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uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking Free read ´ 6 ✓ ❰PDF❯ ✑ uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking Author Susan Cain – Helpyouantib.co.uk In 'uiet' Susan Cain shows how the brain chemistry of introverts and extroverts differs D how society undervalues and misunderstands introverts She gives introverts the tools to better uietThe Power eBo. Very interesting non fiction about introvertsDefinitely could relate with a lot that was said and loved learning about the advantages of it and how to deal with being an introvert

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Ok #216 understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengthsLonglisted for the Guardian First Book Awa. What an affirmation While listening to this book I was constantly reminded of Al Franken’s Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley and his mantra “I’m good enough I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me” Well those who understand me do Full disclosure according to the Myers Briggs Personality Test I’m an ISFJThere were so many points of affirmation for me—things I intuitively knew Things I’ve tried to share with others mostly to no avail This book supplies all the data I need to support my case Unfortunately I don’t think the people who need to readlisten this book extroverts willThe book is not an “introverts are superior” diatribe but rather an explanation of how we can leverage personality types most effectively There is no right or best personality type but like life in general we need to understand each other for harmonious relationships Whether these relationships are family work or social applications of understanding are documented throughout the bookThere was one example in the book that hit particularly close to home Although SAT or I scores do not support it people who talk are perceived as leaders And which personality type talks Extroverts Now assume that both extroverts and introverts have an eual amount of good ideas Who is going to get their way Extroverts This could be dangerous because they’re going to get their way meaning that many of their bad ideas are also going to be implementedOh another thing I intuitively knew but now have support for is brainstorming sessions Studies show the larger the number of people involved in a session the less effective they are A 9 member group is less effective than a 6 member group which is less than effective than a 4 member group which is less effective than a 2 member group The suggestion is to conduct brainstorming sessions electronically Collect comments and then share them anonymously and build from there One of the reasons is that most introverts are better writers than speakersOther examples from the business world give tips for how both introverted and extroverted leaders can best work with their subordinates of each type Take advantage of each of their strengths Such as how studies show that introverts “inspect” and extroverts “react” Neither adjective should be taken as derogatory but instead as strengths Allow introverts time to examine and solve Studies show they are persistent trying to solve unsolvable problems The famous introvert Albert Einstein said “It is not that I’m so smart it’s just that I stay with problems longer” My heroA final word on the narration—fantastic If you have the opportunity to listen rather than read this book I would strongly recommend going with the audio format Kathe Mazur does a perfect narration in a “uiet” calm soothing voice Very appropriate “in a noisy world that can’t stop talking”

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uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop TalkingIn 'uiet' Susan Cain of Introverts ePUB #180 shows how the brain chemistry of introverts and extroverts differs an. March 6th was Super Tuesday and I live in that Oh so much talked about battle ground state of Ohio I work the elections as a Ballot Judge which means I hand out the ballots to the voters and give them instructions I get to talk and talk for 13 hours straight sigh I try to make it entertaining for the voters myself and the others I work with because of its repetition but by 730 pm when the polls close I don’t think the language I was using was EnglishMy spiel went something like thisMe “Hi What ballot can I get for you today”Voter “Uhwhat do you mean”Me “Today we have Democratic Republican Libertarian or Green I have never given out the last two”Voter “What’s a Green party”Me “I’m not sure but there is next to nothing on their ballot”Voter “I’m and independent code for embarrassed Republican can’t I have both a Democratic AND Republican ballot”Me “No you must declare one and you will be that party until the next primary Ohio is a closed primary state”Voter “Uhthen give me a whispers a Democrat one”Me loudly “Democratic it is Take all this to a table and vote when you are done bring everything back to Rosemary in the red sweater by that machine Make sure to tear off the stub on the bottom of the ballotthe one that is marked “do not detach” when you come up to the machine If you don’t you will make Rosemary angry a very sweet and very old woman and you won’t like her when she’s angry She will cover you in I Voted stickers”This resulted in lots of chuckles but I did it 301 times I was drained I slept for 12 hours that night Twelve Grant it I got up at stupid O ‘clock to get to the polls by 6 am and maybe had 4 hours of sleep but I was just a shell my former self I am an introvert Introverts and extroverts are most easily determined by how their energy is drained and how it is refreshed Extroverts are drained when they have spent too much time alone and the opposite is true for introverts So for me my life force was goneIn the United States our culture is biased towards the extrovert We are about the loudness the out there the utter insanity if you will In school “poor Johnny is so uiet he needs to come out of his shell” I want to scream “Leave him alonehe’s FINE he likes his shell” School rooms now do this Pod thing where they pull four desks together and make these poor kids work as a team WTF No way would have that “concept” worked for me and it’s not working for introverted kids“There’s no I in team” and that is a damn dirty shameI haven’t worked in an office setting in years so when I read in this book that office places are arranging offices areas with an open concept everybody face to face with no walls Workers going about their day shooting the shit getting ideasbrainstorming which doesn't work Who in the hell thought that one up What a nightmare What if I only tolerate a certain co workernow I have to stare at his annoying face all day every day How is anything ever accomplished Companies are beginning to realize this mistake and are changing things up Google I think it was them designed their offices with food bathrooms and the like all in the center like a town center with offices around the edges It is designed for casual meetings where ideas everyone figured out in their uiet offices are shared and expandedIntroverts are a third to half of the population Many of these don’t even know they are introverted because of the push to be extroverted has made them fool themselves into thinking they were extrovertsAnother interesting thing I learned from this book is that extroverts are motivated by rewards They work toward things and take risks if need be to get to the goal of getting that reward Extroverts are soooo happy