see for yourself that regrets are as nothing The value lies in how they are answered” I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of 5 stars ratings for this book; this was okay at best in my opinion it's barely a 3 stars read It’s boring and most of the time not memorable House of Chains was a major step back from the bar that Memories of Ice has set If I’ve waited a whole year for this book I would’ve rated it even lower I will continue to the next book Midnight Tides after a week break; I have finished four books in the series within sixteen days and I need a little break after this disappointment The good thing about this is that after asking my friends’ opinion of this book a lot of them do agree that it’s easily the weakest installment of the series I’m hoping that each book after this will only be awesomeYou can order the book HERE You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions